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TERRACOTTA COLOR: Psychology, Meaning and Types

Meaning of Terracotta Color

Terracotta is not a single color, but a family of colors that resemble fired clay. The word itself means “fired earth” and the component colors are typically orange and brown. Because the clay is earthy, a more faithful rendition of terra cotta is obtained by using earth tone pigments, but regular universal coloring pigments can also be used. Both are available at the paint store.

The color most people associate with terra cotta is the rusty brown shade of burnt sienna, so it is natural to include this pigment in any mix. Starting with a white base, you can create a light terracotta by mixing enough raw sienna to turn the paint rusty and adding burnt sienna to deepen the color.

If your goal is a deeper terra cotta that resembles a foot or less below the surface, start with burnt sienna and deepen the tone with burnt umber. Instead, use raw umber if you want a terra cotta color that looks more like unfired clay.

Terracotta Color Psychology

Terracotta like orange radiates warmth and happiness, combining the physical energy and stimulation of red with the cheerfulness of yellow. Orange offers emotional strength in difficult times. It helps us recover from disappointments and despair, helping us recover from pain.

This color is optimistic and uplifting, rejuvenating our spirit. Being linked with orange brings spontaneity and a positive outlook on life, and is a great color to use in difficult economic times.

Decorating with the Color Terracotta

This color was the trendiest color for interiors in 2018. It’s a trend that kicked off in 2017 and has become the stellar of style and interiors. A shade between orange and brown, terracotta is a cozy color that keeps the home warm with just a few touches. The color of earth and nature that, although it may seem difficult when it comes to combining it, is actually easy in different ways, combining well with warm colors and materials like wood, but also with cool colors like blues and materials like Concrete, thus creating an interesting contrasting effect.

The terracotta color is used for design objects and interiors, it creates a modern and warm result at the same time. And it is very pleasant because it makes you think of nature and travel, the desert, the color of the African soil, among other things. There are two shades of terracotta that many consider to be more modern: on the one hand, a shade that tends towards golden and with a bit of pink inside, and on the other hand, a shade that tends towards an orangey pink.

These shades look very elegant, both used in a total look or combined with small details in color, such as an armchair, some sofa cushions, some accessories, so you get the perfect touch to your home decor.

Terracotta and Dusty Pink

This is a very fashionable combination, which has already been seen in the catalogs of several brands as in the latest H&M lookbook. Which provides a very modern, elegant and feminine result, that your woman should like. A tone on tone combination, perfect for those who love to furnish playing with shades. Beige and white are the most appropriate neutral tones to brighten up this type of combination.

Terracotta and Gray

The result obtained by combining these two colors is very contemporary and elegant, perhaps easier to dose than other combinations. Terracotta combines well with dark gray but, above all, many think that with a lighter gray it is better, thus giving it a more sober, elegant and luminous effect. In this case, terracotta helps to warm up a cold color such as gray.

Terracotta and Blue

This is perhaps a slightly more difficult but very elegant combination, which reminds some people of the ambiance of Moroccan houses and riads. Terracotta helps to warm up a cold color like blue and you get an interesting graphic effect that plays with the contrasts of both colors. A very nice, elegant and subtle combination that many people may come to like.

Terracotta and Turquoise

Anyone who has traveled in the Southwest knows that terra cotta and turquoise form a captivating combination that evokes the earth and sky of the high desert. This combination works because the two colors complement each other. Terracotta inspires comfort in combination with other shades of red, orange and yellow; Deep crimson glaze often brings out the best in a terracotta pot adorning a room with terracotta walls.

Terracotta Color Number or Color Code

  • Hex Triplet # E2725B
  • RGB code: (r, g, b) (226, 114, 91)
  • CMYK Code: (c, m, y, k) (0, 50, 60, 11)
  • HSV Code: (h, s, v) (10 °, 60%, 89%)

Objects and Things in Terracotta Color

A vase, the color of clay, the color of a wall, a vase, a case, a sofa, a glass, a cable, a tempera, a shelf, a toy, a crayon, a cardboard, a chair, among others.

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