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💚 THE GOLD COLOR: Its Psychology and Meaning

Meaning of the Color Gold

The color gold is the color of success, achievement and triumph. Associated with abundance and prosperity, luxury and quality, prestige and sophistication, courage and elegance, the psychology of this color implies affluence, material wealth and extravagance. It should be noted that this color is cousin to colors such as brown, orange and mainly yellow, so it shares certain features with these shades, such as extravagance and abundance, as well as warmth and brightness. Some people consider it to have healing attributes.

This color is linked to the male energy and the power of the sun, compared to silver which is associated with the female energy and the sensitivity of the moon. On the highest level, this is a color that is associated with higher ideals, wisdom, understanding and enlightenment. It inspires knowledge, spirituality and a deep understanding of the self and the soul.

The brighter golden tones attract attention with their brightness, while the darker dark tones are deep, warm and intense. This yellowish hue is very attractive and dazzling, conveying power, and being similar to the color gold, radiates wealth. A notable example can be observed in Egypt, where the Pharaohs used something related to gold in their clothing, because it made them feel of a higher rank. Also, in the Egyptian culture, the color gold is widely used in pyramids and hieroglyphics.

In modern times, this color is still used as a symbol of power, so it is widely used among the rich and influential through exclusive clothing made by the most recognized designers of the moment. In addition, it has always been implemented in the economic riches, standing out in areas such as cosmetics, footwear, fashion and in the lesser-caliber industries.

Psychology of the Color Gold

The warm tones of this color represent the guarantee of a bright and positive future. Psychologically, this color helps one connect with mental thoughts. It represents caution, and is often used in signs. The color gold is almost universally associated with solar symbolism: vitality, life, health, radiance, wisdom, clarity, unification, virtue, lightness, etc.

If you live under the negative of the golden color, you may not trust easily, be afraid of success and wealth, or even show fear of failure. He may be selfish and demanding, lacking in kindness and generosity, even to the extreme of being miserable.

Individuals who usually consider the golden hue as their favorite color usually interpret through their personalities a good sense of humor, we are talking about individuals who are very focused on all the things they do, although not everything is good, since they usually represent themselves as selfish people who, from a personal and intimate point of view, make sure they find their individual happiness at all costs, becoming arrogant even with their closest acquaintances, such as family and friends.

Because it is linked to the color yellow, it shares traits with this color, such as the materialistic and arrogant. However, surrounding oneself with the color gold creates a completely happy and noble atmosphere, in addition to being a sentimental tone. The reason for the latter is that people usually treasure the most important moments in “golden chests”. A curious fact about gold is that it is also related to fidelity. For this reason, rings of this color are usually used in marriage vows.

The color gold has many attributes, but the most outstanding is its association with power. Around the world, this color is usually found in the most emblematic, invaluable and exclusive items. In addition, the metal (gold), being one of the most used and recycled also comes to represent the permanence.

If a person has a golden aura, it means he is a person who trusts himself and transmits this feeling wherever he goes. But, at the same time, it is usually someone very perfectionist, so failing is something that cannot be allowed. The purpose is the same as the color: to shine and succeed. It is also usually a person who is not very open so he closes his emotions, but he gives his all when it comes to achieving the desired goals.

Golden Color in the Kitchen

Gold coloring has stood out in interiors over the years and in each generation it has created a different ambiance, from environments with real touches to the famous era of the 80’s, where nothing is glamorous enough without having some gold color in it. Today, this color has caught on in kitchen decoration, because of its elegance and degree of social status.

This color can have a balance between modern and contemporary, because it manages to bring a very elegant and distinguishable classic style The color gold as an accessory in the kitchen plays an important role if you want to create elegant environments with a remarkable taste, but with an air that evokes simplicity and does not diminish the dynamics and performance in the kitchen.

In some objects where this bright and unique color is often highlighted in the kitchen is in the door handles, the support of both floor lamps and pendants, small decorative objects, in the stool supports and even in the metal basins.

Types or Variations of the Color Gold

Light Gold

Light gold helps to balance the mind and reduce or eliminate depression. In addition to representing light, triumph, wealth and success. This color, on the other hand, is associated to the gods or superior beings in many cultures of the world because it evokes the sensation of superiority, the prosperity, the abundance, the royalty and the light that transmits the sun.

Golden Yellow

The golden yellow color is a very brilliant shade of gold whose meaning is more inclined to the spiritual, which is why it is used in religious acts or sacred ceremonies, specifically in containers used on the altars.


The damask color is named after the fruit that has this same color, which is a golden roasted color that can be found between orange and pink. This color is usually related to the warm temperature that evokes spring. It is a shade that can be used perfectly in spaces that do not have much natural light, such as in spaces that are usually located to the south. The reason for this quality of damask is that because it is a warm color, it allows light to spread where it is implemented, creating the illusion of greater luminosity.

Objects and Things of Golden Color

An ingot, the glitter, a plate, a balloon, a bow, a glaze, a plate, a cloth, a refrigerator, a ring, a sculpture, some pompoms, a bracelet, some earrings, a necklace, a crown, a coin, a curtain, a frame, a watch, a button, a tap, a microphone, a bell.

Number or Color Code Gold

  • Hex code: #EFB810 RGV code: rgb(239, 184, 16)
  • HSV Code: hsv(45°, 93%, 94%)
  • HSL Code: hsl(45°, 87%, 50%)
  • CMYK code: cmyk(0%, 23%, 93%, 6%)

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