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Cinema has long been an international form of entertainment, largely made possible by innovation and the dubbing process.  While some films can be delivered abroad with subtitles, many audiences prefer to hear the dialogue in their native language, making quality dubbing in demand.

With a Free Voice Over Course, you will learn voice acting skills and techniques in a fun and supportive study environment. Currently there are several institutions, educational centers and private companies that provide training in this area through Voice Over Courses. 

A Free Dubbing Course has voice improvement exercises for rejected voices such as: trembling, dry voice, stuttering, overlapping voices, trembling voices, gender voices, noisy and weak voices. This Course provides you with practical learning experience, good booth time in front of the microphone, recording your voices in off. 

The program of the Voice Over Course focuses mainly on techniques, performance and timing. Simulated dubbing practice is dedicated to updating students on how a typical dubbing session works.

What are the Voice Over Courses?

A Dubbing Course is a training program that aims to discover the working environment of translation and dialogue writing for dubbing for film, television and video on demand platforms. A Voice Over Course serves as the basis for a career in the television and radio broadcasting industry

This course will guide and train you to excel in this exciting and creative work. Comprehensive training will increase your confidence and help you secure dubbing assignments. In a Voice Over Course students will have the opportunity to train and coach themselves with an experienced voice director while learning the basics of dubbing for cartoons, movies, series, anime and other media.

Generally in a Dubbing Course students will be assigned characters and asked to prepare work for a simulated recording. At the end of this course you will have the knowledge to start marketing your voice, record and audition for voiceover, dubbing, commercials, TV and radio work.

With a Free Voice Over Course you will be able to segment the translated text into takes, add the correct dubbing symbols, practice lip-syncing and emulate spontaneous dialogues in the translation. You can produce and record a translation for dubbing that meets professional protocols, among others.

Program, Subjects and Content of the Dubbing Course 

These are some of the topics that can be included in the program content of a Voice Over Course:

  • Warm-up techniques
  • Voice Enhancement Exercises
  • Voice Modulation Training
  • Endurance, rhythm and fluidity command
  • Improved pronunciation and diction
  • Presentation and development of the speech
  • Dialect language improvisation and voice creation.
  • Technology and equipment used in the dubbing studio
  • Lip Synchronization
  • How to read the script and practice
  • Voiceover techniques 
  • Emotional mapping
  • Used vehicles for films, television series, cartoons and documentaries
  • Used vehicles for radio and TVC commercials
  • Visit to a dubbing and recording studio
  • Voice trimming: bass, dignity, depth, tinkling, elasticity, crunch
  • Preparing your demo CD
  • Career guidance

Countries and Cities Where You Could Study the Voice Over Course for Free Getting a Scholarship

  • India
  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Australia

Institutes, Centers and Universities Where the Dubbing Course is Possibly Taught Free of Charge, through Scholarships

Dubbing and Voice Over Training Course

  • Mirage Films Institute
  • Tamil Nadu, India.

Voice Culture Course

  • RK Films & Media Academy
  • New Delhi, India.

Voice Performance Classes

  • Smilecom, Inc – A Plus Voice Overs
  • Sherman Oaks, CA, United States.

ADR / Dubbing Level 1

  • On the Mic Trainig
  • Vancouver, Canada.

Dubbing Course

  • Roehampton University
  • London, UK.

Voice Over Training Courses

  • JMP School
  • Paris, France.

Voice Over Techniques

  • Voice Over Coach
  • Melbourne, Australia. 

Reference Prices for the Dubbing Course 

The prices of the Voice Over Courses are varied. The cost will depend on the country, the institution teaching the course, the modality, materials provided during the course, among other factors. These prices range from $250 to $780.

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