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What Are the Dimensions of the Softball Field ?

Softball fields are regulated playing fields for the sport of softball. Softball is a variant of baseball, which is played with a larger ball and a faster pace due to the shorter distances on the field. In softball, the right and left midfield fences should be 250 feet or 76.2 m from the apex of the home plate.

Bases in a softball field are spaced 60 feet apart, from the apex of the plate to the far corner of first and third base, and from the same corner far corner of first and third base to the center of second base. The throw distance from the front of the throw rubber to the apex of the plate is set at 50 feet or 15.2 m.

What are the Different Distances from the Pitcher’s Plate to the Mound ?

They vary by age and type of softball. Here is a breakdown of the distances:

  • Women’s Fast Pitch, High School and College: 43 feet
  • Women’s fast pitch, under 18 years old: 40 feet
  • Women’s quick release, age 10 and under: 35 feet
  • Fast pitch for men, under 18 years old: 46 feet
  • Men’s fast pitch, age 12 and under: 40 feet
  • Men’s fast pitch, age 10 or under: 35 feet
  • Slow pace, all types: 50 feet

What are the Dimensions of the Batter’s Box Area ?

Both the right and left batter’s boxes are 3 feet wide and 7 feet long. Each box is six inches from the plate. The bottom three feet of the batter’s boxes are below the centerline of the home plate, with the top four feet above the centerline of the home plate.

What are the Dimensions of the Home Plate ?

The plate looks like an upside-down house. The two sides are 8.5 inches long and 17 inches wide. It points downward, and the side lines of the plate enter at a 45° angle at the 8.5″ mark. Basically, the starting plate is a perfect square with two equal triangles eliminated at the bottom corners.

How Far Is the Home Run Fence ?

Similar to baseball, this measurement varies greatly. It’s about 150′ for youth, but goes up to about 200′ to 225′ for high school and college. Some fields may be as far as 250′ from the plate.

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