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When trying to install your new floor, cut the edges of the box or open the box with your hands to avoid accidental damage. Measure the width of the room and the floor boards to determine the number of boards you will need.

By placing these boards first, you can ensure the easiest location for cutting. Measure from the end of the laid board (not including the tongue) to the edge of the room and cut the next board accordingly. Start the next run by cutting from the previous board, which will ensure staggered joints and reduce waste.

For the final run, you will most likely have to cut the board to size. Rooms are not always perfectly square, so be sure to measure the width of the gap at several points and cut the final boards accordingly.

How to Lay Laminate Flooring in a Corridor ?

Determine which direction will be the easiest and most aesthetically pleasing to lay the laminate in. For example, if you have a long corridor, it may be easier to install the laminate floor boards to run parallel to the corridor walls. That makes it much easier to install, with fewer cuts required. Make sure the boards run in the same direction along the entire length of the corridor for a uniform appearance.

How to Lay an Adhesive Laminate Floor ?

  • Divide your room into 4 equal sections and start in the middle.
  • Peel back the adhesive laminate flooring and apply firm pressure.
  • Remember to follow the direction of the arrow on the back of the board when laying.

Laying Laminate Flooring on the Parquet

Laminate flooring can be installed directly on top of El Parquet , often without the necessary preparation. If your laminate has a built-in underlay, you can install it right on top of El Parquet . If the new floor does not have a built-in underlay, simply unfold and glue your underlay to the wood floor and start installing the laminate.

Laying Herringbone Laminate Flooring

The floor we use to install the laminate flooring is similar to that of pressure sensitive plastic laminate flooring, except that it has a real wood surface layer. The 5/16 in. The thick floor has specially shaped tongues and grooves that interlock to form a strong, firm bond without glue or nails. Once assembled, the entire floor «floats» on one large sheet.

Laminate Flooring Reference Prices in Euros

  • Prices vary according to the type of laminate and finish but here is a price reference in euros:
  • Super glossy laminate floors ** Exclusive colours ** (Floors (main product), Colorado Oak)
  • Each box contains 9 boards and covers 2.1 m 2, each board measures: length 1215 mm x width 195 mm x thickness 8 mm

Price: £ 36.99

  • 12mm plywood floors – V-groove – AC5 – Embossed oak – High quality (American oak) Sold by m2
  • This is sold for 1 m2. If you need 13m2, ask for 13 x 1m2

Price: £ 17.99

How to Lay Laminate Flooring Between Rooms

If you are installing floors that continue through a door, it is best to leave a space (rather than squeeze the floor) to receive a transition strip between rows. Place the space directly under the door so that the transition strip makes sense.

A transition strip allows you to treat each room as a separate project. This allows for more flexibility in your design.

How to Lay laminate Flooring on the Skirting Board ?

  • Take the tape measure and measure from the edge of your last full piece of laminate to the skirting board. Mark your piece with the pencil and the carpenter’s square according to whether you need to make an L-shaped cut around the edge of the skirting board, or according to the wall if you can slide the piece.
  • Place the laminate flooring piece in the tray of your miter saw. Pull the trigger and gently lower the blade down onto the laminate flooring piece to cut the board through its mark. For an L cut, cut one section of the L, then rotate the piece and cut the other part of the L to make the notch.
  • Install your cut piece. Place the glue along the slots of the other previous row of laminate, place the cut piece against the rows and tap it into place with the rubber mallet. Repeat the marking and cutting process for each individual piece after that, until you have worked around the baseboard.

How to Install a Laminate Floor Profile ?

  • To install a Laminate Floor Profile that connects the laminate floor to the tile floor, with the appearance of the strip matching the laminate.
  • Details: The ceramic tile tends to be higher than the laminate. Both rest on the underlayment, but the tile has the addition of a thin-set mortar, which raises it beyond the laminate floor.
  • To install this profile, a space must be left between the two floors for the installation of the base track. Then, the visible, «end» part of the profile is put in place.
    Installing Laminate Flooring in Doors
  • Installing flooring around doors is one of the thorniest problems you will face. Simplify it by starting at the wall that has most doors. Of course, you’ll still have to undermine the jambs and trim, but it’s much easier to start on a door than to end on one.

How to Install Laminate Flooring in a Place With Furniture ?

Laminate floors expand and contract with variations in humidity and temperature. So before you start any laminate work, pay attention to the furniture in the room. Heavy furniture, such as a pool table or a fully loaded bookcase, can hold the laminate and cause it to lift as it expands or separate as it contracts.

The problem really begins when you have two heavy pieces of furniture directly in front of each other, which traps the floor. You’ll have to lose one of the furniture or go with a different flooring material to avoid problems. How much weight will a floor trap? A good rule of thumb is that a typical laminate floor can still move properly under a fully stocked refrigerator.

How to Clean Laminate Flooring ?

  • Regularly vacuum the surface to remove dirt and crevice residue. Work around the floor, cleaning one area at a time.
  • Every one or two months clean the floor with a damp mop for a more thorough cleaning, using a special cleaner, Professional tip: keep the mop damp, not wet, so as not to saturate the floor too much.
  • To avoid damage, do not polish or wax a laminate floor. Also, do not use abrasive cleaners, powdered detergent or steel wool. They have the potential to scratch the floor and damage the protective finish.

How Long Does a Well Installed Laminate Floor Last ?

The longevity of the laminate floor will depend on a combination of factors. Some poor quality and poorly installed products may need to be replaced in 8-10 years. At the same time, another laminate may be a perfect material to cover floors for 25-30 years or even longer.

Insulation Used for Laminate Flooring

The laminated bottom layer is a thin layer of foam or felt that is installed under the laminated boards. It aids installation by smoothing out minor imperfections in the subfloor. The underlayment is considered an essential part of the laminate floor. In fact, manufacturers consider it so important that some laminates come with the underlayment pre-installed.

Tools for Installing Laminate Flooring

Circular Saw

A circular saw is a power tool that allows cabinetmakers and carpenters to make a variety of cuts. Circular saws use a round blade that has sharp metal edges. The blade rotates to cut the wood smoothly.

Laminate Cutter

A laminate floor cutter is a handheld tool for cutting laminate flooring.

Tapping Block

It is designed to easily complete your vinyl, laminate and hardwood resilient tile board installation by tapping the tongue and groove boards for a smooth, tight fit. This multi-sided plug protects the tongue or edge of the floor during installation: one side works with vinyl tile and the other side with hardwood planks and laminate flooring.

Nail Set

A thin, short steel rod used to drive a nail or flush with the wood. It is held over the nail and struck with the hammer.


A sledgehammer is a block of wood on a handle. It is used to hit and drive a chisel, hit pins or hit wood joints.


Excellent for the installation of laminate and wood flooring, the pull bar helps reduce joints between boards in tight spaces that cannot be reached with a threading block.

Utility or Exact Knife

The best blade for the job often depends on the job itself. Most people, when they buy a utility knife, only look at the design of its handle. It is also important to consider the design of the blade.

The Tape Measure

The measuring tape consists of a steel tape or tape with linear distance measurement marks. The tape is rigid enough to remain rigid when extended for measurement purposes but flexible enough to retract into the housing when not in use. The tape casing is generally square in shape and is made of metal or plastic.


Device to establish a horizontal plane.  It consists of a small glass tube containing alcohol or similar liquid and an air bubble; the tube is sealed and fixed horizontally to a wooden or metal block or frame with a smooth bottom surface. The glass tube is slightly curved, and the adjustment of the horizontal is indicated by the movement of the bubble.

Safety Glasses

Impact-resistant lenses that protect the eyes from shocks or other injuries.

Dust mask

A protective mask covering the user’s mouth and nose, worn when in a dusty atmosphere or when doing work that generates dust.


Knee pads are protective equipment worn on the knees to protect them from impact injuries during, for example, a fall or blow, or to provide padding for longer kneeling spells.

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