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Marble Polishing Techniques

How to Polish Marble Floors at Home ?

  • Before starting to polish the floors of your house you must have swept and extracted all the dirt or dust that was in them so that when using the electric polisher does not get stuck with some improper object.
  • Normally the discs used by these machines tend to be made of diamond which are specifically adapted for marble and help to leave a guaranteed finish.
  • For the marble to have a greater effect, it is advisable to pass these discs up to five times in the same place, changing them in each pass to achieve a uniform polish in which you do not get marks.
  • Afterwards, seal this work with a special product for marble floors, either a paste ideal for it or cold wax-based liquids; apply it and proceed to polish one last time. Ready, as new!

How to Polish The Marble With a Grinder ?

  1. Clean the surface with a sponge and mineral water before starting, make sure before starting the polishing that it is completely dry. For the grinders, normally felt sandpapers and paste products are used, which are easily obtained.
  2. Add the first felt disc to the machine and proceed to polish the marble in a uniform way, then remove the sandpaper from the grinder and add the second disc, this will work specifically on the stains and scratches that the marble has.
  3. Apply the product made of paste and with the third disc proceed to polish in a circular way so that it gets a better finish, remove the sandpaper and add the last filter of felt which will give the shine you are looking for your marble.

How to Polish the Marble by Hand ?

  • If you have marble in your house, it is advisable to clean it with a cloth, using it properly, this will erase all traces of dust, dirt and grease that the material has on it to obtain the result you are looking for.
  • Remember that when polishing, it is essential to use a soft and totally clean cloth, since it will prevent the marble from being scratched when you are working.
  • A product that you can make at home in a natural way to polish this surface is applying in a cup 3 spoonfuls of bicarbonate of soda and half a glass of warm water, if your surface is bigger, mix the same ingredients but, with bigger quantities until forming a compact paste.
  • Next, you are going to apply part of this product on the marble using a cloth, you will start to spread it all over the surface until you form a small thin layer, in this case you will notice the different shades between the opacity of the marble and the application of the product.
  • Let this rest for approximately 2 and a half hours and proceed to remove the product with a fine sponge and warm water, then, with a chamois or microfiber cloth you will make circular movements with your hand to dry and polish the marble uniformly, obtaining the result you are looking for.

How to Polish Striped Marble ?

  1. The discs or small grain sandpapers are ideal to remove the cracks that the marble has, besides, to use products used without abrasives, specifically for these surfaces to be treated.
  2. Start by cleaning the marks and dust that are on the marble with a kitchen cloth, then proceed to pass in a smooth and uniform way a steel wool cloth or grain disk where the scratches are.
  3. Then, apply the product to polish the marble with a clean cloth, making circles with your hands to achieve a better polishing of the material.
  4. At the end, distill small drops of water on the surface to avoid leaving residues, wait for the product to dry and seal well and then wipe the marble with a final cloth to leave it completely clean and ready, you will not have scratches on it.

How to Polish the Marble on Top ?

  • For this you will need a natural home remedy, which is lemon, alcohol and water at room temperature, mix them all and proceed to pour it on the marble.
  • With a non-abrasive sponge, start cleaning the surface in circles, approximately 5 minutes since you do not want to leave permanent marks on your worktop.
  • Then, proceed to remove the liquid with a windshield wiper or a clean cloth you have, wait until it is completely dry and finally, spray on the surface a special product to polish marble. With a chamois cloth, start polishing in small circles to obtain the desired shine.

How to Polish Marble on Walls ?

  1. You can implement this technique with a spray made of marble polishing products and carbide sandpaper. You will spray the liquid on the surface to be worked and start to spread it with a soft dishwashing sponge.
  2. Let it adhere a little to the wall and then proceed to remove it with a clean cloth and warm water, then, with the first sandpaper begin to polish, it will work in the areas that are most affected by scratches.
  3. Then use the second sandpaper to repair any stains on the wall, proceed with the third sandpaper to start shining the marble and finally, the fourth sandpaper that will completely seal the shiny finish on your wall.

How to Polish the Marble With a Drill ?

  • In every manual drill, the discs or plates are adapted to polish the marble, place the first one and press with the mechanical shock absorber, which will give movement to the disc while you polish.
  • With the number one sandpaper you will polish by slightly pressing the drill, do not exert enough pressure as you may cause scratches and is not what you are looking for. Clean frequently with a suitable cloth; the second step is to add the number two disc to the drill so that it begins to change that opacity in the marble.
  • Next, add the disc number three and you will continue in constant movement until it reflects a minimum polish, finally, you will add to the drill the disc number four which will give the typical elegant shine of marble.

How to Polish Marble With a Hand Polisher ?

  1. This method will be used by adding water to your marble surface and with the manual polisher you will start to move it in a uniform way so that it gets a better finish.
  2. As it has special carbide sandpapers its process is much easier to implement, removing one of them in each step and adding another one, in total it will be 4 times that you will pass the polisher through this surface until you find the expected shine.

How to Polish Marble And Granite ?

  • This procedure is easy and simple to polish every surface that has marble and granite, the only thing you will need to prepare is the consistency that will give you a guaranteed result.
  • To do this you will apply in a small cup 2 tablespoons of cornstarch, 2 tablespoons of baking soda, 10 drops of antibacterial oil, 10 drops of an aromatizer, this can be of your preference and 2 tablespoons of olive oil.
  • You begin to join all these materials with a small wooden palette, until you find the compact product you want, and at the same time, that dissolves like a kind of powder.
  • Apply it on top of the marble or granite and with a clean cloth spread it all over the surface for about 5 minutes, then proceed to remove it and with another cloth polish it about 3 times until it is completely polished.

Polishing a Marble Table

Apply some ideal product to polish marble on top of it and with a soft cloth clean the surface, then spray fresh water on the table and proceed to dry it well, try not to leave it distilling so you do not have any inconvenience.

Finally, apply a polished product to seal in marble and with a chamois cloth polish it twice uniformly, finding the ideal finish for the marble table.

Polishing a Marble Staircase

  • You will use 2 diamond sandpapers and 2 polishing sandpapers, which will be applied one by one, being implemented the diamond ones first, to start removing any opacity on the stairs and then completely seal any trace of stain or scratch.
  • In each step you will be adding cold water and polishing with the sandpaper within 4 minutes, then you proceed to remove the water with a small wiper and add products made to polish marble.
  • Then, use the polishing sandpaper to polish 2 or 3 more times and that’s it, your staircase will be shiny. Don’t forget to wipe off any dust or dirt at the end.

Polishing Marble with Oxalic Acid

  1. Before applying this acid it is recommended that you clean the area where the polishing will be done, removing any grease or dirt that is in place with anti-grease cleaning products sold today.
  2. Use a very fine steel wool making circular shapes and proceed to add the oxalic acid with a little cold water, this will rinse your marble surface and it will start to disappear that opacity that reflects with the passing of the years.
  3. At the end, stir with a soft cloth on the surface to finish removing any residue that is on it and add an illustrator or special polish to finish the gloss effect you are looking for.

Marble Polishing Abrasives

Normally 4 sandpapers are used to polish the marble, 2 silicon carbide sandpapers and 2 diamond sandpapers. The first 2 are implemented to cover any line that is in its path and begin to remove that tone of opacity that is in the marble. The 2 diamond sandpapers are used to reflect the polishing on the surface that is being polished and finally, to seal the entire product that was used.

Marble Polishing Products

Today you can find many products used specifically to polish marble, among them, the K5 cleaner and polisher, which is used for both marble and granite floors. Its main benefit is that it reactivates the color daily, does not lose its shine quickly and is non-slip.

Also, you get the Zing Stone Polich product, which hardens the surfaces of either granite, terrazzo or marble and at the same time, polishes and unifies the intensity of the shine on its entire surface. Finally, you find the Kleever K2, which is a crystallizer and sealer that gives the marble surface a perfect crystallization finish, sealing the pores and cleaning the dirt remains.

How to Polish a Marble Floor ?

  1. To achieve the ideal polishing of marble implement solid wax or liquid wax applying it either with steel wool or mechanical polisher, because after you clean the floor and polish, this will end the process with a perfect and bright waxing.
  2. The process will consist of applying the wax of your preference and with a polishing machine start to pass it evenly about 5 or 6 times in the same place, so you get the brightness that will reflect the floor is more natural.
  3. While marble floors, countertops or walls provide a unique and elegant touch to your home, besides being a durable and striking material at first sight, that is why it must always be in perfect condition to be preserved as if it were factory-made.

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