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What are the Dimensions of the Indoor Soccer Field ?

The length of the field should not be more than 210 feet, nor less than 175 feet, and its width should not be more than 100 feet, nor less than 75 feet. The recommended playing field should be 200 feet long and 85 feet wide.  Indoor soccer fields are 180 feet by 90 feet. The corners of the field are rounded to prevent the soccer ball from being caught in a corner.

The penalty arc on the field is 35 feet by 30 feet. The free throw mark is 35 feet from the goal.  The goal is 6 1/2 feet by 12 feet. The center circle is 30 feet in diameter. The red line is 50 feet from the goal. The player benches are on the same side of the field, while the referee’s crease is on the opposite side of the field.

At the time when soccer was in its infancy, the design of the soccer field was quite irregular in its dimensions and this created several problems for the players. A player from, say, York would play on a 60-yard-long field, while the boys from Liverpool would play on a 140-yard field. Obviously, when either team played on the competition field, they were lost.

The Field Because of structural differences between indoor soccer facilities, the following provisions are generally accepted standards for field dimensions, walls, goals, and markings. Field Dimensions: The field of play shall conform to the size of the facility, with dimensions between 140-210 feet long and 60-90 feet wide. The standard dimensions are 180 feet by 75 feet, with rounded corners in the arc of a circle that has a radius of 28 feet.

  • Perimeter Wall: The playing field is enclosed by a Perimeter Wall, which is part of the playing surface. The wall is 4 to 12 feet high, with a standard of 8 feet, except above the targets (2 feet above the crossbar) and along the team benches (4 feet).
  • Playing Surface – The floor is attached to the floor of the playing area. A.4 Markings – The playing field is marked with distinctive lines 4 inches wide.
  • Halfway Line – An intermediate line, parallel to the goal lines, divides the field of play into two equal halves.
  • Center mark: A center mark, 9 inches in diameter, marks the center of the field of play.
  • Center circle: a center circle, 15 feet in radius, surrounds the center mark.
  • Reset Mark: A reset mark, 9 inches in diameter, marks the center of the playing field 50 feet from each end.
  • Goal Lines: A Goal Line, delineating the boundary of each Goal, is drawn between the Goal Posts.
  • Corner Flag: A corner flag rises 3 feet above the perimeter wall at each corner of the playing field.
  • Corner Mark: a corner mark, 9 inches in diameter, is 3 feet inside the perimeter wall, located below each corner flag at the end point of each touch line.
  • Tactile Line: a tactile line, which has 3-foot dashes separated by 1-foot spaces, is 3 feet inside the perimeter wall along its length between the corner marks.
  • Penalty area: surrounds each target within the field of play. The standard dimensions of the Arch consist of two 20-foot lines drawn at right angles to the Goal Line, each extending from the Perimeter Wall, 8 feet from the inside of the nearest Post. A semi-circle (15-foot radius), connecting the ends of the lines and extending further into the field, completes the goal. Alternatively, the Arch can be up to 30 feet wide and 25 feet long, with the end of each length connected to the semi-circle at right angles.
  • Free Throw Mark: A free throw mark, 9 inches in diameter, marks the top of each penalty arc (“top of the arc”).
  • 15-foot mark: A 15-foot mark, a line 1 foot long by 2 inches wide, drawn parallel to the goal line, is centered within the penalty arc 15 feet from the free throw mark.
  • Referee’s Fold: A Referee’s Fold, a semi-circle of 15 feet radius, adjoins the Perimeter Wall in the center of the field in front of the Team Benches or where the official scorer’s table is located.
  • Penalty areas: The penalty area for each team is located in front of its team bench, just beyond the perimeter wall, on each side of the referee’s fold. The penalty areas are reasonably protected from their surroundings. If not available as described, the Management Authority shall designate alternative Penalty Areas.

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