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VANILLA COLOR: Types, Psychology and Meaning

Meaning of Vanilla Color

Vanilla color is a rich off-white tint, as well as a medium pale shade of yellow. The first recorded use of Vanilla as a color name came much later than Chocolate, in A A Aoys John Maerz and Morris Rea Paul’s A Dictionary of Color, published in 1930. Meanwhile, vanilla, used in reference to a culinary flavor, began appearing in European cookbooks in the 17th century, most commonly in recipes for drinking chocolate.

Its other early use is in ice cream; famously, Thomas Jefferson brought back a handwritten recipe for vanilla ice cream from Paris in the 1780s. But, in the days before mechanical refrigeration, ice cream was a rare treat, limited to aristocrats who could afford to harvest and store natural ice or enjoy it outside the home. Still, the prevailing theory is that because one of vanilla’s earliest uses was as a flavoring for ice cream, it became associated with the off-white color of cream, the main ingredient in ice cream.

What is intriguing, however, is that this color/flavor association was not established until the early 20th century, long after the 1858 discovery and 1874 synthesis of artificial vanillin, which is the most important aroma molecule of the two hundred or so that make up the natural vanilla flavor. Vanillin, whether produced from petrochemicals, clove oil or wood pulp, is a white to yellowish crystalline powder, and costs one-tenth the price of real vanilla.

Psychology of Vanilla Color

This color provides a stimulus that helps improve communication between people, so it is recommended for use in areas such as the kitchen, main living room, dining room, buffets, and even in the bedroom. In addition, this color represents elegance and tranquility if we make a good combination with shades of this color.

Although vanilla paint gives tranquility, it can become monotonous at times, this happens when not combined with other colors in the right way, so you should avoid the excessive use of this color in some spaces and use them with colors that highlight its attributes and does not become a monotonous environment, some of these colors can be pink, brown, red, among others.

Types or Varieties of Vanilla Color

Vanilla Ice

The name of this color shade, called “vanilla ice” for the shade “vanilla pink” has been in use since 2001, which was introduced as one of the colors in the color list.

Dark Vanilla

This color is called “dark vanilla” introduced as one of the colors in the Color List.

Vanilla Color Number or Color Code

  • Hex triplet: # F3E5AB
  • RGB Code: (r, g, b) (243, 229, 171)
  • CMYK Code: (c, m, y, k) (0, 6, 30, 5)
  • HSV Code: (h, s, v) (48 °, 30%, 95%)

Decoration with Vanilla Color

Vanilla color paint is known as a classic in decoration. It is not as aseptic as white, and the touch of yellow ensures warmth in the room. In addition, because it has a neutral background, it can be combined in many ways with fabrics printed in other colors, and it is the perfect color for bedrooms with dark wood furniture, among others.

The color vanilla provides a series of attributes that can be observed in the following concepts: beauty, radiant and resplendent, purity, gold, intelligence, excellence, esteem, economy, divinity, distinction, culture, understanding, brilliance, among other attributes. Vanilla comes from the range of yellow colors, which are very useful when it comes to providing spaces with illumination.

Combinations with Vanilla Color

The combination of colors with the vanilla color, will depend on what you want to reflect in the spaces, some of the basic combinations are the following:

  • Chocolate and vanilla color: this combination gives elegance and purity to your spaces in which you plan to use them, an option would be the living room.
  • Vanilla and white: this combination is suitable when you are looking to brighten some spaces and add light to that area, however, this combination is somewhat difficult to perform, you must have knowledge of how to combine them because it can be boring, it is advisable to hire a decorator if you have no experience when it comes to combining them.
  • Vanilla color with pistachio green: this combination of pastel shades brings tranquility and balance to your spaces, a room with this color combination is perfect.
  • Vanilla color and fuchsia or pink: it is a daring combination and depending on how the use can be made for children’s spaces, such as a girls’ bedroom, perfect combination to give that feminine touch that provides the fuchsia color and the brightness of the vanilla color.
  • Vanilla and wine color: it is a combination that, like chocolate, brings elegance and a touch of passion. This combination can be used in the kitchen and in the living room.
  • Vanilla and red: these colors will be majestic because the essential quality of the creams is to serve as a base for more intense colors such as red, therefore, when decorating these colors complement each other.

Objects and Things in Vanilla Color

A flower, a balloon, a ribbon, a wall, a toy, a shelf, a pair of curtains, a chair, a chandelier, underwear, a dress, a ribbon, a clothes hanger, a plastic screw, a refrigerator, a stove, a plate, a bar of soap, a table, a crayon, a telephone, a telephone lining, a pair of bugles, a sheet, a pillow, a jacket, and many more.

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