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MUSTARD COLOR: Psychology and Meaning

Meaning of the Color Mustard

Mustard is a darker shade of yellow, and is one of the most popular shades of yellow, often used in interior design, clothing and fashion. Mustard yellow is ideal for those who appreciate brighter colors. However, they are looking for something more sophisticated, elegant and perhaps respectable.

It can also be said to be a moderate yellow, which is more opaque than colonial yellow, greener and paler than bronze, and redder and less strong than quince yellow.

Mustard Color Psychology

This color suggests a very intuitive personality and internal thinking, being very important the self-expression. However, appearances may be of little or no importance to them. The color mustard is able to energize and stimulate the mind and body, can trigger feelings of warmth and can increase positive emotions.

The Color Mustard as an Attire

Wearing mustard is a great way to add some energy and life to your outfit, while maintaining a level of respectability and elegance. Using mustard would allow someone to remain true to their reserved temperament without attracting too much attention, but still be able to express themselves and experiment with their wardrobe.

Depending on an individual’s motivation for wearing it, it is more than likely to suggest a strong focus on appearances. While mustard is a popular shade of yellow, it is not common to see people wearing it. A need for self-expression and individuality would be a priority, the desire to be unique is perhaps of great importance.

They are likely to be open-minded in their temperament, which usually results in artistic and creative tendencies. Someone who is creative and expressive in their attire or clothing is probably an internal desire, either consciously or unconsciously, to express that creativity externally.

Interior Decoration with the Color Mustard

The mustard color, a mix between bright yellow and light brown, adds an intense tone to any space it’s used in, making it a great color to bring into your home. Mustard yellow can range from light to dark, giving you the opportunity to cure a variety of styles, to include warm, avant-garde or even sophisticated tones.

With mustard, you can go modern, contemporary or mid-century, depending on the additional colors you bring to your space or how the color is used in the design.

In the bedroom: mustard yellow is considered an accent color for curtains, duvet cover, pillows or even a rug. Because of its strength, you don’t need much of this color to make an impact.

If you don’t like the colour but want to experiment with mustard, opt for a softer shade like the one in the bedroom upstairs. It looks beautiful with the retro emerald green appliqués, and complements the wall art on the bed, making it sober but intriguing.

In the kitchen: love to see mustard yellow on chair or stool cushions, on kitchen towels, or even as the main colour of your crockery. Remember, mustard can be used in warm interiors, and since the kitchen is one of the most visited rooms in the house, it’s a great place to add this cheerful color.

In the dining room or in the hall, mustard looks great on the walls and creates a great impact when used in heavy doses. If you’re wondering how to decorate the rest of your room when it has yellow walls, look no further.

Because white and yellow work in harmony to make a room stand out, white furniture or ornaments will bring balance to the room and still allow the yellow to make quite an impact.

In your living room: consider adding one or two mustard-colored furniture or decorations. This is a great color for furniture, especially chairs, since they are smaller in size. Mustard yellow on a chair can still make a bold statement, but it’s not as loud or overwhelming as it would be on a couch.

In the bathroom: if you’re feeling bold, consider mustard and white tiles. To soften it, have your towels or a work of art include mustard yellow.

Although mustard yellow pairs well with almost any color combination, there are some colors that make the perfect bold statement.

Colors That Go Well With Mustard

In an all-white room, mustard can make a room stand out, as well as its ability to add warmth to the overly cold feeling that white can create in a space. In short, a white room with mustard accents creates an overall balance between the contrasts of the two colors and can create visual interest and warmth, even when used in small doses.

For a more contemporary look, mustard can be combined with dark grey and navy blue. With these pairs of colours, you’ll love the idea of using grey or blue on the wall, and incorporating small bursts of mustard anywhere that helps to make the perfect décor.

For a playful look, combinations of turquoise and blue-green with mustard can give your room an edge and a strong dose of personality. Remember not to go too far with these colors, so don’t make the mistake of using these colors in abundance.

It brings warmth to an all-white room while softening the playful vibrations of a colorful, pastel-filled space. Plus, you can add the perfect dose of contrast to a room dominated by earthy neutrals.

Mustard Color Number or Coordinates

  • Hex code: # FFDB58
  • RGB code: (r, g, b) (255, 219, 88)
  • CMYK code H (c, m, y, k) (1, 12, 77, 0)
  • HSV Code: (h, s, v) (47°, 65.5%, 100%)

Mustard-colored Objects and Things

A carpet, a pillow, a curtain, a sofa, a bassinet, a towel, a pair of sandals, a bracelet, a book, a pencil sharpener, a sheet, a wall, a leaf, a crayon, a rubber band, a box, a bag, a vase, a vase, among others.

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