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BLACK COLOR: Types, Psychology and Meaning

Meaning of the Color Black

The color black is the absence of color. Black is a mysterious color that is typically associated with the unknown or the negative. Black represents strength, seriousness, power and authority. Black is a formal, elegant and prestigious color. Authoritative and powerful, black can evoke strong emotions and too much black can be overwhelming.

In heraldry, black is the symbol of sorrow. Black can be serious, professional and conventional, but black can also represent mysterious, sexy and sophisticated. Black is a visually slimming color for clothing and, like other dark colors, in interior design, black can make the room appear to shrink in size.

In Western countries, black is the color of mourning, death and sadness. Black often represents the emotions and actions of rebellion in teenagers and young adults. Black can represent both positive and negative. As the opposite of white, movies, books, print media and television often depict the good guy in white and the bad guy in black. In more recent times, the good guy is shown in black to create mystery around the character’s identity.

Psychology of the Color Black

The color black affects the mind and body by helping to create an understated feeling, increasing confidence in appearance, increasing a sense of potential and possibility, or producing feelings of emptiness, sadness or gloom.

Black can have a different psychological meaning for everyone and each individual may have a different reaction to the color. In Feng Shui, black has a way of harmonizing your home, office and other environments. It can be associated with the elements of water and evokes power, mystery and calm. It can even have a grounding effect when used in moderation. Black has some powerful effects and can be associated with a sophisticated lifestyle, just think of a person wearing a little black dress or formal suit to dinner. Black is also associated with depression because it can approach wear and take away the positive aspects of life, pushing us towards disappointment and the black or negative aspects of life.

Positive traits of black include protection and comfort, as well as, strong endings and beginnings, restrained, formal, sophisticated, seductive, mysterious. With negative traits being aloof, depressing, pessimistic, secretive and withholding.

Types or Varieties of Black Color

  • Jet: is also known as black jet, it is a representation of the color of the miner’s jet.
  • Black olive: This color is a representation of the color of black olives. Also called as olive, color No. 6015, in the RAL color matching system, which is a widely used color in Europe.
  • Onyx color: is a representation, redundantly, of the color of onyx. This is one of the colors of the special Crayola crayon set called “Gem Tones”, which was introduced in 1994.
  • Raisin black: This shade of black is a representation of the color of black raisins.
  • Charleston green: The color Charleston green originated after the American Civil War, when the North provided black paint to the South for use in its reconstruction. The people of Charleston mixed black with a little yellow and blue and from that combination Charleston green was born.
  • Mystery Black: This color called “Mystery Black” was formulated by Crayola in the early 2000s as one of the colors in its Heads’n Tails specialty color box.
  • Licorice: The color licorice, which is also known as light black, is a representation of the color of licorice candy. This color was assigned by Crayola in 1994 as one of the colors in its specialty Crayola Magic Scent crayons.

Decorating with the Color Black

If you’re looking for a hue that can elevate your space in an instant, look no further than black. Black paint and wall decor can revitalize almost any room, from a cozy library to a spacious kitchen.

In the Bedroom:

Black is a very powerful color, a neutral that is often used in small doses. However, there is also the possibility of using black as the main color for the interior decoration of a room. In this case, you must take into account several aspects, such as the function of the room, the atmosphere you are trying to create, the other color accents you want to use and the style you want for the decoration. With a little creativity, any room in the house can use black to its advantage.

In the Living Room:

The living room is a space that needs to feel cozy and inviting, where family members and guests need to feel comfortable. You might think that a black living room decor would make all that impossible. In reality, a black decor that includes black walls and even some black furniture can feel more intimate and inviting than a space with very bright accents.

In the Bathroom:

Although white and blue are very common colors for the bathroom, they are not the only options. If you prefer something different, you can use colors that are less common in interior decorations, colors like black. You can have black sinks, a black bathtub that might be hard to find, and black tile walls with subtle colored inserts.

In the Dining Room:

The dining room is one of those spaces that create mixed feelings. It is a space where family members and guests gather, interact and spend time together, making it a welcoming environment.

However, at the same time, it also tends to feel quite sober and imposing, especially if it is a separate room. Black is a color that can capture this dichotomy and turn it into a beautiful balance, especially when paired with other colors.

In the Office:

Since black is a color sometimes associated with elegance and restraint, it would actually be a very appropriate color in the case of offices. If you want your office to feel sober, imposing and professional, you can paint the walls black, either partially or completely, and you can have black furniture, maybe even black floors. Don’t forget to add a little contrast.

Black Color Number or Code

  • HTML: #000000
  • RGB: (r, g, b) (0, 0, 0, 0)
  • CMYK: (c, m, y, k) (100, 100, 100, 100, 100)
  • HSV: (h, s, v) (-°, 0%, 0%, 0%)

Black Objects and Things

A ball, a cup, a computer, a cell phone charger, a fish, a cougar, a bathing suit, a shirt, a pair of pants, a cable, a spring, a screw, a radio, a car, a house, a pruner, a wasp, a painting, a keyboard, among others.

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