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AQUAMARINE COLOR: Code and Meaning

Meaning of the Color Aquamarine

The name Aquamarine comes from the Latin aqua marinos, meaning “sea water” which refers to the bright color of the ocean. And it is an intermediate shade between cyan and green with a bluish touch, resulting in a light color with a tendency to transparency. Its name comes from a mineral of the same name, which is known for its beauty and psychic properties.

The Aquamarine color has a close relationship with anything connected to the sea, at the same time that you relate them to the reflection of the sky on the surface of seas and oceans. This makes the color evoke the purity of the crystalline waters, and the euphoria and relaxation of the sea. It is soothing, relaxing and clean, and inspires truth, trust and abandonment. It also evokes the feeling of beautiful unspoilt beaches, making this colour ideal and quite popular in the construction of outdoor pools and environments, creating an incredibly cool feeling.

Aquamarine Color Psychology

The personality of individuals who consider it their favorite color often have traits of free spirits and emanate much originality. In addition, aquamarine is capable of creating five different sensations:

Freshness: since aquatic ecosystems such as oceans, seas, virgin beaches and crystalline aquatic spaces are usually associated, they create an atmosphere of purity and immensity.

Calm: although seas and oceans are constantly agitated, create in the body a sense of tranquility, warmth and comfort that can not compare with anything else in the world, so using this color transmits the feeling of being surrounded by such places, producing a state of relaxation full and harmonious with the body and soul.

Of serenity: this color is able to create in the individual a state of comfort impressively serene, which leads to perform daily activities calmly and away from stress.

Of youth: there is no doubt that the aquamarine color creates a rejuvenating effect on anyone by its brightness, intensity, beauty and delicacy. This color removes the bad energies that make anyone feel like new and renewed, in addition to making you feel safe and confident.

Fun: this is one of the most stressed and remarkable features in the aquamarine color, because it helps the individual to become more expressive and creates a state of remarkable happiness, making it possible to transmit that joy to others. In addition, those who look at it believe that it relaxes a vision and if you suffer from any physical pain helps to alleviate it by the sensations produced by this color of relaxation and calm.

Types or Varieties of the Aquamarine Color

Pale Blue Aquamarine

It is a clear aquamarine color that refers to the winter sky. It helps to reflect, to question and to relax. In addition, it contributes to patience and forgiveness, to control bad temper and to be happier and more confident. It helps to alleviate pain.

Aquamarine Pale Turquoise

This color related to the turquoise tone creates a fresh, energetic and welcoming atmosphere that allows the place to transmit a feeling of serenity, hope, balance and discovery. It also makes feel a harmony and inner peace in the soul.


It is a lively green inspired by the color of the emerald gem. It is also a symbol of Ireland, often referred to as the “Emerald Island”. With faint bluish tones, it is found between green and blue-green on the color wheel.

Emerald promotes healing and well-being and is the color of growth, renewal and prosperity. It is a sophisticated and luxurious color, and has been used to represent beauty and new life in many cultures and religions.

Hawain Blue

Hawaiian blue has a similarity to turquoise with a medium-high saturation. It is named for the blue Hawaiian drink, which is a cocktail well known in Curaçao whose knowledge resembles piña colada.

Surrey Green

A yellow grayish green to pale green that is darker than the colored tea.

Number or Color Code Aquamarine

  • Hexadecimal code: #9FD5D1

Objects and Things of the Aquamarine Color

A flower, a wall, a painting, a vase, a glass, an umbrella, a shirt, a pillow, a bracelet, a dress, a container, a bag, a gem, an armchair, a curtain, a bouquet, a necklace, a candelabra, a bermuda, a drawer, a ring, a jacket, a toy, a basket, and so on.

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