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Quality management is an area of the business world that focuses specifically on the coherence of an organization or product. A quality management course teaches people the skills that are essential for creating and managing quality management systems.

A crucial concept in total quality management is quality control: establishing the techniques and observation activities that will meet the quality requirements of an organization.  Training in quality control is offered at various levels, from a certificate to a master’s degree. 

Currently many universities, institutions and educational centers offer training through Quality Management and Control Courses. Many of these courses are provided free of charge. So, if you are interested in learning and training in this area, it is time to consider starting a Quality Course.

 What are the Quality Courses?

A Quality Management Course is a program of study and training in the area of quality management and control. This course deals with the basic concepts of quality management and control; these concepts are applicable to a wide range of industries including manufacturing, services, education, and health care.

Quality Courses are specifically designed to help you learn how to inspect, monitor, and adjust processes so that your organization can focus on continuously improving its quality efforts. Students learn how a product is designed, how to choose the materials used in a product, mass production, and how products are brought to market.

In addition, students learn how to track how these products function in the consumer marketplace and how to optimally package and transport products and prove product compliance to quality control standards.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to integrate quality management into your organization’s processes and have a customized action plan to meet the needs of your business or work in the industry. 

The courses combine adult learning principles and resources, including discovery learning techniques, lectures, small group work, self-assessments, tutorials, articles, mini-case study reviews, classroom work, and hands-on training, among other resources.

Quality Management Course Program, Subjects and Content

These are some of the topics that the programmatic content of a Quality Course can include:

  • What is quality and what is guarantee?
  • Basic definitions
  • Quality control procedure
  • Quality control formats
  • Goods and services
  • Product design
  • Industry standards
  • Procedural documentation
  • Product assembly

Countries and Cities Where You Could Study the Quality Management Course for Free Getting a Scholarship

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Pakistan
  • Canada
  • India

Institutes, Centers and Universities Where the Quality Management Course is Possibly Given Free of Charge, through Scholarships

Certified Quality Manager Course

  • American Society for Quality
  • Portland, United States.

Integrated Quality Management Course

  • American Society for Quality
  • Portland, United States.

Strategic Total Quality Management 

  • London Business Training & Consulting
  • London, UK.

Course – Quality Management – Lean Six Sigma

  • Zeus Consulting
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Quality Control Course

  • Trainner Rahman Rashid
  • Lahore, Pakistan.

Quality Management Certificate

  • George Brown College
  • Toronto, ON, Canada.

Quality Function Implementation Course

  • Invensis Learning
  • Ahmedabad, India.

Certified Quality Controller Course

  • Decibel-Kerala
  • Kerala, India.

Quality Management for Business Excellence Course

  • Sandeep Kumar 
  • Through Udemy
  • Online.

Course of Inspection and Quality Control in Manufacturing

  • Roorkee Indian Institute of Technology and NPTEL 
  • Through Swayam
  • Online.

Quality Course Management Reference Prices

The prices of the Quality Courses are varied, the prices will depend on the country, the institution teaching the course, modality, duration, materials provided during the course, among other factors. Prices for Quality Courses range from $300 to $2800.

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