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WINE COLOR: Meaning, Psychology and Properties

This is a dark shade of red or purple red. It is also known as red wine, red wine or concho de vino in many places. This is the color that represents the color of the commercial red wine. It is similar or synonymous with the denominations cherry, burgundy, garnet and others, although each denomination may have other references or other specific samples of the corresponding color of each of them. The color wine in Spain, is widely used and known in the world of fashion, both male and female, as well as furniture, upholstery and makeup.

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Psychology and Meaning of Wine Color

It is a color that is linked to red which represents passion, energy, strength, love at a very deep level, among other things. Because of this the color wine also represents these feelings on a psychological level.

Types or Varieties of Wine Color


This color is the collective name of the colors corresponding to the color or coloring of wines that are produced in the French region of Burgundy. This color is known as one of the variants of the color wine.

These colors are included in the traditional iconolinguistic acervos of European culture and, especially, of French culture. In English, the colour burgundy is exclusively denoted as dark red colorations with purple, chestnut or cherry variants.


This color is also known as burgundy red, burgundy, burgundy or bordeaux, is a wine color ranging from dark purple red, to dark red and is based on the characteristic and predominant coloring of the wine of the same name, which is worked in the French region of Bordelais. Its name comes from the name of the French city of Bordeaux, which is in that region.

Unspecifically, “burgundy” are also known as the purplish red to purple reddish, semi-dark to very dark and has a moderate to very intense saturation, which can sometimes even reach dark red.

This means that in everyday use, burgundy can be considered similar or even synonymous with other color denominations such as wine color, burgundy, sour cherry or garnet. However, it has been considered that Bordeaux can be differentiated from these names as it corresponds to some examples of Bordeaux wine.

Color Wine and its Combination in Lathe to Fashion

The color wine is an incredible color and can be exploited to the full if you know how to combine it properly for every situation that arises, whether you want to use it for casual outings, formal, elegant or for your work in the office.

Many women are wine lovers and want to buy all kinds of garments in that color, but not all have any idea how to combine it.

If you combine white with wine, your look will look fresh, this combination is ideal for going for a walk in the afternoon or to go to the office.

A classic combination is the color wine with black, but there is no doubt that it is very good for any occasion. It’s perfect for the office, school, events or even a date.

Another combination that can fascinate many people, is the combination of the color wine with nude tones, look super fresh and makes you look a much more youthful outfit. No matter if the color is in the accessories, shoes or clothes, you just have to combine them and ready, you have the perfect look that will leave more than one surprised.

Clothes with print and wine color are also excellent options to dress. You can try the print you like best and create your own combinations, whether you use the wine color up or down, it’s a perfect combination.

Variations of gray tones carried by the hand with the color wine, create a very good combination. Perhaps the outfit is a little more serious, due to the gray color, but it depends a lot on you the type of style you give your outfit when combining these two colors.

One of the most eye-catching and eye-catching wine color combinations is when we combine it with mustard or yellow. These two colors give life to our outfit. In addition this is an ideal combination for autumn, it gets along very well with the season.

You can also play with the different shades of green and combine it with your favorite clothing in wine color, makes a fabulous combination and makes you look amazing.

Combining the color wine with orange is very fun, because the color orange is a very striking color and you also have the option of combining it with a color more, this combination of color wine and orange is also a good option when it is in the fall season.

Number or Color Code Wine in the Pantone

  • HTML code: #56070C
  • RGB code: (r, g, b) (86, 7, 12)
  • CMYK code: (c, m, y, k) (0, 92, 86, 66)
  • HSV code: (h, s, v) (356°, 92%, 34%)

Wine Color Objects and Stuff

A tie, the wine, a dress, a blanket, a handkerchief, a coat, a piece of cloth, a bow, an embroidery thread, a drink, a pair of tennis shoes, a ball, a balloon, a sports suit, a ribbon, among others.

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