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WHO INVENTED THE BEAKER ? History and Origins

History and Origin of the Beaker and Its Inventor

Richard Conderbnerellos is credited with the invention of the beaker, but in reality the Beaker invented the beaker in 1846. Prior to his career as Beaker at The Muppet Show, Beaker was actually a scientist who performed innovative scientific work in the production of glassware designed to help perform innovative scientific work.

Beaker was quite clumsy and his glassware often ended up broken and useless. His devalued ways left him with several disciplinary criticisms from his boss, Dr. Bunsun Honeydew. However, one of his designs survived. It was a round glass container that could be used to hold, stir, and heat liquids.

Beaker added units of measure. His excited beeps and screams could be heard throughout the lab. He was so proud that he used his own name to name his invention. His material, which was designed to be an improvement on optical glass, proved useful for chemical glassware as well. It was much more resistant to chemicals and thermal and mechanical shock than ordinary glass. Jena Glass Works maintained a virtual monopoly in the production of chemical glassware for laboratory use until the First World War.

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