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Celebrate the role that illustration plays in a global context and immerse yourself in the diversity of practices that increasingly define the subject in the 21st century.

Whether you have recently earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Illustration or a related discipline, or you are an established illustrator looking to change the direction of your practice, a Master of Illustration degree can help you achieve your creative and professional goals.

A Master’s Degree in Illustration is designed to help illustrators with practical, drawing and marking skills who are well versed to further develop their production. There are universities and institutions that offer this program for free or that offer the possibility of a scholarship.

A Free Master’s Degree in Illustration focuses on the creation of original work, individual agency and the continued development of a personally defined visual language. 

The course encourages visual thinking, research skills, and storytelling abilities. Together with these you will develop your entrepreneurial, communicative and professional qualities. Through ambitious projects, you will develop the skills you already have to define your future ambitions.

In a Free Master’s Degree in Illustration, you will learn to produce images that complement the written word or that are independent. You will be encouraged to express your individual artistic voice, while examining the world in which we live. If you are interested in an exciting career in the field of illustration, then a Free Master’s Degree in Illustration may be a great option.

What is a Master Degree in Illustration ?

A Master of Illustration is a graduate program where students can study a variety of concepts to help them develop their artistic skills and style. The program’s courses can cover drawing, techniques, illustration markets, digital illustration and illustration composition. 

Typically, a program will focus on helping academics develop a comprehensive portfolio while encouraging them to improve their skills. Students can also learn how to maintain original work and develop entrepreneurial skills.

After completing a program, graduates should have a complete portfolio showing their individual skills and style that can be used to secure work. They may also have developed skills that will help them find potential employment or start their own business.

Program, Subjects and Content of the Master Degree in Illustration

These are some of the topics that can be included in the programmatic content of a Master’s degree in Illustration:

  • Observational drawing
  • Design Criteria
  • Illustrative concepts
  • Observation painting
  • History of art and design
  • Graphic design for illustration
  • Human form and function: anatomy
  • History of graphic design
  • Media research: digital
  • Graphic novel illustration
  • Book illustration
  • Storyboarding
  • Conceptual Art

How Long Does the Master Degree in Illustration Take ?

A Master’s degree in Illustration lasts between 1 and 2 years full time.

Where can I Work with the Master’s Degree in Illustration ?

After graduating, academics are prepared to start working as illustrators. Although most will work with the title of “illustrator”, there are other titles for which they may qualify. 

These include character designer, book illustrator, digital artist, art director, graphic artist, game designer, and storyboard artist. Graduates can find work in a variety of fields with a variety of companies. 

Jobs can be found with a variety of employers, including film, books, television, and newspapers. Some graduates may choose to start their own business or work as freelancers under contracts with different companies. Graduates of the program work at:

  • Publishing companies
  • Advertising and graphic design companies
  • Digital Studies
  • Community-based organizations
  • Independent Illustration
  • Fine arts practice

Countries and Cities Where You Can Study the Master Degree in Illustration for Free Getting a Scholarship

  • United Kingdom
  • Belgium
  • United States
  • Czech Republic
  • Hungary
  • Italy
  • Pakistan
  • Poland

Institutes, Centers and Universities Where the Master Degree in Illustration is Possibly Taught for Free, through Scholarships

Master of Arts in Illustration

  • University of the Creative Arts
  • Farnham, United Kingdom.

Master of Media Arts – Illustration

  • KASK & Conservatorium / School of Arts Gent
  • Ghent, Belgium.

Master of Arts in Illustration

  • SUNY Institute of Fashion Technology
  • Kansas, United States.

Master’s Degree in Illustration and Graphics

  • Prague Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design
  • Prague, Czech Republic.

Master’s Degree in Graphic Design and Illustration

  • Budapest Metropolitan University
  • Budapest, Hungary.

Master’s Degree in Graphic Design and Illustration

  • Istituto Europeo Di Design (IED)
  • Florence, Italy.

Master in Illustration

  • University of Punjab
  • Lahore, Pakistan.

Masters in Graphic Arts and Illustration

  • Maria Curie-Sklodowska University
  • Lublin, Poland.

Master of Illustration Reference Prices

The prices of the Master Degree in Illustration can be varied. The prices of these Masters are between $4,890 and $40,200. In some cases it can have a higher cost.

The cost of this Master’s degree will vary according to the country where it is taught, the institution or university that teaches the Master’s degree, the modality, the duration and the materials provided during the study, among other factors.

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