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CAMRY SCALE: Prices and Reviews on Amazon

Description or Characteristics of the Camry Scale

With over 40 years of experience, it is now one of the leading manufacturers of many types of scales, such as bathroom, kitchen, body fat control and luggage scales for domestic, commercial and industrial use.

  • They have over 450 models for you to choose from.
  • The Camry scale is the ideal way to track your weight loss quickly and easily.
  • You don’t have to mark buttons or anything on our scales, just step on it, and in seconds you’ll have an extremely accurate measurement every time.
  • The auto shut-off design remains easier and more comfortable to use.

How to Use the Digital Camry Scale

  • Place it on the solid, horizontal and hard plane.
  • Do not put it on a rug or towel.
  • It remains in the center of the body scale.
  • Do not step on the scale when you are soaked.
  • Easy to use tips. During measurement.
  • The device is designed to allow automatic passage.
  • Always ignore the first reading and only start taking an effective record from the second weighing.
  • Always remove your shoes and step gently on the weighing platform.
  • It is advisable to take measurements at the same time of day. The measured result could be misleading after intense exercise, excessive diet or in conditions of extreme dehydration.
  • Always weigh / use the scale on a hard, flat surface. When measuring, please stand still.
  • The measured data of the following persons may deviate: Children under 7 years or adults over 99 years (can only use the device in normal weight mode) Adults over 70 Athletes who are body builders or other occupational athletes.

Camry Scale Specifications or Technical Information

* Super slim, 12 user memory
* LCD screen.
* Ideal for measuring body fat, body hydration, body muscle, body bone, recommend Kcal
* With tempered glass.
* Auto on, low battery / error indicator
* Power: 1 x 3V lithium cell
* Dual display function: wired network output display or wireless readout display3
* Last immediate memory recall; compare current weight reading with last record

Types of Camry Scales

They can be of domestic or commercial type, of electronic or mechanical principle.

  • Personal scale.
  • Body fat meter in scale.
  • Kitchen scale.
  • Computer scale of the price.
  • Counting scale.
  • Mini portable scale of size.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Camry Scales

  • Use a soft, slightly damp cloth to clean the scale. DO NOT immerse it in water. Any use of chemical or corrosive detergents is not acceptable.
  • If plastic components of the scale come in contact with grease, hot sauce, vinegar or other irritating substances, clean them immediately (keep the scale away from any fruit juice).
  • Always weigh/use the scale on a hard, flat surface. DO NOT use rugs

People’s Reviews or Comments About Their Experience When Buying or Using It

  • I was worried about this scale in terms of cost, but it’s doing a great job so far! It’s on and it’s pretty fancy in my bathroom with the design printed on the top of the fancy mirror.
  • However, don’t be afraid of the glass, it weighs over 300 pounds and the scale is very sturdy so far. I am very happy to have purchased this scale, especially for the amount I paid. What a bargain!
  • This scale, OH MAN! I stand on it! And it gives out a number. This number remains fairly consistent between uses. When in the course of a few days the number increases, I get sad. When it goes down, I go back to normal.

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