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How to Use Hook Scales ?

Called Hanging Scales or Crane Scales or Spring  Scales

Warehouses and factories can be high-pressure environments, where employees often must perform tasks quickly and correctly despite numerous distractions. If a worker is unable to concentrate on the task at hand, efficiency can decrease and accuracy can fall by the wayside. In the worst case, safety can be compromised, which can be dangerous for the employee and costly for the employer. That’s why it’s essential that the tools and equipment used in your workplace are safe, easy to operate and help optimize the production process.

This introduction to electronic hook scales, industrial hangers and crane scales answers common questions such as “What are electronic hook scales? How are these electronic crane scales used? What makes them different from other varieties of electronic industrial hook scales?

What Are Electronic Hanging or Dock Scales ?

Hanging scales are used to describe a wide variety of digital and mechanical scales that are used to weigh objects by hand. In this video we show a model of the electronic hanging scales of its use in the industrial area

What are Electronic Hanging Scales Used For ?

Hanging scales are adaptable scales that can be used for a variety of different applications. For example, farmers can use hanging scales to measure bags of feed, helping them ensure that each bag meets a predetermined weight before feeding the animals. This helps the farmer control feeding, which is especially important for animals that must be kept on a regulated diet. This allows farmers or veterinarians to monitor the weight of the animal and track any unexpected fluctuations.

For commercial applications, electronic hook or pendant scales can be used to weigh bags at post offices prior to distribution, allowing postal station workers to properly pack mail. By marking a maximum weight, workers can ensure that each bag of mail is not too heavy to lift. Alternatively, they can be used to check the weight of luggage at airports, to ensure that certain bags are under the required weight limit designated by the airlines.

Fishing enthusiasts use certain varieties of hanging scales to weigh fish that have been caught. Meanwhile, fishing competitions may use weight as a scoring criterion and therefore require weighing scales approved by the regulations of the various countries and competition group federations.

Industrial Storage with the Use of the Suspended Scale

Why do you Need an Electronic Industrial Scale ?

Weighing is an essential part of many production and distribution processes, whether it is used to weigh product pallets for distribution to retail supermarkets; to count the quantity of items according to weight measurement or weight control products to ensure that they are aligned with a specific product weight.

Using the right electronic hook scale for industrial weighing has the potential to increase productivity and ensure employee safety when working in factory or warehouse environments. However, the very high competition within the weighing industry can make choosing the best ekectronic industrial hook scale a challenge.

Difference Between Hanging or Dock Scales and Crane Scales

The main difference between a hanging scale and a crane scale is related to capacity and cost. Hanging scales are used for lighter weighing tasks and, as a result, tend to be less expensive. Crane scales are better equipped to handle large industrial weighing applications and can be more expensive.

How to Use Electronic Hanging Scales ?

1) Make sure the object you are weighing has a secure handle or attachment for lifting.
2) Place the object on a level surface.
3) Using the suspension hook on the scale, hook this around the handle of the object.
4) Lift the object with the handle on top of the electronic hook scale.
5) Check the LED display on the scale to see the weight of the object.

How Much Weight Can Electronic Hook Scales Measure ?

Typical hanging scales tend to have lower weight capacities, and can generally accommodate loads of up to 50 kg, while other electronic hanging scales such as crane scales can weigh loads of 10,000 kg or more.

Should I Use a Hook Scale or an Electronic Crane Scale ?

This depends on your weighing requirements, available space and your budget.

Large industrial warehouses, shipping operations or loading docks are more likely to require heavy equipment, such as crane scales, as they will weigh large containers, pallets and boxes.

Electronic hook scales are more convenient than crane scales and tend to have lower weighing capacities. They are more suitable for personal use, for weighing bags of product or when manual weighing is preferred.

Consider what you are going to weigh. This will help you determine if your company needs to weigh items that exceed the weight capacity of the hanging scales. If so, crane scales would be the best option.

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