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Online Secretarial Courses for Free

IMAGEN DE CURSO DE SECRETARIADO / secretarial course imageSecretary: The work of a secretary by definition is usually more specifically geared to personal tasks, including incoming and outgoing correspondence for a particular executive or executives. Correspondence refers to the full range of both verbal and written communications of all types, including internal and external e-mail, printed letters, telephone calls and messages, and other general personal guidance tasks. Secretaries are assigned a number of administrative tasks, such as writing, filing, copying, etc., as well as some basic scheduling tasks.

Typeonline Course

Created by a web developer in the UK, Typeonline is a course that offers the typing training needed to pursue a career as a secretary. The course is free and does not provide access to instructors.

What Will I Learn ?

Typeonline will teach you how to use the correct placement of your fingers and hands to type numbers and words. The course also focuses on improving accuracy and typing speed.

How is the Course Structured ?

There are five typing lessons consisting of ten keyboarding exercises and four number pad lessons including eight exercises.

The course provides text and number tables for typing practice, as well as illustrations showing the correct finger positions on three types of keyboards. You can also perform timed speed tests that provide accuracy and word-per-minute rates.

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What the Executive Secretariat Refers To

The executive secretariats are those that provide support in the high-level administrative area, dealing mostly with requests or claims for information, mostly carried out in an office.

The main functions of an executive secretariat include preparing correspondence, organizing various meetings, managing different programs for those meetings, attending and receiving visitors, and supervising staff in the office, among other functions.

Secretariats are essential functions in any type of business activity, which is why, at present, there are different platforms both physical and online capable of providing and providing the necessary courses for people to comply with the secretariat, in addition to being certified in a direct and guaranteed, being a point in their personal curriculum.

The secretarial courses contribute to the effective functioning of any company, through a highly orderly, methodical, discreet and transparent work, for yourself, as with the rest of what you find in that company. The online or virtual secretarial courses provide people with a wide range of highly professional knowledge in different areas, whether it be in computers, work courses, accounting courses, both technical and human resources, among others, capable of preparing individuals through electronic devices, without even having to leave home.

The executive secretaries are in charge of putting order in any position they have both outside and inside a standard office, keeping everything properly organized and complying with the necessary guidelines and agendas of the day to day. The courses, allow the modality to be done both physically and online, trying to focus on different topics so that people have a greater and more extensive knowledge of the executive secretariat.

Among the main functions and topics that people find in the executive secretarial courses, the following stand out:

  • In the first instance, answering, filtering and transferring telephone calls, as well as dealing with requests for general information and the requests that senior positions require.
  • Similarly, learning how to take memos, reports and presentations; organizing the various trips of the executives, preparing the agenda of the day. Carrying out very essential office tasks, reading and analyzing previously scheduled presentations, among others.

Free Secretarial Courses

The free secretarial course is a very practical video course focused on practical classes of secretarial courses of the administration modules. These classes are two hours long and contain the keys to this profession.

It is a very interesting course that goes from the general to the particular so that in this way we have a complete vision of the secretarial workers. It is a course that also collects all kinds of tricks, tips and keys about this field.

Free Executive Secretarial Course

The free executive secretarial course is a course that consists of 31 teaching units in a very practical video format where we will learn everything about the field of senior management from the point of view of secretaries and secretaries and how to work and act in this context.

It is a very entertaining course that gives both theory and practice so that we can assimilate the training effectively. It is a course explained by great experts in the field who will help all those who are starting in this field and want to improve their professional qualities.

Bilingual Executive Secretarial Course

Executive secretarial courses that handle two or more languages are taken with greater reference in companies with high positions, also, it will call much more quickly the attention of people because they handle different languages, which is necessary in the executive secretarial positions.

Within the different secretarial courses they often present, the impeccable writing of minutes, reports or necessary documents, using both English and Spanish, stands out.

Likewise, translating different documents or dialogues in both languages; processing appointments, interviews or national applications with supervision from government entities, keeping the different supervision agendas in advance, among others.

Short Secretarial Courses

The short secretarial courses do not require an extensive or necessary time as other types of courses both face and online, that is why they were created for this purpose, making people learn in a short time more information needed for such secretariat.

Within the programs of short secretarial courses, different modules stand out, such as communication and telephone attention, marketing courses, sales and direct customer service, courses on labor, public and human relations, different extremely basic administrations, carrying out quality control of the events to be carried out, and also different archiving techniques, among others.

Course of Administrative Executive Secretary

The executive secretarial courses in the administrative field provide people with a comprehensive training that will allow a rapid insertion into the labour market in the different areas of work.

The courses of administrative secretarial work have different specialties so that the human being feels comfortable with what really calls his attention. Likewise, there are extremely free courses on the web capable of providing the necessary resources for people to specialize in it and obtain certificates awarded by the best universities worldwide.

Free Secretarial Course for Beginners

The free secretarial course for beginners is a course consisting of 34 lessons. Each class is very well organized, gives examples, and not only that, it provides many exercises that we can do so that we are able to learn in a more agile and effective way.

In the course we will see all the keys about:

The world of secretarial work, all the productive routines and much more.

We are before a course thought for all type of students already have a complete vision of the secretarial profession or have a more amateur profile.

Free Executive Secretarial Classes

The free executive secretarial classes is a training that consists of 31 video lessons where we will see all the tricks, and tips to become expert secretaries or executive level secretaries within a company.

It is a very complete training that gathers the essential fundamentals to understand this profession. It also includes all the productive routines to be resolute, overcome stress, etc. A very well explained course that we should not let go.

Free Course of Medical Secretary

The free medical secretarial course is a training course that consists of 23 teaching units where we will learn among many other things everything about secretarial work for sanatoriums and clinics. They will explain how to move professionally in the context of this type of field.

We will also see among other things:

  • Secretariat for hospital organizations, IFAD training.
  • Everything about pharmacovigilance, and much more.

This is an essential course if you want to specialize in the administration of the hospital sector.

Online Secretarial Courses

Free Secretarial Course with Diploma in

Secretarial work is an essential function in any type of business activity, whether in the world of business, industry or the liberal professions. The secretary contributes to the efficient functioning of a company through her discreet, orderly and methodical work.

The Secretarial online course offers a wide range of professional knowledge in computer, labour, executive, accounting, technical and human resources matters so that when students graduate they are prepared to manage a computerized company.


Any person or entity can take this exciting course as long as they have a minimum knowledge of protocol and administrative management. If not, we also recommend that you take the protocol, accounting and basic computer courses, take them and request your Certificate of Participation.

What does it prepare you for ?

This course offers you a complete training, superior level, of the functions and objectives of the tasks that a secretary must offer. It provides whoever takes this course with the knowledge and skills, sufficient to develop the organization and management of a large company.


Once you have finished the training action that you are going to start as a Management Secretary and you have taken the exam correctly, you have the possibility of obtaining a “Participation Certificate”, an option especially recommended in this course, due to its high labour demand. Do not hesitate and when you finish your course, ask for your Participation Certificate.


Free Online Courses (

Category: Administration

Programmatic Content:

  • Secretariat Guidelines
  • Different Secretariat Profiles
  • Personal qualities of the current secretary
  • Training of the Secretary
  • Main Functions
  • Head and Secretary
  • File Classification
  • Knowledge of Company Areas
  • Scientific Area
  • Management of the Different Areas II
  • Commercial Area and Conclusion
  • Reception and customer service
  • Aspasia

Take this customer care course and start to see how your business opportunities start to increase.


  • The reception department
  • Services provided by the reception department
  • Billing and collection techniques and processes applied
  • Communication applied to the hosting service
  • Customer Service
  • Events and protocol
  • Complementary and auxiliary facilities of an accommodation company
  • Effective Secretarial Techniques

FOE – Huelva Federation of Employers (CEA – Huelva)

Free State-Subsidized Course. Aimed at: Continuous Training for Workers

  • Qualification: Attendance certificate granted by FOE – Huelva Federation of Employers (CEA – Huelva).
  • Development and improvement of skills for Secretaries and Executive Assistants
  • Training Strategies Business Initiatives
  • Online

In every company there is a very important role and it is the one of Secretary or Assistant either general or managerial, this position is vital since it becomes the right hand of the directives of any organization.

Administration and Secretariat: Legal Secretary

  • “The role of a legal secretary covers a range of different responsibilities.” Their role is to provide administrative and secretarial support to lawyers and paralegals.
  • You have to be very organized and able to plan your day and prioritize your tasks
  • You need a good eye for detail while working with personal client information, which is also confidential.
  • You must have good communication skills and be able to deal successfully with colleagues and clients.

Professional Receptionist Essentials

  • The Essentials Professional Receptionist course is designed to give people the opportunity to become the best receptionist possible.
  • This course covers the relevant skills that potential receptionists will need and provides students with scenarios in which they may find themselves.
  • Unlike many receptionist courses, this course focuses on the work, lifestyle, and other aspects that students can expect when becoming a receptionist.

Meetings and Minutes Seminar

This tutor-led, one-day seminar is one of our most popular seminars, ideal for anyone involved in setting up meetings and taking notes at those meetings.

You will learn how to prepare before the meeting, how to take effective minutes and work effectively after the meeting to maximize your effectiveness and help you manage your time effectively.

Telephone Techniques – Seminar

This one-day seminar is perfect for anyone who uses the telephone regularly as an important part of their job and needs to develop their telephone communication skills.

Online Secretarial Training Courses

  • Online secretarial training can provide students with a complete education in skills essential to almost any office environment.
  • Secretarial training courses can teach prospective students how to communicate effectively in a professional environment, carry out and coordinate business office procedures, and apply basic math skills.
  • Some programs introduce students to the basics of business administration.

Rapid Writing Course

Learn the skill of Speed Writing, which increases the amount of information captured in your notes and minutes. It is a great advantage for any Administrator, Palestinian Authority, Secretary, Legal Secretary and many other jobs where you have to record a lot of information quickly.

Legal Secretary – Scottish Law

  • Pitman Training Center Brighton courses
  • Distance learning, at your own pace
  • All our courses and diplomas at Pitman Training were developed to give you a practical experience.

Audio Transcription Level 1

  • Pitman Training Center Brighton courses
  • Distance learning, at your own pace
  • This course is available for self-financed individuals or companies seeking internal training.

Free Advanced Secretarial Courses

Free course Advanced Management Secretarial Techniques

  • Integral Academy S.L.

Objectives of the free course Advanced Management Secretarial Techniques

  • This training material trains students to adequately handle the different tools that are used on a daily basis in the office, combining the use of traditional methods and tools with the introduction of new technologies.
  • In this way the student can continue to develop skills and behaviours associated with this work such as communication or document management.
  • Course mode: Distance and Online
  • Duration of the course: 100 hours
  • Qualification: Diploma with the course hours

Associate Degree in Office Systems in Legal Secretarial

  • National University College
  • The Associate Degree in Legal Secretarial Systems from National University College will provide students with the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills to work effectively in today’s legal office.
  • It will also provide the concepts of responsibility, honesty, loyalty and discretion needed in the legal office.

Executive Secretarial Course

  • International Career Institute
  • To gain the skills you need to be an effective personal assistant or executive secretary, take the ICI executive secretary course.
  • Our course is designed for credible industry representatives so you can ensure a relevant and quality education. Learn the skills conveniently and quickly, too, with ICI’s online distance learning program.

Our course will teach you how:

  • Manage projects.
  • Implement job information systems.
  • Write complex documents.
  • Observe the OH&S (safety and ergonomics) workplace.
  • Communicate effectively (face to face and on the phone).
  • Do word processing (MS Word).
  • Make spreadsheets (MS Excel).
  • John Academy

Executive Secretariat and PA Course – Accredited by CPD and IAO

Who is the course for?

  • This course would be ideal for people who want to start working in administrative support
  • People who want to improve their skills in general office and administrative tasks

Entry requirement:

  • This course is available to all students, from all academic backgrounds.
  • A good understanding of the English language, numbering and ICT is required to attend this course.


  • At the end of the course, you will be asked to take an online multiple-choice test. Your test will be evaluated automatically and immediately so that you know instantly if you have been successful.
  • Before taking the final exam, you will have the opportunity to test your competence with a mock exam.

Process of giving a Title:

  • Once you have successfully passed the test, you will be able to obtain a Certificate of Accredited Achievement.
  • However, you can also obtain a Certificate of Course Completion after completing the course without sitting for the test.
  • Certificates can be obtained in hard copy at a cost of £39 or in PDF format at a cost of £24.

Associate Degree in Office Systems Concentration in Medical Secretarial with Health Plan Billing
Eastern University

  • The Medical Secretary performs secretarial work using special knowledge in medical terms and procedures.
  • This specialist maintains up-to-date medical records and is responsible for complying with the legal procedures that make billing to plans possible. She writes computer correspondence, files, makes appointments and processes bills for the medical plans.

Associate Degree in Office Systems Administration

  • Central University of Bayamon

Short Secretarial Courses

Office Administration Course – Receptionist and Personal Assistant

  • The Associate Degree in Office Systems is a program designed to develop the knowledge and skills required for the effective management of office systems and the skills needed in accordance with the demands of the current job market.
  • The student is prepared with a high degree of professionalism in the mastery of administrative skills, technology, and the oral and written skills in Spanish and English for effective communication.

Office Administration Course: Short Program in Professional Receptionist

  • A company’s image and the effectiveness of its management can be greatly enhanced by highly efficient receptionists and personal assistants.
  • This program is designed to enhance the skills of both professions and is ideal for receptionists and personal assistants who wish to improve their skill levels and career prospects.
  • Upon successful completion of the program, the student will receive the Damelin Short Program in Professional Receptionist and Personal Assistant Certificate.

Entry Requirements

  • Students are required to have knowledge, understanding and application of English at NQF Level 2 / Grade 10 or equivalent.
  • Course length: The programme is 32 hours long and enrolment is by appointment. Each Damelin campus has a different registration schedule. Programs are offered during the week, in the evenings or on Saturdays.
  • South Africa, Johannesburg.

Administration and Secretarial Course

Oplex Careers

  • Here at Oplex Careers, we offer a wide range of high quality training courses that help people around the world acquire new skills, qualifications or simply update their knowledge.
  • Learn Online
  • Oplex Careers’ training courses are delivered entirely online, through the sophisticated student learning portal. The Student Learning Portal is an online learning management system that allows students to study their courses online.
  • We offer you an online administration and secretarial course for only £24. Whether you need to improve your CV, are looking for a career change or simply want to learn something new.
  • The Administration and Secretarial online course is ideal for anyone who wants to learn about excellent administration and secretarial services.

Course highlights

  • Price: only £ 24.00 before £ 249.99
  • Course type: Online course
  • Duration: 80 hours, recommended hours.
  • Programme: modules of 10 courses.
  • Tutor Support: Includes full tutor support
  • Examinations: Yes, examination fees are included.

Start Learning: You can start your online learning 24/7 and study towards your goals.

  • Small Print
  • Qualification: Level 3 CPD Award
  • Certificate: PDF certificate included with course, optional printed copies £9.99.
  • Access: Unlimited access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 12 months, option to extend if required.
  • Compatibility: Desktop, Mac, laptop, tablets, smart phones and smart devices
  • With over 80 hours of learning divided into 10 easily accessible modules, the course has been designed to provide students with an enjoyable and informative learning experience.
  • The administration and secretarial course is studied online, which means you can study on your own schedule, at your own pace and on your own schedule. Study when it suits you best, day or night. You will have access to the course 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 12 months.
  • In addition, the course is accredited by CPD, so upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a certificate of completion, ensuring that the course is recognised by employers and institutions.

CDM Training

  • The student will learn how to use the computer tool to correctly create payrolls, bulletins, quotations, models of Hacienda withholding and corresponding lists.
  • Duration: 3 Weeks.
  • Location: C/Martin de Vargas, 23, 28005, Madrid, Spain

General Office Skills Courses

Our office skills training courses will provide you with the high quality skills that employers actively seek in their employees. Our training is practical and allows you to build confidence along with ability.

Touch Typing Courses

Increase your speed and accuracy with our suite of touch typing training courses – suitable for beginners, intermediate and experts, where you can reach speeds of up to 60 words per minute (words per minute)!

Shorthand Courses

Shorthand remains a valuable skill for anyone working in an office management position. It can save time and effort, as well as improve your efficiency when taking notes on the ‘hull’.

Law and Legal Courses

Course Legal Secretary

  • We have a variety of legal secretarial training courses available for study, some of which have been accredited by CILEx (the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives).

Medical Secretary Courses

  • Gain the niche skills and understanding needed to work in Medical Management functions, as well as higher level professional office management skills.

PA Courses

  • We are well known for our high level professional training courses in AP. Learn more about the training we provide and how you can get on the road to a rewarding PA/EA career.

Free Secretarial Courses For Download

Presentation of the course

  • The aim of this course is that you will eventually know how to identify and develop the desirable qualities in efficient secretarial work. In this way you will be able to enhance all that is taught in this course and you will strengthen your personal and professional qualities.

Chapters of the course

  • Presentation
  • Origin of the secretariat
  • The secretariat today
  • Formation of the secretary
  • Personality
  • Personality and its important aspects
  • Hygiene
  • The diet
  • Exercises
  • Clothing
  • Personal appearance
  • Social qualities
  • Rules of courtesy and presentation
  • Emotional balance
  • The work

Basic Secretarial Course

Presentation of the course

  • The Secretary is a very important department in every company, that is why every secretary must acquire skills and abilities that allow her to do an excellent job.
  • Every good secretary needs to interact with each of the factors that intervene in the company. In this mailxmail course you will be able to learn all the necessary techniques to be a good secretary.

Course chapters

  • Presentation
  • Ease of expression
  • Ease of writing
  • Good relations
  • Creative and dynamic
  • Responsibility
  • Profile of a secretary
  • Reliability
  • Active and dynamic
  • The environment, resources and work tools
  • Accessibility

To be downloaded in pdf format.

We can find books in pdf and ebooks like:

A Manual of Secretarial Practice

  • By Chief, F.D.
  • Date of digital publication 2005/06/9

Practical Secretarial Work

  • By Lee, Henry I.; Barr William N.

Universallibrary Collection

  • Collaborator of the University of Osmania
  • English language
  • Date of digital publication 2005/06/22

Company Secretarial Practice – ICSI

  • 1,070 Pages – 2013 – 6.11 MB – 997 Downloads

How to Learn Secretarial Basics ?

Should I be a secretary ?

A secretary is responsible for the administrative, planning and organizational tasks involved in maintaining a business. 

They have a wide variety of daily tasks, such as handling telephones, making appointments and scheduling meetings, managing filing systems and organizing mail.

Most commonly, secretaries work for businesses, legal or medical offices, or hospitals, but some positions allow secretaries to work from home.

Most secretaries have full-time schedules, although home-based secretaries may have more flexible schedules. Secretaries often handle confidential information, so they must be discreet and respectful of their employers and clients.

To become a secretary, you need a high school diploma. A college degree is not usually required for general office positions, but may be recommended for certain fields, such as legal and medical secretaries.

In any position, you will receive on-the-job training to help you get used to office procedures. Voluntary certification is also available.

Key skills needed for this career include:

  • Organization
  • Communication
  • Ability to write well
  • Integrity
  • Kindness
  • Knowledge of computer programs.

Steps to becoming a secretary

These are the five steps you can take to become a secretary.

Step 1: Take office courses in high school

Often, high school graduates who have taken office courses qualify for entry-level jobs.

These courses are usually taken through vocational programs or general high school classes that teach basic office skills.

However, if a person cannot take office courses while in high school, these skills can be obtained at community colleges or vocational schools.

Step 2: Choose a field

Secretaries work in a wide variety of settings, but most are employed in legal, medical, or business organizations. Aspiring secretaries must decide what field they are interested in before continuing training or applying for a job.

Since many of these jobs may require training beyond what is learned in high school, students may need to attend college before getting a position. It is also helpful to obtain some knowledge relevant to the field.

Step 3: Obtain a Post-Secondary Degree or Certificate

Many community colleges offer 1-year and 2-year programs in office administration.

Students take general courses such as office administration, report writing, accounting, word processing, desktop publishing, and business communication.

Future secretaries interested in the legal or medical field should look for schools that offer programs that help them learn medical or legal terminology and procedures.

Step 4: Find a Secretarial Position

Many types of offices hire secretaries, including commercial offices, medical facilities, and law firms.

Secretaries can also open their own home-based business by working as virtual assistants. Temporary employment agencies are another great resource when it comes to finding secretarial work. In addition, these agencies sometimes provide formal computer and office training.

Step 5: Move into the Field

After gaining experience and mastering the ins and outs of the position, many secretaries are able to advance to supervisory or executive assistant positions. These positions offer better salaries on average and usually involve more responsibilities, including supervision of other staff.

Where to Study Executive Secretariat ?

People can study the executive secretariat in different universities in different countries at the international level, including those in Latin America, mainly in Argentina, and in Mexico.

On the other hand, in countries such as Brazil and Colombia, they offer different possibilities to register frequently to study these very necessary trainings for people who want to develop positions in some company in the future.

Similarly, in Spain, they also offer these executive secretarial classes, mostly at the University of Navarra, as well as at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

Salary in Dollars and Euros of a Secretary

  • This position is mostly occupied by women and only 15% of them obtain the corresponding studies for the position they hold. Their salary in dollars is on average $25,730 per year, calculated at approximately $12.90 per hour.
  • In Europe, they tend to earn a little more, calculated on the basis of euros at a total of 32,500 euros per year.

Free Secretarial Courses in the United States

Executive Secretariat, ICI Diploma

International Career Center (ICI)

  • The International Career Institute (ICI) Executive Secretarial course was designed together with industry representatives and helps you learn the skills you need to succeed quickly and conveniently.
  • This course is recognized and accredited by the International Association of Private Professional Colleges (IAPCC) and the International Approval and Registration Centre (IARC).
  • ICI courses are not AQF qualifications. ICI is an independent global awarding body that develops and administers career-related curricula and training programs.

International Career Institute (ICI) – USA

  • Los Angeles, United States
  • Ivy Tech Community College
  • Ivy Tech Community College is a system of schools in Indiana with 30 locations, and the office management program is offered at 23 campuses.
  • At the Central Indiana campus in Indianapolis, students can earn an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) and an Associate in Science (AS) in Office Administration. The Associate program is designed for students interested in transferring to 4-year schools.
  • The AAS program, available on campus or online, prepares individuals to enter the workforce directly.
  • By choosing different electives, students can specialize in administrative, legal, or medical management, as well as software applications. Ivy Tech also offers MOS certification and a technical certificate in office management.

Richland College

  • Offers an associate degree program for executive assistants and certificates in administrative support, office support and software applications.
  • Location: Dallas, TX.

Medical Secretary Course

International Career Institute

  • ICI gives you the opportunity to join the challenging but highly satisfying field of medicine as a medical secretary. If you are truly interested in health and medicine and have excellent customer service skills, you can enjoy a rewarding career in this profession.

Career Prospects

  • There is a bright future for qualified medical secretaries, as employment opportunities are expected to increase by 20 percent, according to the Bureau of Statistics.
  • Hospitals, clinics and medical centers need medical secretaries to function efficiently and provide the services their patients expect.
  • From administrative and accounting tasks to patient management, medical secretaries and assistants have crucial roles to play.

Course Outline

  • Apply the principles of confidentiality, privacy and security in a medical environment.
  • Maintain patient records
  • Stock and supply control.
  • Prepare and process medical bills.
  • Organize schedules
  • Maintaining safety at work
  • Medical Terminology
  • Career prospects

Executive Office Assistant

Business Office Technology Certificate

Learn business and computer skills in the United States of America at Eastern Wyoming College to become an Executive Office Assistant.

Courses may vary depending on the student’s academic background.

After completing this program and receiving your degree, you will have these skills and qualifications:

  • Administrative writing skills in English.
  • Reporting skills.
  • Supply management.
  • Programming.
  • Microsoft Office skills.
  • Organization.
  • Time management.
  • Presentation Skills
  • Equipment maintenance.
  • Travel logistics.
  • Verbal communication in English.

Free Secretarial Courses in Mexico

Executive Secretarial Course – Distance Learning

Center: American Institute of Technical Education (Chapultepec – Mexico DF)

  • With the Executive Secretarial Course the student will learn all the tasks that an Assistant of the Administration Area must carry out.
  • They will learn basic organizational tasks, use of the fax machine, interpersonal relations with co-workers and the boss, reception and dress code, telephone service, document writing and above all human quality.

This course covers any of the aspects needed to perform this task.

Method: Distance learning.

Secretarial Skills Development Course

Center: Executive Training Excellence

  • The Course: Development of Secretarial Skills is taught in a classroom setting. The Course: Development of Secretarial Skills is aimed at professionals in the areas of secretarial, assistance and administrative support.
  • Upon completion of this course, Excellence Capacitación Ejecutiva awards a diploma of participation.
  • Method: Presential.

Course: Secretarial Excellence Workshop

Center: Courses and Workshops Clic

  • The Secretarial Excellence Workshop is aimed at those interested in improving their secretarial skills at a professional level. The Secretarial Excellence Workshop aims to foster administrative, logistical, orderly, operational and support knowledge for working life.
  • Upon completion of this Workshop, a Certified Diploma will be awarded.
  • Location: Álvaro Obregón.
  • Method: Presential

Effective Management Tools for Executive Secretaries and Administrative Assistants Course

Center: Corporate Conference

  • Method: Face to face
  • This course is intended for executive secretaries and administrative assistants. Upon completion of the program, the student obtains a diploma in Effective Management Tools for Executive Secretaries and Administrative Assistants.
  • The program includes the course Effective Management Tools for Executive Secretaries and Administrative Assistants.
  • They will learn planning as a basis for success in work, organization, order, effectiveness and efficiency and action plans and productivity
  • Location: Álvaro Obregón.

Writing and Spelling

  • Research Foundation for Professional Development (FINDES)
  • In Cuauhtémoc

Administrative and Secretarial Training

  • Immediate Application Updates
  • At the end of the course, the participant will be able to identify the close relationship between personal reality andthe way it is expressed.
  • He/she will also be able to analyse and evaluate the role of language as an essential vehicle in the circuit of written communication and apply the various instruments and rules that lead to clear and precise texts by developing writing techniques.
  • Location: Cuauhtémoc Paseo de la Reforma 403 -206, 06500, Mexico City (Distrito Federal), Mexico

Professional Spelling and Writing

COLDERCOM – College of Law and Communication

  • Correct use of punctuation (use of tilde, diphthong, triphthong, hiatus, diacritical accent, question mark, exclamation mark, etc.)
  • Up-to-date spelling elements (use of capital letters, word combinations, spelling accent, diacritical accent and difficult cases of accent).
  • Correct use of some grammatical forms (verb-subject agreement, the adjective and the adverb, use of prepositions, the gerund).
  • Location: Coyoacán. 5th Street. No 10, 04870, Mexico City (Distrito Federal), Mexico.

Workshop for the Development of Administrative Assistants and Secretaries

  • Fiscal College of Mexico
  • At the end of the workshop, participants will develop skills to improve their individual and team work to provide better service internally and externally, in order to achieve high impact results in their daily activities.
  • Classes given through the Blackboard platform
  • Location: Durango 268, Roma, Cuauhtémoc, 06700, Mexico City (Distrito Federal), Mexico.

Secretarial update

  • U de G – University of Guadalajara Virtual University System
  • Online
  • The University of Guadalajara invites you to its course in Secretarial Updating. Develop basic administrative skills, positive and assertive service attitudes to improve teamwork in an organization.

Medical Secretarial Course

Professional Development

  • Are you looking to study something with a good career path? Take advantage of the proposal of Medical Secretary that has added to its training catalogue. With this course you will get a solid academic training through which you will be able to specialize and be a true professional.
  • Those who work, or want to work in the Medical Secretariat as a professional career have before them a large labor market that demands people with specific training in this field so it is an excellent choice to undertake.
  • This course of Medical Secretary of Professional Promotion is addressed to all those people with experience in the sector or without it, who want to dedicate themselves to the Medical Secretary as a future profession.
  • Modality: online

Secretarial Update

  • In the current era, institutions are challenged to achieve the highest productivity and quality in order to be more competitive. Adapting to change requires preparation and a positive attitude towards work.
  • The secretarial assistant participates in this transformation process, and is the direct administrative support of coordinators, advisors, directors or office heads; therefore, she has the need and obligation to continuously train herself to better respond to the activities that her work demands.
  • A determining factor for the effectiveness in their tasks is, without a doubt, the knowledge of the secretarial profile and the technical and human qualities that should accompany them; besides knowing and applying the values of excellence to succeed in this intricate world of creative-administrative work.
  • Kansei, aware of this, offers this course in which you will be able to acquire and develop the necessary tools to brilliantly meet the challenge that the dynamics of change demands in all areas, and to face the challenge of improving the quality levels in the services it provides.
  • With this course you will be able to strengthen the culture of continuous improvement through secretarial excellence.
  • Location: Cuauhtémoc, Hamburg No. 195 Col. Juárez, 06600, Mexico City (Distrito Federal), Mexico.

Free Secretarial Courses in Puerto Rico

Secretariat and Administrative Work

  • This area brings together studies aimed at the organization and management of information within the executive and business environment.
  • In the world of business, the position of Secretaries and Administrative staff is highly valued. Hundreds of activities that companies carry out daily depend on their work, which is why they are a fundamental pillar for the correct functioning of the companies.
  • The elaboration of different types of documents, communications, or reports are assigned to the secretaries, who, in general, organize and facilitate the information that they then transmit to their superiors. Therefore, their knowledge of the company and the work carried out by the different sectors is fundamental.

Associate Degree in Office Systems

  • University of Puerto Rico – Utuado Campus
  • The purpose of the Associate Degree in Office Systems is to prepare students with the knowledge and skills to perform successfully in office environments in a global economy.

Associate Degree in Office Administration

  • EDP University
  • The Associate Degree in Office Administration at EDP University provides the student with real and necessary experiences to meet the demands of the new age employer.
  • In addition, the associate degree trains the student to successfully coordinate work processes in various industries, with the purpose of taking the student to transfer what he or she has learned and offer him or her an opportunity for employment placement.


  • Council of Education of Puerto Rico
  • Hato Rey Campus
  • 560 Ave. Ponce de León. 00918 San Juan.
  • San Sebastian Campus
  • 49 Betances Street. 00685 San Sebastian.

Computerized Office Assistant

  • We teach you how to analyze the systems and procedures used in the office, with priority on the computer domain, so that you can be an efficient office professional.
  • Bayamón Community College (BCC) is accredited by ACCSC and approved by CEPR. Financial aid is available to all who qualify.
  • Get certified in 8 months. Our programs have been designed to help you take a professional step towards a better job in 8 months.
  • Phone: 787-780-4242

Free Secretarial Courses in Canada

Secretarial program

  • Montreal Technical College (MTC)

Program objective

  • To develop the following skills necessary for employment practice: apply a keyboarding technique to correct English texts, to manage administrative information.
  • To understand and identify different approaches to quality management.
  • To manage your time
  • To write business correspondence in English according to formatting requirements
  • To develop the skills required to apply the following information technology tools
  • Use database software
  • To use the functions of word processing software, spreadsheet software and telecommunication tools.

To develop the skills required to handle the following secretarial functions:

  • Produce and receive business correspondence in English.
  • Produce documents
  • To handle requests relating to legislation.
  • To update files
  • To prepare for business meetings
  • Perform common and periodic accounting tasks.
  • Produce business correspondence in English
  • Translate business correspondence into English

Accredited Secretary Qualification Scheme (CSQS)


  • Chartered Secretaries Canada offers three designations through our Certified Secretary Qualification Scheme (CSQS), our Directors Education and Accreditation Program (DEAP) and our Professional Administrator Program (P.Adm.).
  • As an ICSA member, you will have access to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) opportunities such as small group workshops, symposia, webinars and speaker presentations – see our events page for details!
    For those looking to become a Collegiate Secretary, the CSQS program is for you.
  • Join a network of over 45,000 government professionals worldwide while completing a self-study program that focuses on the areas of governance, law, finance and corporate secretarial practices.
  • Get the skills you need to navigate the fast-paced, increasingly complex role of a corporate secretary.

Office Administration

Ontario Colleges

  • Working as an office administrator requires a diverse skill set and the ability to multi-task even in the most hectic conditions.
  • Because office management positions are available in a variety of industries, it also means being adaptable to a variety of different environments and procedures.
  • Office management programs at Ontario’s universities prepare students with practical and personal skills that will help them adapt to any number of office environments.
  • Location: Ontario, Canada.
  • Free Secretarial Courses in Argentina

Administrative Secretariat Course

Loopian Distance Learning Center

Distance mode – duration: 5 months

  • The Administrative Secretariat course offers you a comprehensive training that will allow you a quick insertion in the labour market, having a training that will cover common topics to other jobs. It includes the areas of Computer Science, Administration and Human Relations.
  • The Administrative Secretarial Course with a fast work exit is the most sought after because it covers integrally different work areas that constantly need professional secretaries that are up to date with the needs of modern companies.

Executive Secretariat

ISIV- Distance Education – Instituto Superior de Informática Virasoro

  • The labour market demands secretaries and assistants with extensive skills. The executive secretarial course offers short-term training and provides the knowledge that will enable you to meet the challenges of the labour market
  • To pass the course you must perform and pass the mandatory self-evaluations of the proposal. In order to do so, you must obtain a minimum score of 6 (six) in each self-evaluation (online). This corresponds to 1 (one) evaluation per month.
  • At the end of the course, a certificate will be issued to all participants who have completed the mandatory activities of the proposal.

Online Course of Executive Secretariat


  • Today’s businesses face new competitive challenges and need skilled personnel who can perform in a variety of situations including management, customer service, sales and marketing.
  • These people must possess knowledge in handling administrative tasks, office supervision, communication, human resource management, and many other skills.
  • This course provides knowledge for the important functions of an executive secretary, or an assistant manager, and positions of trust in managerial administration.
  • Phone: (11) 5281-2301


Lidercom – In Venado Tuerto (Argentina)

  • This course allows to obtain the knowledge to be a good secretary, being the fundamental aim the insertion in the labour market, highly technical and competitive, this short career has as main objective the formation of young people suitable to develop with efficiency secretarial functions as much in the administrative as commercial area.
  • With this course the student obtains a complete and updated formation within her area, giving her tools that allow her to dominate and adapt to the sudden changes of the modern office.
  • The course applies the use of computer tools for the best development of the activities of a modern secretary.
  • At the end of the course, the student will be able to efficiently develop secretarial functions in the administrative and/or commercial field.
  • Location: Venado Tuerto, Santa Fe, Argentina

Free Secretarial Courses in Chile

In Santiago de Chile there are also different locations that are in charge of giving the corresponding courses for the executive and administrative secretariats, so if you are in that city, do not hesitate to investigate which are the places with the highest rating for these academic courses that are indispensable for people.


CAPSYS Training Institute-In Concepción

  • Location: Concepción
  • Lincoyán 199, Bío Bío, Chile
  • Duration: 6 months.
  • Administrative Secretariat for Computer Accounting
  • CAPSYS Training Institute-In Concepción

Course objectives:

  • To prepare the participant, in competences proper of a secretary, allowing him/her to develop the activity with efficiency, productivity and to be a real contribution to the objectives of the companies.
  • At the end of the course, the participants will be able to apply administrative, accounting, labour, communication and technological techniques that allow them to develop the role of modern administrative and accounting secretary in the different organisational activities of the company.
  • Location: Concepción. Lincoyán 199, Bío Bío, Chile.

Administrative Secretariat

Grupo Icade Ltda.

  • Emagister and Grupo Icade open the inscriptions for the Administrative Secretariat course, in presence modality.
  • It seeks to develop skills and competencies necessary for the application of administrative theories, accounting knowledge, typing, computer and public service to ensure professional development in any organization.
  • If this program meets your expectations, do not hesitate to contact us through
  • Location: Concepción. Maipu 410, 4030580, Bío Bío, Chile.

Administrative Computational Secretariat

Planacap Educational Society in Santiago

  • This course seeks to enable participants to express themselves correctly, that is, following the linguistic rules established for oral or written production. In this sense, you will be able to understand the language as a tool that will allow you to achieve success at a personal and professional level.
  • Location: Ismael Valdés Vergara Nº690, 8320027, Santiago, Chile

Computer Typing


  • Complete course where the participant will be able to, write by touch. Prepare documents, letters, memos, papers, knowing their respective structures and formats, which will help in their personal curriculum.
  • Duration: 8 days.
  • Location: Santiago. EXERCISE No. 34, FLOOR 2, 837003, Santiago, Chile


CAPSYS Training Institute

  • To enable the student to master various techniques and rules governing oral and written communication so that they can apply them in an optimal way in their daily work with regard to the design, writing, sending and subsequent presentation of all types of documents.
  • Duration: 1 month.
  • Location: Concepción. Lincoyán 199, Bío Bío, Chile.

Free Secretarial Courses in Spain

Secretarial Courses in Cordoba

  • Córdoba is not far behind in providing internationally certified secretarial courses, offering people adequate training in terms of the quality of what they really want to learn over time.
  • Among the most outstanding universities for this purpose are the Catholic University of Salta Cordoba, the Adventist University of El Plata and the Champagnat University of Executive Secretariat.
  • Certificate with Official Degree

Documentary and Management Assistance in Offices and Departments

CADEL Training

  • Develop your professional activity as an employee in small and medium enterprises, or in governmental and non-governmental organizations.
  • Act depending on professionals in offices and firms, or on the management of Human Resources departments, being able to take decisions with autonomy and responsibility by delegation.
  • Leganés
  • Calle Río Alberche 2 esquina Río Urbión, 28913, Madrid, Spain.

Management Assistance Techniques



  • With this course you will be able to learn and acquire the necessary knowledge to develop the functions of the assistance to the Management, optimizing the relation with the manager and promoting interpersonal communication skills.
  • Duration: 85 hours.
  • Location: Madrid, Spain.

Administrative and General Services Auxiliary Operations

CDM Training

  • Distribute, reproduce and transmit the information and documentation required for internal and external administrative and management tasks.
  • As well as carrying out elementary data and document verification procedures at the request of higher level technicians efficiently, in accordance with established instructions or procedures.
  • Duration: 4 months
  • In Alcorcón, Móstoles, Morata De Tajuña
  • C/ Estambul, 24, 28922, Madrid, Spain

Basic Office Administrative Techniques

Distribute, reproduce and transmit the information and documentation required in administrative and management tasks, both internal and external, as well as carry out elementary data and document verification procedures at the request of higher-level technicians effectively, in accordance with established instructions or procedures

Location: Salamanca C/Vasco de Gama, 6 – Bajo., 37004, Salamanca, Spain

Computer Typing

CDM Training

  • The student will learn the techniques, placement and ideal handling for writing on a computer keyboard, applying the best mechanics to make the most of the typing time.
  • Duration: 4 Weeks
  • Location: C/Martin de Vargas, 23, 28005, Madrid, Spain


Foremsur, S.L. Computing

  • The main objectives of this course are based on being able to provide you with the essential and basic knowledge in the area of office and secretarial administration.
  • Also the development of computer systems techniques so that you can develop in everything related to the subject taking into account the wide and vast range of job offers and different jobs to be developed in the labor market.
  • Location: Puerto Real, La Plaza, 212, Cádiz, Spain

Free Course Management Secretarial Techniques

Integral Academy S.L.

Course accredited by the University Rey Juan Carlos of Madrid

This course is divided into four modules:


  • The corporate structure
  • Management and secretarial staff
  • Planning and organizing tasks


  • Communication in the company
  • Oral communication
  • The written documentation


  • Business events
  • Travel Planning
  • Protocol


  • E-mail and other means of communication
  • Internet services.

Duration of the course: 75 hours

Qualification: Course accredited by the URJC through the agreement signed with FSI.

Secretarial Course


  • The Secretarial Distance Learning Course prepares you to work in the secretarial profession. In such a competitive job market, proper training is essential.
  • This course provides you with knowledge that is essential to develop your work with professionalism and competence.
  • Executives and managers in a company are professionals with great responsibility and a lot of pressure. They must constantly make decisions to carry out the company’s activities successfully.
  • These executives and managers need a lot of professional help and support to be able to carry out their tasks effectively. This is where the figure of the secretary comes in.
  • The secretariat has been present since the first companies were formed in the 19th century.
  • Although there has been much speculation about whether computers would be able to displace this work, the truth is that managers still need secretaries and secretaries and nothing indicates that this will change in the future.
    center: DISCOVERED

Place: Spain

Mode: distance

Duration: 600 to 900h (flexible)

Documentary Assistance in Offices and Departments


Main objectives:

  • To assist in the management of professional offices, and/or Human Resources departments, in a proactive way, organizing and supporting the administrative and documentary management of the same, and carrying out the internal and external communication procedures.
  • The preparation and presentation of own legal files and documents before the Public Administrations, as well as the maintenance of the archive, according to the established objectives, respecting the internal procedures and the established legal norms.

Location: Oviedo, Asturias, Spain

Free Secretarial Courses in Colombia

Executive Secretariat

Politecnico Industrial Nueva Colombia

  • It’s your time to take advantage of this technical course offered by the Andean Center for Technical Studies: this technical course has been in great demand by our users since it was first published in April 2010.
  • Fewer students per course. More time from the teachers for you. Customized education for you. With a duration of 18 months this course you can do in the population of Bogota gives you the proof of achievement of the Andean Center of Technical Studies.
  • Duration: 18 months.
  • Location: people, Carrera 28 8-94, Bogotá, Colombia

Medical Secretariat Course

The student will learn basic techniques of communication, teamwork, decision making, health system, health services, health documentation, admission service, clinical documentation and general medicine.

This course of Medical Secretary of Professional Promotion is addressed to all those people with experience in the sector or without it, who want to dedicate themselves to the Medical Secretary as a future profession.

Executive Secretariat

Andean Centre for Technical Studies

  • Emagister and the Centro Andino de Estudios Tecnicos share with all those interested in ensuring their professional development the technical cart in Executive Secretariat.
  • Thanks to this training you will be able to know everything about business protocol, management reporting and management.
  • You will master the fundamental principles of administration and secretarial work in order to be successful as a management assistant, assistant director, receptionist secretary or other related professions.
  • Duration: 2 years.
  • Location: Bogotá. Calle 36 No.13 – 38, Cundinamarca, Colombia.


  • Polytechnic MajorFor employment in administrative or secretarial support areas, file clerk, office assistant, receptionist, typist, customer service assistant, administrative assistant, document and records assistant.
  • Duration: 3 Semesters.
  • Location: Medellin. Calle 55 No 42-38 (Perú con Girardot), 55-42-27, Antioquia, Colombia.

Bilingual Executive Secretariat

St. Augustine Educational Corporation

  • If you are interested in guaranteeing your professional development, this technical program in Bilingual Executive Secretariat designed by the San Agustín Educational Corporation and published in the Emagister catalog, makes it easy for you.
  • This career seeks to train competent job technicians in bilingual executive assistance, the preparation of commercial documents, customer service, communication skills and the appropriate use of new technologies.
  • Learning techniques and technologies gives them the possibility to support the work of managers and executives in activities proper to the position, through the acquisition of solid knowledge that will result in professional success.
  • Location: Bogotá D.C. 31b-37 Caracas Avenue, Bogotá, Colombia.

Systematized Executive Secretarial Work Technician

Cedinsi – Center for Integral Education and Systems

  • The secret of personalization in your courses is the low number of students per each of your academic groups.
  • Thanks to this course, you will know more about protocol in the company, writing management reports and office administration, and you will master the resources and knowledge that administration and secretarial professionals already have.
  • This course improves your chances of achieving success as an accountant.
  • Location: Bogotá. Carrera 14 No. 60-17, Bogotá, Colombia

Executive Secretariat Labour Technician

Higher Academy of Arts Corporation

  • The Executive Secretariat Technical Labour Programme was created to provide the productive sectors with the possibility of incorporating personnel with high labour and professional qualities that contribute to the economic, social and technological development of their environment and of the country.
  • Location: Medellín. Calle 43 No. 78 – 40 Laureles, Antioquia, Colombia

Free Secretarial Courses in Venezuela

Free Online Secretarial Courses

The Secretarial course provides the necessary tools to carry out the position of Secretary or is of great help to the company because a trained secretary can not only attend to assignments designated by their superiors, but also receive and inform visitors, in an efficient and friendly way, about any particular related to the functions of the company to the public.

This course also allows the development of skills that contribute efficiently and effectively to the achievement of institutional products, allowing professional growth to the person who performs it to be a fundamental pillar of the company.

This course offers knowledge for the performance of the important functions that are developed in the administrative management field. Its study program consists of 4 modules of 16 hours each:

  • Secretarial Office Techniques and Calligraphy Techniques
  • Typing Techniques I and Typing Techniques II
  • Spelling and Correspondence Writing Techniques
  • General Archiving Techniques and Administrative and Accounting Processes
  • Administrative Secretariat

With Exclusive Certificate of the Institute of Vocational Training CBTECH and the Instituto Tecnológico Superior Serra

The Administrative Secretariat course provides you with a comprehensive training that will allow you to quickly find a job.

You will be prepared in all the areas that are used daily in an organization, in such a way to achieve successfully all the requirements and challenges that will be presented to you day by day as an Administrative Secretary.

Curricular Structure: It is integrated by 4 independent courses.

  • Module 1: Introduction to the Secretariat
  • Module 2: Introduction to Computer Science
  • Module 3: Initial MS Office (Word and Excel)
  • Module 4: Functions of the Secretary

Comprehensive Final Exam

Upon completion of all the academic instances, paying the costs of the right to the Final Exam, issuance of all the corresponding certificates and postal delivery, you will receive by DHL at your home the exclusive Certification of the Instituto Tecnológico Superior Serra as “Administrative Secretariat”.

The individual certifications of Instituto CBTECH for each course that conforms it.

The digital delivery of the ICBtech and ITSS certificates is free of charge. The physical mailing has a cost that is paid at the end.

Executive Secretariat

American Academy

Course counts with:

  • Explanation of the instructor.
  • Study guide.
  • Practical exercises.
  • Practical guide.
  • Calligraphy Book Double Line Notebook
  • Whiteboard Bookmarks Drafts Dictionary Guide
  • Calculator
  • Accounting books
  • Organic Labor Law
  • Final valuation

Their headquarters are located at;

  • Caracas Center
  • 0212-5455124 / 0212-5456808
  • Chacaito
  • 0212-9516217 / 0212-9510426
  • La Candelaria
  • 0212-5722619 / 0212-5722724
  • Chacao
  • 0212-2638270 / 0212- 2659851
  • Valencia / Maracay
  • Valencia
  • 0241- 8211201/ 0241-8214174
  • Maracay
  • 0243-2468971 / 0243-2468744

The Computerized Executive Secretariat Course

Gregory Institute Venezuela

Content of the course includes: Commercial area Word 2007, Typing techniques, Correspondence writing, Commercial file, Commercial letters elaboration, Format design, Curricular summary, Organigram lists,

Includes: Administrative Area Excel Small Box, Income Control, Expenses, Operating Expenses, Budget, Invoicing, Statistics, General Balance Sheet Payroll, Financial Statements Listing Accounts Receivable, and other Documents.

Take advantage: special offer of 50% discount, in all courses:

We offer different courses that cover different areas:

Computerized Executive Secretarial Courses, Computerized Administrative Assistant, Computerized Administrative Assistant, Correspondence Writing, Touch Typing, Computer Operator, Secretarial Operator, Administrative Operator, Bank Operator, among other courses.

  • Telephone: 02125417801 02125419369 04242701371
  • Hours Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday from 8 am to 12 pm and 1 pm to 5 pm.
  • Address Esquinas Hoyo a Castan Centro Comercial Concordia Local 21 near Estación Teatro, Plaza la Concordia in front of Central Madeirense.

Free Online Secretarial Courses for Self-study

The Secretarial course provides the necessary tools to carry out the position of Secretary (or), in the business area, being of great help to the company because the person prepared in it can easily and quickly attend, not only, assignments designated by their superiors, but also receive and inform visitors, in an efficient and friendly way, about any particular related to the functions of the company to the public.

This course also allows the development of skills that contribute efficiently and effectively to the achievement of institutional products, allowing professional growth to the person who performs it to be a fundamental pillar of the company.

This course offers knowledge for the performance of the important functions that are developed in the administrative management field.

Its study program consists of 4 modules of 16 hours each:

Secretarial Office Techniques and Calligraphy Techniques

These subjects in the first module help to: the first one with Human and Labor Relations, communication at work, internal public relations, customer service rules and other tools to know the institution and encourage the interest in others for the service that the company they represent performs.

Calligraphy Techniques offer knowledge of a commercial layout in the features of handwriting.

Typing Techniques I and Typing Techniques II

The Transcription of Documents, to the computer, will be made more favorable by applying the typing techniques, increasing the skill, dexterity and speed with the constant application of their technique.

Spelling and Correspondence Writing Techniques

All secretaries must have excellent writing skills and this module teaches the knowledge,

that will allow you to apply modern techniques in relation to them and how, with practice, to improve and achieve, day by day, their perfection.

General Archiving Techniques and Administrative and Accounting Processes

The handling of the Archive consists of a good organization of the documents of a company, it is necessary a positive attitude, to want to order it really, to dedicate the necessary time to it, and when information of any document is required to him is made in precise, fast and efficient form for that reason this matter helps us to know the technique adapted for its handling.

In the second subject of this module, we will know the duties and rights of the company with the worker and of the worker with the company, according to the rules or regulations given by the Labor Law, also the realization of administrative activities related to acts of purchases and sales in the company.

Details of the Secretarial Course and its subjects

1.- Secretarial office techniques and calligraphy techniques:

This module is made up of two subjects:

SECRETARIAL OFFICE TECHNIQUES: This subject teaches the rules of human relations as the first step that must acquire the secretary, in its development within the company and in relation to people who treat in their work environment, such as superiors, colleagues, related, customers and visitors, we offer, in addition, knowledge of how to provide an excellent secretarial service to all of them with human sensitivity, fairness, respect, responsibility, attending to their needs, efficiently and quickly, with a personality that makes them pleasant to all and exalts the institution, for which they provide their services since, as their name indicates, being a secretary (or) is synonymous with secrecy and confidentiality.

Other knowledge that is administered:

  • Knowledge about what a company is, its importance, purpose, its different types and classification, its organization and distribution of assignments, depending on the position, of the different people working there, including the secretary.
  • Knowing what an office is, the factors that make up its environment, and what tasks are performed in each of them, with technical staff for the activities carried out in the different departments
  • The role of the secretary in the different areas of the company
  • its functions and relations with all persons, whether externally or internally, have an important role in it, as do the working elements that help to simplify its work.
  • How to assist the visitor, personally or by telephone, in your role as receptionist.
  • How to organize, speed up and process the documents required to carry out the various administrative activities involved in carrying out your tasks.
  • It is also very important to have a good orientation to choose and know how to set yourself in your first job.

CALLIGRAPHY TECHNIQUES: Writing defines the personality of every professional, even more so, of those involved with the commercial or business area, since it, for the most part, makes the personality of the person writing known.

For this reason, we offer knowledge of Palmer calligraphy, since this typeface clearly highlights their features when writing. With constant practice, applying the rules and considering the strokes to write with it the participant will acquire skill in its execution.

The position of the body, the arm, the fingers and the movement of the pen, when making the outlines, in the first exercises, of diagonals and ovals, as well as the movements to delineate the different letters and numbers are the base to acquire ability and precision when writing.

2.- Typing Techniques I and Typing Techniques II

This module is made up of two subjects:

MECHANOLOGY TECHNIQUES I: This module teaches the rules of correct posture, of the body in front of the keyboard, the computer or the typewriter, and the correct position of the fingers on them, this allows less fatigue when transcribing.

It is recommended that the body be removed to a quarter of the keyboard. The head should be upright. It is important that we keep our back straight and close to the back of the chair in order to lower the level of physical effort.

The keyboard should be at a lower height than a desk, making a right angle with the elbows. The fingers should be curved over the keyboard. The feet should rest quietly on the floor, being able to move forward one from the other and the attention should be focused on the material that is being transcribed or produced, either in the typewriter or in the computer, and avoid staring at the keys because the fingers are responsible for knowing their location and with practice you acquire speed in their handling.

The skill and speed when transcribing depends, to a large extent, on whether this posture is maintained, since the opposite produces fatigue and tiredness. We continue the learning indicating that you have to learn to transcribe eliminating the bad habits, like the use of two fingers, this can be difficult, especially if you are used to it. These must be placed correctly, on the keyboard, which is made up of three parts, on the computer: the function keys,

F1-F12 and those that separate the alphanumeric keyboard located to the left of the calculator type keyboard. The correct typing technique indicates that we should place our fingers on what we know as GUIDE KEYS, located on the alphanumeric keypad, so called because they make it easy for us to move from one to the other according to their location. By placing them as follows:


  • Little finger over the A
  • Ring finger on the S
  • Also, Middle Finger on the D
  • Finger Index over F


  • Little finger on the Ñ
  • The ring finger on the L
  • Middle finger over K
  • And the index finger on the J
  • The right thumb presses the space bar and the only inactive finger is the left thumb.
  • From the guide keys you move your fingers to the corresponding keys:
  • Left Little Finger from A goes to Z, Q, 1 and the keys before it up or down.
  • Left Ring Finger from S goes to X, W, 2.
  • And the Left Middle finger from D goes to C, E, 3.
  • Also, Left Index finger from F goes to G, V, B, R, T, 4, 5.
  • And the Right Little Finger from the Ñ goes to Dash, Dash (Floor), P, 0 and the keys located after it up or down.
  • Also, the Right Ring finger from the L goes to Dot, Colon, O, 9.
  • And the Right Middle finger from the K goes to the Comma, Dot, I, 8.
  • Right index finger from the J goes to the H, M, N, U, Y, 6, 7.

The first exercises are to learn to transcribe without looking at the keyboard as the fingers will guide us to move from one key to another.

For a key in capital letters we use the Shipt keys, if we write, in capital letters, a key on the right side is held by the left Shipt with the left little finger, and conversely if the capital letter, to transcribe, is on the left side.

MECHANOLOGY TECHNIQUES II: This subject is to reinforce the handling of the keyboard with a variety of exercises such as: paragraphs, tabulations, commercial letters, memos, circulars, handling correctly, the techniques taught.

3.- Spelling and Correspondence Writing Techniques

This module is made up of two subjects:

ORTHOGRAPHIC TECHNIQUES: It is essential for any professional to write accurately as mistakes must be avoided. The fundamental basis, in the presentation of any subject or type of correspondence, to be presented, above all, to our superiors, clients or related parties, is governed by the rules of writing.

Orthography is not a science, but a branch of one called Grammar, which allows us to learn the orthographic rules that establish the writing of words and linked to other branches, also from this science (Prosody (refers to knowledge of pronunciation and accentuation),

Morphology (studies the form or composition of words) and Syntax (deals with the correct rules for writing different texts or communications), are complemented by the correct Writing of Correspondence.

The spelling rules allow us to determine the correct way of writing those WORDS that include spellings with very similar sounds: G/J, V/B, Z/S/C/X. Special emphasis is placed on the teaching of these letters, and it is also important to know their Origin through Etymology (science that studies this) and the Dictionary.

The rules of prosody or phonematics are necessary when writing since a good accentuation in the words and monosyllables, of equal writing, enrich the good writing, and this enrichment also depends on the morphology or morphemy, who makes known which are the elements that constitute the words (root, desinence and affixes (prefixes and suffixes).

How they are classified according to their composition (simple or primitive, derivative, compound and parasynthetic), and by their meaning (synonyms, antonyms, paronyms or homophones and homonyms or homographs), as well as distinguishing whether they are written together or separately, according to their meaning, such as if they were not or if they were.

Teaching of united or separated vowels (diphthong, triphong, hiatus) their formation and correct accentuation. Diphthongs and triphthongs have a tilde when they follow the general rule, and this is always placed on the open vowel (a, e, o).

In hiatuses: If the hiatus is made up of open vowels (a, e, o), they follow the general rule (geologist, canoe, fought…) and if they are made up of equal closed vowels (ii, uu), this will depend on the phonetics, (cold).

WRITING OF CORRESPONDENCES: Syntax is the branch of Grammar that studies the rules of writing and is based mainly on communication, its elements and the study of the Basic Norms for writing; this is through the function of the different words used in the various writings and how they can be joined together, the various words, to convey the message in written form, taking into account the construction licenses (Elipsis, Hyperbaton, Pleonasm, Silepsis) and, avoiding the vices of linguistic training (Monotony, Cacophony, Repetition, Barbarism, Solecism, Amphibology).

The knowledge that Grammar gives about what the sentence is and how it is composed, as well as the terms applied in modern writing, will help the student, at the moment of writing (both personal and commercial communications), since the important thing is to transmit the message with clear, concise and convincing ideas to fulfill the objective, which is to reach the person who receives the information (commercial letters, trades, memos, circulars or e-mails).

4. General Archiving Techniques and Administrative and Accounting Processes

This module is made up of two subjects:

GENERAL ARCHIVING TECHNIQUES: Here you will learn the importance of keeping and preserving the documents produced and received by the offices in the development of their functions and activities, which are necessary for decision making, support in the processing of cases and defense of rights.

This technique is not only a mechanical form since the ARCHIVE is the COLLECTIVE MEMORY OF THE COMPANY because through it, if it is well organized, the requested information will be provided quickly and accurately.

The organization of the office files needs:

  • Qualified and prepared personnel in the technique of filing.
  • Use a document classification criterion.
  • Determine responsibilities.
  • Save space, equipment and material.

From the archival point of view, the documents of the same person, natural or legal, called Correspondent, are in charge and we call this File.

The Files, previously identified, are organized and can be filed by four Methods, Alphabetical, Geographical, by Subject or Numerical, according to the needs of the company, but before using any of these methods it is necessary to apply the Classification Rules for names, personal or legal, as they are the fundamental basis for the methodology to be used.

It is also advisable for each Section or Administrative Unit to have a person responsible for its management file, who in turn is the point of connection between the Archive Administration and who requests any information from these files or any document from them.

It is important to know all the Methods because in the company, not only active documents are filed, but also semi-active and inactive documents that should not be destroyed until the time indicated by the Commercial Code and the Accountant.

The documentation of a department can be requested by another for any consultation, in that case the loan of this one must be formalized, filling a form of request, signed by both parts, who requests and who lends; in its place a folder or card is placed FALTA.

ADMINISTRATIVE AND ACCOUNTING PROCESSES: It provides some basic terms of the organization, and obligations of the companies, in Venezuela, according to the Regulations of the Organic Labor Law (RLOT), such as, what they are:

– The Ministry of the Popular Power for Work and Social Security, its Mission, Vision and Requirements
– Labor Solvency, Requirements. Procedure for applying for it and its benefits.
– Employer, Worker, Work Contract and Types of Work, Trial Period.
– Tax Unit, Types of Companies for their Tax Obligations.
– Income Tax.
– Labor Obligations and Types of Taxpayers.
– Difference between INCE and INCES.
– Social Security, Objective, Registration, Used Forms.
– Unemployment.
– Obligatory Housing Savings Fund (FAOV), Objectives, Affiliation Process.
– Food Law, Modalities for Granting Benefits.
– Calendar of Obligations corresponding to Companies.
– Development, Ability and Skill in the Entry of the Expenses and Income of the Company.
– Banking Services.
-Payroll, Working Day, Types of Working Day, Limits of Working Day, Salary, Extra Hours.
– Vacation, Vacation Bonus.
– Utilities.

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