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NAMES OF MAYAN GODS: Hunab Ku, Chaac, Itzamná, Pawahtun

In ancient Mayan mythology, there were many gods or deities that were worshipped by the population, but the gods that stood out most or the most important of this culture are:

  • Ah Mun: god of corn. He is depicted as a young man carrying a corn cob.
  • Ahau Kin: sun god. He is represented as an old man with square eyes.
  • Ah Muzenkab: god of bees and honey.
  • Bolon Dzacab: god related to the royal lineages.
  • Buluc Chabtan: god of war and human sacrifices.
  • Chac: god of rain. He is depicted as an old man with a reptilian eye, a long curled nose and two fangs. It appears frequently in the decoration, due to the importance of rain for the crops.
  • Chac Bolay: jaguar god of the underworld.
  • Ek Chuach: god of markets. He is usually represented, among other things, with a bag on his back.
  • Itzamná: god of heaven.
  • Ix Chel: moon goddess.

Other gods who ruled in the sky, the earth and the underworld of Mayan mythology are:

Hunab Ku, Chaac, Itzamná, Pawahtun, Ixchel, Kinich Ahau, Yum Kaax, Kauil, Ek Chuah, Yum Kimil, Xtabay, Dzacab,  Bolon, Kukulkan, Buluc Chabtan, Chac Bolay, Ah Muzenkab, Hunahpu, Ixbalanqué, Hun-Hunahpu, Ixquic,
Ixmukané, Xaman Ek, Ah Kin, Ix U, Naab, Hurrican, Tepeu, Alom, Ehecatl and Ometéotl

The Mayan gods were characterized by being fantastic beings with infinite power, these deities could manifest themselves in any form, adopting the qualities of humans, animals, objects, plants and even the astral and supernatural aspects of ancient Mayan mythology.

Another characteristic of these gods was that they communicated with the priests, the latter being in charge of transmitting the messages that the gods provided to the Mayan peoples.

The information that exists today about this culture and this religion is based on three books that were not burned by the Spaniards, these books are: The Popol Vuh, the Chilam Balam and The Chronicles of Chacxulubchen. In these books it is said that these gods had the ability to adopt any appearance, but not only that but they also adopted the characteristics of animals, objects, humans and even astral and over natural aspects.

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