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The general prevalence of evil. (1-7) Trust in God and triumph over enemies. (8-13) Promises and encouragement for Israel. (14-20)

This chapter begins with a lament by the prophet, on behalf of the church and the people of God, regarding the general depravity and corruption of the times in which he lived, 7:1-6. Then he states what he was determined to do for their relief in such circumstances, 7:7

He comforts himself and the church with a good hope and firm belief that he is different and better with them, to the shame and confusion of his enemies who now rejoice, though without reason alone, 7:8-10.

With promises of deliverance, after a desolation of the earth for some time, 7:11-13; and with him, the answer came back to the prayers of the prophet, 7:14,15; which he would utter in the wonder of the world, and his subjection to the church of God, 7:16,17.

And the chapter concludes with admiration for the forgiving grace and mercy of God, and his faithfulness to his promises, 7: 18-20.

Commentary on Micah 7: 1-7

The prophet regrets having lived among a people preparing for ruin, where many good people would suffer. The men had no comfort, no satisfaction in their own families or in their closest relatives. Contempt and violation of domestic duties are a sad symptom of universal corruption. Those who are not worthy of their fathers may never become good. 

The prophet saw no security or comfort but to look to the Lord and hope in God for his salvation. When we are under trial, we must look continuously at our Divine Redeemer, so that we may have the strength and grace to trust him, and be examples to those around us.

Commentary on Micah 7: 8-13

Those truly penitent for sin will see great reason to be patient under affliction. When we complain to the Lord about the evil of the times, we must complain about the evil of our hearts. 

We must depend on God to deliver us in due time. We must not only look to Him, but seek Him. In our greatest distress, we will see no reason to despair of salvation, if by faith we look to the Lord as the God of our salvation.

Even though enemies may triumph and insult, they will be silenced and shamed. Though the walls of Zion may long be in ruins, the day will come when they will be repaired. Israel will come from all parts of the world, not retreating in search of discouragement. 

Though our enemies seem to prevail against us, and rejoice over us, we must not be discouraged. Though we are brought down, we are not destroyed; we can unite hope in God’s mercy, with submission to his correction. No obstacle can prevent the favors the Lord intends for His church.

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