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POUF: Prices, Models, Types and Photos

Pouf Seat Types

This pouf is not large has different designs such as a cushion attached to its base, can be upholstered with bipiel, semi-leather, leather, fabric or canvas, mostly has legs or wheels, special for any room either outdoors or indoors, is a piece of furniture widely used in the home, practical.

Models of Pouf

Pouf Type Stool

They have a structure either wood or MDF to provide rigidity and ergonomics when sitting, another very given characteristics for those pouf is that you can play with imagination in giving them various shapes and designs to your taste and according to the decoration of your home, can be upholstered with canvas to make it ideal for exteriors in turn can also be upholstered with fabric, leather and other materials and be the perfect decoration for the interior of your home.

Ottoman Pouf

They are quite practical when choosing them for your home, as they have a double purpose a trunk compartment, and an elegant seat, its drawer is MDF upholstered, adapt to any size and decoration, usually are upholstered outside by leather, semi-leather, leatherette or bipiel and the outside has a cushion or padding to give you the comfort of a seat, these vary in size adapting to the space or that covers your needs.

Colorful Round Pouf

They are excellent for giving color to a room, your mattress or cushion are round, can have legs, wheels or simply be padded with its MDF base, can be of any size adapting to the needs of the space where you want to place it, is suitable for both interior and exterior.

Pouf for Children

Its main feature is its design, as this can be very varied from fun shapes, to prints of your favorite characters, can be sporty type, with hair, giant, bed type or pear type, ideal for comfort, and perfect in turn as a piece of decoration for a room giving life and more color.

Pallet Puff

It adapts to any decor, its pallet base creates harmony for any space whether modern or contemporary, interior or exterior, your mattress can be firm or soft, of any size, can carry legs, or wheels; back, the wood is either MDF or restored.

Ergonomic Pouf

Considered a piece of luxury among the poufs thanks to its design of lounger, a good example of rest, disconnection and relaxation, you have many styles to choose from, with a wide variety of colors, fabrics and prints, perfect for reading a book, watching a movie, chat with friends, fits both interiors and exteriors and any decor, the pearls of rest make it fit your body, and be a more enjoyable experience.

Outdoor Puff

They’re made of sturdy outdoor fabric. Its waterproof fabric makes it suitable for durability outdoors, being ideal for garden areas, terrace and swimming pool, can be of any size, design or color.

Wicker Puff

This type of furniture can be manufactured in any size and shape as its manufacture is usually by hand, specially designed to suit your needs, ideal for exteriors and interiors of contemporary style, these can be painted, polished and varnished. And place a nice cushion that goes with the desired style.

Round Wicker Puff

This type of puff is ideal for contemporary decorations, this is woven in the shape of oval, can be large or small, perfect for interiors and exteriors, this can be varnished and painted if you want, with the you can play as to the print of the cushion that you are going to place, to suit his style or get more color.

Stuffed Puff

Your cover can be made of poly-leather, which is a synthetic plastic that resembles leather, canvas, leather, fabric or two-leather which is a double semicuero.

They use of filling “The pearls of the rest” that are expanded polystyrene, possesses much utility from piece of decoration to a comfortable armchair, these are centered in offering comfort and relaxation, this is due to its unique capacity to adapt to the figure and body of each one, also depending on the quantity of filling that is used.

Puff Armchair Type

The concept is based on a classic pouffe combined with an elegant armchair that invites to rest whatever the time of day, this type of armchair is quite comfortable and elegant, its materials such as expanded polystyrene and its exterior design with fabric, leather, fur, or canvas make them in accordance with the environment.

Bed Type Puff

This type of puff is special for all types of environment by its waterproof canvas cover, you can use it at home, in mountains, on the banks of a river, beach or personal rest area, this can be foldable and made with mattresses, to save space can be transformed into a sofa, and then when using it fold as its original form of bed, perfect and practical to transport.

Cheap Pouf

This depends on the material, the way you look for them, but a cheap puff is between EUR 24,06 to 70,60.

Sofa Puff

Commonly made of synthetic leather and filled with spheres of icopor this puff provides a large space to rest great to receive visitors and share with friends as it can have large forms for up to 3 people, this can have cushions, ideal for a living room or a room.

Giant Pouf

Big puf is the key piece in the exterior decoration of chill out areas such as gardens, terraces, etc., because its starry night fabric is very resistant to both sun and rain. Ideal for resting outdoors and enjoying the sky, as well as is ideal for interiors to relax watching TV with family and friends.

Decorative Puffs

Focused for the decoration of the home, these puff fulfill the function not only to serve as a piece of furniture for the rest and the comfort but also as a complement to the atmosphere of its house being able to find diverse designs and styles well be focused in elegance, conservative and many other more, they can be of any size and can be in any part of the home.

Trapillo Pouf

The cover of this puff is woven, and is filled with a cushion, pillow, or polystyrene balls, is super comfortable and soft, ideal for lying down and relaxing, can be of any size, shape, and color, special for any room.

Hair Puff

Can be short or long hair is made with synthetic hair, is characterized by softness to skin contact, given a pleasant feeling like being in a cloud, perfect for a living room, or for a room, is elegant, comfortable and practical that time of cold in winter.

Fabric Puff

Made of fabric this puff has a variety of designs, depending on the style or design of the fabric, complementing the decoration of the room or living room, also allows you to fill it with the amount of polystyrene, cushions that you want adjusting to the need and Conford that suits you best and pleases you.

Air Puff

Ideal for a day at the beach or a swimming pool these puff made of durable plastic to withstand sand and rustic surfaces, perfect for resting and sunbathing in addition to their portability as they are inflated with air can be folded and stored very comfortably in confined spaces.

Leather Pouf

Made of leather provide resistance, comfort and also elegance ideal for the home, this type of material is mostly used in the puff gives a touch of elegance to the room because it is a decorative piece or a fun and comfortable seat, this can be any shape, with wheels or legs depending on your needs.

Pear Puff

The shape of this pear-type puff is the one that allows to have a comfortable position since the backrest adapts to the back of people, you can choose the color that you like, can be made of fabric, leather, leatherette among other materials.

Leather Puff

They can be made of synthetic leather, leather or semi-leather, they are of any size type and shape, the leather can be present in the upholstery or in the cushion, these can have legs or wheels, they can be square, filled pear or polystyrene balls come in many presentations.

Types of Puff

There is an extensive variety of Puff, you can find it in all colors and sizes, until they suit the decoration or style of your home.

There is leather puff, trunk type, stools, puff adapted for exteriors, waterproof, pear type, square, round large small, medium, with figures, printed, cloth, canvas, hair, smooth, sofa type among many others.

Puff with Storage

It is a puff that is mostly square, has padding, is made of upholstered MDF, has a folding lid that serves as an excellent compartment for storing valuables, toys, clothes, papers, among many other things.

It can come in different colors and sizes, can have legs or wheels but not often brings them, is a product that adapts to the needs of everyone.

Pouf with Legs

They are elegant and practical to sit on and excellent as furniture, both garden and for interiors and living rooms, its design with legs fits any style, whether elegant, contemporary, or Victorian have different designs depending on the style that has your home.

They can be stool type, round squares, different materials such as wicker, leather, fabric or canvas among other materials.

Puff with Wheels

This type of furniture is practical for its wheels and easy movement, it adapts to interiors and exteriors depending on the material that is used to elaborate them, for exteriors a puff of any size or form is used but with a material resistant to the weather as it is the impermeable canvas.

For interiors you can see much more stools, pouf type trunks, squares, type silo and pallets, which are made of different materials such as body, leather, leather, fabric among others.

Pouf with lid

In addition to being decorative, this type of furniture is usually made of MDF, box type, can be upholstered in different materials such as leather, fabric or canvas, can be a seat and also a good place to store things, clothes and shoes, as it has a folding lid.  It can be of any size, you can play with the color of the upholstery that best goes with your room.

Drawer Puff

This type of puff unlike others instead of being hollow, this has some drawers in horizontal which can be upholstered, ideal for storing clothes, usually are large for having the drawers, a super fun idea to have in the room, your cushion can be of any shape and design to give more life to the furniture.

PUFF Brands

Bean Bag Bazzar

Unique 6-panel design for long-lasting comfort. Finished with two rows of seams for added strength and style. Built with its own TX Ballistic® fabric treated with Teflon to ensure high performance and 100% water resistant, filled with virgin polyester Freeflow® balls made to measure for your comfort. With a height of one meter, the pouffe offers an incomparable back and neck support.


Everything is made with double stitching for greater strength, in the upper part of the handle has some small holes so that the air can come out and adapt perfectly to all positions, and finally in the part of the zipper we have put a double zipper with bag so that when you insert the balls is better insulated and has no possible leaks from them.


Structure made of MDF board of class E1, solid and durable. It has a separation in the center to avoid deformation. It can statically support up to 300 kilos. Synthetic leather cover and thick sponge padding, soft and comfortable. The base is moisture resistant. It is a bench with 3 places, has a storage capacity up to 150 liters. It allows to keep organized several daily objects.

This folding pouffe takes up little space. It is perfect to store magazines, toys, albums, DVDs, clothes in your room, it can also be used as a stool, footrest, night table, central table, etc… Ottoman with simple and modern design, easy to assemble and disassemble, it adapts well to the decoration in your home.


Magnificent bean-filled pouf with adult backing ideal for games, watching TV, reading or relaxing in the garden. It is almost 1 m high and has a backrest and headrest. It weighs so little that it can be easily transported. It is made of 100% waterproof polyester, making it ideal for both garden and indoor use. Padding already incorporated.

Complies with BS5852 fire safety regulations. A fantastic stuffed pouf with backrest. The ideal seat for playing console or relaxing outdoors. This pouffe has the advantage that it can be used as a normal chair in an upright position or recline for greater comfort and relaxation.


Made of leatherette for high resistance interiors. Includes filling of fireproof pearls of expanded polystyrene of high recovery. Designed and Manufactured by hand 100% in Spain. You will be able to be seated, lying down, stretched, etc. And enjoy the best moment of the day in front of the television, playing, reading and even working Own manufacture. Hotels, terraces, pubs, chill out, swimming pools or outdoors. We make it the way you want. Special printed and resinated fabric with an anti-stain finish. WASHABLE.


Made with printed fabric Anti-stains with special treatment of textile resin; more body, more resistance, easy maintenance and above all, more original Includes filling of fireproof pearls of expanded polystyrene high recovery Ergonomic design designed for the comfort of young people in the house with double seam reinforcement, double zipper and reflecting handle Happers


Modern low linen stool. Simple and functional design that matches all types of decoration. For the living room, bedroom or hallway. Storage seat with 40 L capacity. Storage space for CDs, DVDs, toys, blankets and much more. Simply remove the lid and put things inside Comfortable folding storage stool for children and adults. It has an additional MDF plate to reinforce the stabilization. Resists a total of 300 kg

The storage seat puff is padded for maximum comfort. You can sit for a long time without discomfort. The material is resistant and stable. The square puff can be folded and stored easily without taking up space.


It has a construction with two air chambers. Comfortable design of the backrest and footrest. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, perfect for all types of decoration and part of the home, as it has a durable material for everything is ideal for any environment, pool, river, beach, in a room as a decoration and as a practical and efficient seat, you can choose any color size and shape.


Lumaland PUF XXL-suitable for all types of furniture, perfect for a modern lifestyle. Maxi luxury pillows both for interiors, made with high quality materials and with a neutral smell (50% PVC, 50% polyester). The Puf has extra strong seams that make it almost indestructible.

EPS pearl filling, fits perfectly in the shape of your body in different postures, thanks to the filling of expandable polystyrene spheres made in Germany. They help maintain body temperature against sweating. In addition, the huge pouffes with 380 litre padding ensure great stability!

Fillers Used for the Puff

Pearls of expanded polystyrene, and of high recovery since it is the material that better adapts to the body guaranteeing at the same time the maximum comfort. They are also known as white cork balls, corkpan, techopan, porex, porexpan, polyexpan, dry ice, cotton can be used for cushions, foam, also old fabric.

Materials Used to Make a Puff

  • Pattern prints
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • 2 yards of 54-inch wide linen sacking
  • 1 old, lightweight sheet, solid color: any size (or 3 yards of 45-inch wide muslin)
  • Straight Pins
  • Sewing machine
  • 1 high performance reel (125 yards) / upholstery to match the burlap
  • 2 large garbage bags filled with cloth items to fill (e.g., old clothes, worn towels, remnants of cloth)
  • 1 5 lb. box of fiber filling
  • 1 roll of fuse band tape
  • Large embroidery or straight upholstery needle.
  • 4 skeins of embroidery thread to combine or contrast the fabric.
  • Puff Foam: A puff-shaped piece of foam that can be used as a stool, low child seats, or customized solutions. Another use is as a bed or sports mattress.
  • You can also have your own foam to upholster chairs, stools, etc.

How to Make a Puff Easy and Affordable Step by Step ?

 Step 1

The first thing is to create the patterns. We need one for the lower and upper circles, and a different one for the four sides of the puff. You must cut out the desired shapes of the pattern from paper or cardboard.

Step 2

Mark the patterns (the size you want) on the fabric and then cut them out. Place two of the side pieces on top of each other and hold one of the parts with pins. Then

It must sew there and make a double seam to make it stronger.

Step 3

Now pin all the side parts together, and sew each one to the next. Do not stuff the last side in order to fill the puff. Then, sew the upper and lower circular parts as well.

Step 4

Now hold all the side parts and sew each of them to the next. Do not fill the last side to fill the puff. Then, also sew the upper and lower circular parts.

Step 5

Rotate the fabric and begin to place the filler through the opening between the two sides. Fill it as much as you want.

Step 6

Close the unsewn side with pins and sew the last side with the machine.

Step 7

Put it in the case! If you don’t have a sleeve of this size, you can also do it yourself with a fabric you like and leave a few inches around each pattern. In addition, one of the four sides should be wider than the rest, to place a zipper there.

How to Make a Square Puff ?

Materials needed:

  • 1-1/2 yard durable fabric (e.g., upholstery or outdoor), cut into two (2) 19″ x19″ squares and four (4) 19″ x15″ rectangles.
  • Pipe of 6 yds (Baked fabric in the form of a tube)
  • One (1) zipper of at least 15″ long
  • One (1) 100 l (or 3-4 cubic feet) bag of polystyrene balls
  • Upholstery thread

Start by cutting your sturdy fabric. I highly recommend upholstery or outdoor fabric because of its durability and strength. Remember, you will need two 19 “x19” squares (these will be the top and bottom of your pouf) and four 19 “x15″ rectangles (these will be the sides, so make sure they are aligned the same way if your fabric has a pattern).

You can buy pre-stitched, ready-to-use pipe, or you can make your own by quickly placing the cord in the center of the INCORRECT side of your pipe fabric, then folding it so that the right sides look and sew well together with the zipper foot of your sewing machine.

Take two of your side pieces (19″ x 15”) and place them one on top of the other, RIGHT sides in.

Use the largest stitch of your sewing machine (called a coarse stitch) to sew the short side of one piece to the short side of the other piece.

Press the seam hit with an iron, it is important for the success of your zipper.

With the RIGHT sides down, place the zipper upside down so that the zip is directly over the seam. Your zipper pull should only be approximately 1/2″ from the top of the seam edge.

The zipper foot to carefully sew the zip into place. (This is why you wanted a zipper seam opened by pressure, so the zipper would fit snugly.)

When the zipper is in place, use a ripper to tear the open base seam.  Take your other two side pieces (19 “x15″) and, placing the right sides together, sew the short sides together and then to the two side pieces of the zipper. You should have a type tube, with all the short sides (15″) sewn together.

Place the tube down, RIGHT side up, then place the pipe at the top of the edge with the raw edges together and aligned, then take one of your 19″ x 19″ squares and stack, with the wrong side, at the top of the pipe.

Make sure that all rough edges are aligned for all three components (side pipe, pipe and square), and make sure that the corners of your 19″ square are aligned with the seams at the corners of the pipe. Leave approximately 4″ of pipe, simply hanging, before you begin to clamp the pipe.

Pin in place until the end (until you reach the end of the pipe; just leave the last 4″ for now, but DO NOT cut your pipe yet, let the additional 3 yards hang for now). If you feel you need more or less length on a particular side, you can adjust a side seam on your pipe, if necessary.

Corners can be complicated, but this is what you do: bend the pipe around the correct angle of your 19″ square (think of curves on a race track, they won’t be right angles, but they will be tight curves), then have your pipe seam split slightly (like 1/2 ″ in.) to follow the curve of the pipe. Pin in place, then sew together. Sew the three pieces together (tube, pipe and 19″ square) around the edges, minus approximately 4″ from the beginning and 4″ from the end of the pipe.

Let’s finish the pipe before completing the seam. Pull one end of your pipe fabric down to expose approximately 1-1/2″ of the string.  Leave the fabric on the pipe. Pull the other end of your pipe beyond the edge of the pipe fabric, to the cutting end of the rope, and cut the pipe so that it exactly touches the cutting end of the rope.

Now focus again on the cut end of the rope, with an excess of fabric. Fold down the top 1/2 ″ of the additional tubing fabric. This will be the exposed edge, visible on your puff.

Insert the other end of the tubing into the fabric of the additional tubing (that fabric of the additional tubing will be like a hard plug shell for the other end of the tubing). The two ends of the rope should touch, do not overlap or spread too far.

Press the raw fabric sides of the additional tubing to join the other end of the tubing inside. Secure the now seamless pipe ends in place with your tube and 19″ square piece.

Sew the raw edges as if it were just a piece of normal pipe underneath, not the stressful nightmare of your seam existence. (I’m just kidding, I hope it wasn’t so terrible).

Turn the tube to the right so you can see your pipe.  Make sure the pipe is tight and tight all the time before continuing; if it is loose or untied somewhere, like a corner, just turn it upside down and sew the seams again.

When everything looks good, run a zigzag stitch around the rough edges of the square seams of your pipe, especially if your fabric is so worn.

Repeat the pipe connection steps for the other side of your pipe, using the rest of your pipes and the other 19″ x 19” square piece. Be sure to keep the right sides of the pipe and the square piece facing each other, and the pipe interspersed between them. Also, be careful to decompress the zipper at least about halfway down the seam on this side, so that you can access the zip pull and open it to flip the fabric when it is fully sewn. Turn right out.

Cut any worn thread wandering near its seams, taking care not to cut the fabric or pipe.

Open your bag of polystyrene balls carefully: these things fly all over the place.

I used a wide-mouthed funnel to pour the balls into the pouf. Shake your pouf once in a while to settle the balls; and that’s it.

How To Make A Pear Type Puff  ?

  • This puff consists of two covers, an external one in the fabric that we choose and an internal one in linen.
  • To make the canvas cover. Start by cutting four main parts of the same size to form the body.
  • Then we cut the upper and lower base. At the top base you must place a clasp and then fill it in.
  • Sew the upper straight parts of the parts to the upper base.
  • Once it attaches to the top where the clasp goes, start sewing the parts to build the body.
  •  And finally, you attach it to the bottom base, and it’s already closed.
  • To finish the puff you only have to fill it with polystyrene balls.
  • To make the outer cover, you must perform the same procedure with the difference that this time, the closure must be placed in the bottom base and not in the top.
  • The only thing left to do is to place the inner sleeve on the outside, and it is ready to use.

How To Make A Home Puff  ?

Materials needed:

  1.  About 2 yards of fabric
  2. White string
  3. 2 packets blanket batting
  4. 1 package of loose batting (I only used about 3/4 of this)
  5. Sewing machines and supplies

So I cut 5 pieces of stamped fabric and one white piece (for the bottom). I cut 4 pieces of my printed fabric to be 13 x 19 for the sides. For the top and bottom, I cut a piece of 19 x 19 both in white and in my printed fabric.

I started holding and sewing the 4 side pieces against each other until I had a big circle of fabric.

Then, before getting ready to sew at the top, I decided to add a white engraving for additional detail. First I put my cording to my top fabric.

And then he attached the top layer to the side layer and SLOWLY started sewing the 3 pieces. I worked with one section at a time.

I took my time in the corners and went back a couple of times to try to make them as straight as possible.

Then I repeated for the bottom panel. I left a whole unfinished side to fill. Sew two corners of the open side so they look good once the seam is complete.

It’s time to fill. To fill the cushion I started with two packs of Blanket Batting. I measured 18 inches and folded it so that it was 18 inches wide. I folded the whole pile until it was a good pile of accumulated filler.

Take time to push the filler well to introduce the second layer. Then I used loose filler and put it between the two flat sheets and around the corners. I filled the cushion until it was the shape I wanted.

Then I finished sewing the remaining open portion of the cushion, and that’s it.

How to Make a Fabric Puff  ?

Place the fabric on a smooth surface, then place the pattern on top. Attach the pattern to the fabric, then cut the pattern into the fabric. Cut out eight pieces of the same pattern, creating four identical pairs.

Sew pattern pieces together. Place two of the pattern pieces on top of each other with the right sides together and fix them along one side. Sew pieces together along one long side, with a margin of 1/4 inch. Press the seam to open it and sew the remaining three pairs of pattern pieces. You now have four pieces of fabric. Divide them into two pairs and sew each pair along one long side. You are creating two halves of the fabric pouf.

Sew corner pieces. You should now have two large pieces of fabric, each made of four original pattern pieces. Place one piece of fabric inside the other with the right sides together. Adjust the pieces to match the corners and pin edges along the entire edge.

Match the seams at both corners. Mark a 4-inch opening along a corner so you don’t sew, so you can turn the pouffe to the right. Sew the pieces together with a 1/4 inch margin, remembering to leave the 4 inch corner opening.

Turn the pouffe clockwise outward. Gather old towels, old sheets, and old household fabrics to use as fillers. Start filling the pouf. It will look bumpy, but we will soften it with polyfill. When the pouf is almost full, start adding polyfill. Take a handful and fill it along the sides of the pouf. This will give your pouf a nice, smooth appearance. Continue adding polyfill until your pouf is soft and completely filled. The fabric should be taut.

Hand sew the closed opening with a stitch over the head. Keep the opening closed, then pass a needle through both layers of fabric. Place the needle over the seam and thread it again through both layers of fabric. Continue to sew the opening until it is closed. Knot at the end of the thread to finish.

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