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Office chairs have made their way into working environments clearly, and not by chance. This type of chair offers a series of advantages, both physical and occupational, which must be taken into account when choosing office furniture. In this article you will learn about the main ones.

One of the clearest benefits for health is that neck pains are reduced for an obvious reason: with swivel chairs, head turns are less pronounced, since they can also be accompanied by lateral body movement, which makes the whole gesture more harmonious and less forced.

Another advantage is that, as most of these chairs are also height-adjustable, each person can adopt a more natural posture adapted to his or her height. In this way, it is possible to place the back at a 90º angle with respect to the legs, which is considered to be the most suitable. It is precisely this 90º angle that must also be reflected between the arm and forearm when the hands are on the keyboard, which is also achieved by adjusting the height of the chair.

Advantages of Office Swivel Chairs

Adaptation of Office Swivel Chairs

Beyond the physical benefits, the advantages for the work itself are clear. For example, this type of ergonomic chair is much better suited to large computer tables, where you not only have to type but also make notes or perform other manual tasks. And of course, they are best suited to working on double screens, as is often the case in many jobs such as secretaries, clerks, etc.

More Movement and Flexibility

Office swivel chairs help you get around. Throughout the working day, we are constantly moving around in front of the computer, from one side to the other. We never stand still.

With a swivel chair, that movement is much easier, as it is done in two stages: turning sideways to put your legs under the table, and getting closer to the keyboard, usually facilitated by the wheels that this type of model usually has. To leave the workplace, the mechanism is the same, but in reverse. Therefore, office swivel chairs have great advantages.

In addition, office swivel chairs are ideal for consulting physical documents that are located near the computer table, mainly on shelves: file cabinets with invoices, dictionaries, books…

Productivity and Task Accomplishment

The swivel chairs help the employee to always be attentive to his tasks. If, for example, he needs a document, he moves to the filing cabinet or turns the chair and walks to it. Not every movement has to be made with the swivel chair, although it does make it easier to turn towards the task in hand.

Once we get the document, we only have to sit down, move the swivel chair again and direct our attention towards the computer screen. Swivel chairs allow the employee to be fully involved in their tasks without having to waste time.

Silence and Care

Another advantage we highlight is that office swivel chairs help promote a quiet work space. There’s no dragging of the seat, no constant moving, and no creaking of wooden or metal chairs. Office swivel chairs are a comfort for open spaces, where all employees can hear each other.

The swivel chair also takes care of the floor. It may seem to you at first glance that it doesn’t, because office swivel chairs have wheels that are constantly moving. In fact, they often have a rubber sole to cushion the impact. In addition, there are offices that buy mats for office swivel chairs. These are small transparent sheets that are placed under the seat and are barely visible to the naked eye. This is how you take care of your parquet or the surface you are constantly stepping on.

Ideal Swivel Chair Areas

Now that you know the advantages, you’re probably convinced to buy a swivel chair. However, we will tell you that this type of seat is ideal for when you spend many hours sitting. Therefore, you should buy office swivel chairs for work, study or if you spend a lot of time in front of the computer with video games or videos. This way you will take care of your back and in the long run your health will thank you.

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