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CHRISTMAS TREE: How to Make, Assemble and Decorate It

Origin of the Christmas Tree

What Don’t You Know About the Christmas Tree and Why Does Everyone Talk About It ?

When the holidays begin to arrive, it is normal that the decorations appear with them, mainly the Christmas tree, and that is why you should know where one of the most important symbols of this annual celebration originated. The Christmas tree refers to the tree of life, of paradise or of the universe, known in its beginnings as Yggdrasil or Divine Idrasil, term that is attributed to him of the Nordic mythology, in which it was based on the cosmovision of the people of the north of Europe. Originally, this tree was used to celebrate the birth of the God of the Sun and Fertility, popularly known as Frey, on dates close to what today is the celebration of Christmas.

In times of the evangelization in Germany, in the 8th century, Saint Boniface wanted to end the worship that the pagans had of certain gods and that is why he cut the tree and placed in its place a pine tree with leaves which represented the love of God for all his children. He began to decorate it with apples, alluding to what would be the original sin and, adding candles at the end, so that it would resemble the symbol of light of the Son of God or Jesus Christ.

It is said that the first formal tree appeared in Germany in 1605 with most of the elements that you know today, such as the backdrop and the colored lights. Today it is an extremely important ornament in the decoration of homes and shopping centers, which has lasted for more than a thousand years. How can you not be encouraged to have a Christmas tree in your home?

Meaning of the Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree refers to the tree of life or tree of paradise, where it is said that it was the basis of sin, when Eve took the forbidden fruit. This, nowadays is usually both natural, with fir or pine trees or artificial, whose material can be plastic or synthetic emulating a totally authentic tree.

Its distinctive shape and colors in greenish tones symbolize the life and love of God, according to Christians, the lights that are placed on top in a decorative tone refer to the mystery of Christmas Eve, when Jesus comes into the world representing the light of new hope.

In the same way, the little balls, or “bambalinas”, represent the gifts that God gives to each man, symbolizing those of the color blue repentance; the red ones, petitions, the silver ones reflect gratitude and the golden ones, songs or praises.

Also, it is common to use the star on the top of the Christmas tree, which means the faith that will guide the lost souls in the world; the ribbons and bows symbolize the union and presence of all the loved ones. And finally, on the Christmas tree, people usually put little decorative angels, which represent the messengers between heaven and earth and are in charge of protecting the environment.

Original Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is a totally decorative element that cannot be absent every December in your home and what better than to place one of these, being exclusive and extremely original so that they give of what to speak. These trees are original adornments that you can make yourself from the comfort of your home, implementing the necessary materials so that it is a totally different tree from the rest, why not dare to do it?

Currently, there are many designs that you can use to decorate these trees, either with evergreen leaves highlighting the fir or natural pine trees, obviously, decorating them in the best style that you want and desire. Also, artificial trees have become a trend over the years, being designed with plastic and synthetic materials, making them totally original from the rest.

If you are a person who cares about the environment, you can also make Christmas trees with recycled products, either with beer cans, CD’s and DVD’s that no longer work, different rolls of toilet paper, newspapers, cardboard, etc.

Natural Christmas Tree

If you are going to buy a totally natural Christmas tree, the first thing you must take into account is that it must be of an extremely intense green, that it must look fresh and dense and have an excellent smell. If you want to keep a Christmas tree, you have to be aware that it should not be extracted from a forest, but from sustainable and respectful plantations that are pro-environmental.

There are certain benefits to having a natural tree at home and that is that they serve as a natural air freshener, since its aroma is fresh and people are much more motivated to have one of them at Christmas. Also, they help reduce climate change since they are 100% biodegradable and at this time of year, they tend to eliminate CO2 from the atmosphere.

Recycled Christmas Tree

If you don’t want natural or artificial trees, you have a third option, which is recycled Christmas trees, and these are extremely easy to make. The only thing you have on hand is all the materials you would implement to make a totally original and recycled tree.

They are practical and encourage creativity, being an attractive factor for these Christmas trees, plus you can do it with your children and will be a super cool and fun activity. There are plenty of materials you can use for this, such as cardboard that you do not use anymore, dried fruits of the forest, ropes of the clothesline that are already broken, among others.

Among the benefits of having recycled Christmas trees are that they are 100% sustainable, reduce the environmental impact by implementing recycling, help generate less waste and finally, encourage creativity.

White Christmas Tree

Most of the trees are green, however, you get them in white tones, which is the trend today for all interior design; they make simulation of the color of snow, which attracts Christmas. The ideal way to avoid overloading these eye-catching white Christmas trees is not to have so many ornaments or decorations, with simple golden lights and small but interesting ornaments of that same color, it would look great in your home.

Normally, white Christmas trees are artificial and people choose it as part of the winter tradition that reflects, besides being synonymous with snow, what is ideal for these dates. Do not forget that white is a color that will always provide a totally unique interior design and this combined with the Christmas tree will represent elegance at its best, being a game with the other furniture and decorative effects around it.

As a final touch to include inside the tree, don’t forget to place lights that combine with the tree, garlands, balls or golden or silvered bamboo and the star at the end to give a magnificent touch in your living room.

How to Make a Christmas Tree Step by Step

  1. Children and adults can make small Christmas trees to combine anywhere in the house, just having the necessary materials to make the craft and a lot of imagination, what do you expect?
  2. What you will need is the following: Cardboard or cardboard, white leaves, a pencil and scissors. Now comes the simplest thing, how to make a Christmas tree?
  3. Mainly, you will fold a white sheet in half and draw the shape of a tree next to the fold, this being only half, since at the time of opening it you will have the complete shape.
  4. Next, you will cut the silhouette of the tree in a base that can be perfectly a sheet or template. You will do this with the help of the cardboard template, in this part draw two equal parts. Continue to cut out the silhouette of the cardboard or cardboard.
  5. In the same way, make a cut in each of the figures, one in the bottom to the middle of the tree and, in the other, from the top to the middle of it. Fit the two parts and that’s it, you can paint them as you want and place them wherever you want, quick and easy. Perfect!

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree Step by Step ?

  1. Mainly you will have to unfold well the branches of the Christmas tree, so that you can hang all the decorative adornments that you want and you don’t have any problem.
  2. Begin by placing the colored lights, since this is a fundamental step so that the whole tree is illuminated and there are no holes in it due to lack of light. The lights are placed from below, upwards, around the tree.
  3. If you want to put ribbons on it, this is the next step to follow, since not everybody likes this kind of material, however, it is a unique and different effect that will be added to the tree. You place them transversely or vertically.
  4. The time comes for the decorations, and this is where you have to show off to make a movie Christmas tree. The ideal is to start with the biggest Christmas decorations and then the small ones; you can add snowflakes, balls, felts if there are children in the house, among other accessories that you wish.
  5. Finishing, they place the star on the tip of the tree, which will be the perfect touch and decorative effect for your Christmas tree. Do not forget the base of the tree, in which you can place any type of box, lined with gift paper so that people think you have many gifts to give, incredible!

How to Make a Christmas Tree ?

  1. The first thing you should consider is where your Christmas tree will be located, since sometimes there is the possibility of not knowing where it will be located and it will be a major problem if it gets to impair the passage of people or looks ugly for so much furniture around it.
  2. After you get the perfect location where you can appreciate the Christmas tree from different angles, it’s time to start building it. What fun!
  3. It’s ideal that the whole family gets together to make the Christmas tree original and different from last year’s, giving it new styles will not only help make the task more fun, but also, renew the spaces where it was placed before.
  4. Once you have everything ready, it’s the perfect time to start unfolding the branches of the tree one by one, opening the base completely to make it stable and resistant.
  5. Once all the branches of the Christmas tree are finished, the next step will always be to place the lights, these that go from inside to outside, and of below, upwards, so that this way it is a totally illuminated and showy tree at first sight.

What Ornaments are Placed at the Time of the Christmas Tree ?

  • Begin by hanging the spheres, snowballs, or bambalinas, on the Christmas tree, these being the same shape as the lights, from the bottom to the top and from the inside to the outside, so that no space is left to be filled or totally hollow.
  • When placing the backstage always ideally combine with the ribbons and other decorative accessories you plan to place on your Christmas tree, so that there is the same symmetry of colors and highlights much more.
  • You can also add small stars around the tree, always remember that this kind of decoration is perfect because it refers to the famous star of Bethlehem and that it would be a good detail to put many stars on your Christmas tree.
  • Different people, at the time of assembling the Christmas tree, put the ribbons of different colors on their decorations, this is a unique and innovative element that has been applied over the years.
  • At the moment they are implementing the fashion to place plush toys or dolls of your favorite characters in the Christmas tree and why not to begin it to do you, it is an idea extremely different and amused for the smallest of the home.
  • Remember that each Christmas tree is unique and different, the main thing you should have is imagination to build and decorate it, besides it is a fun task, if it is done as a family, it is much more entertaining.
  • The Christmas tree will always be a reason for joy and importance in every home in the whole world, many people are taken to those unique moments of their childhood; others, usually travel through its peculiar smell and imagine that they are making a snowman, and finally, there are the youngest of the home, who enjoy all the gifts they leave under the Christmas tree.
  • It is a decorative Christmas ornament that reflects that the birth of the baby Jesus is coming soon, and it is ideal to place it always at the beginning of the month of December to start feeling that spirit of union and peace at home.
  • It is always advisable to place the Christmas tree in a place that can be appreciated well, that has good angles and that does not hinder any entrance of light so that it looks more attractive in the house.
  • As ideal tips, you must keep in mind that it is not trapped inside the air current of the house so that you avoid falls of the different decorative adornments that the Christmas tree has.
  • Finally, always remember to disconnect all lights and other electrical appliances near the tree so that if there are fluctuations in the light, there is no inconvenience or major problems by leaving it on.

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