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ADHESIVE TILES: Prices, Brands and Types or Models

How to Lay Adhesive Tiles ?

  • Remove any floor moldings from the wall or cabinet so you can lay the tiles as tight as possible against the baseboard.
  • Make sure the floor you are installing the new tiles on is smooth and solid, with no wrinkles or bumps that may affect the new floor layer.
  • Clean and vacuum the floor thoroughly. Any residue left on the floor could someday “telegraph” through the surface and damage the new floor.
  • Measure the floor and mark one line in the center of its longest dimension, and another line in the center of its shortest dimension.
  • By dividing the room into quadrants, you can start grouping from the center point using your lines as a guide. Cut tiles if necessary, peel and glue the tiles.
  • When you are ready to start tiling, align the tiles with your design lines, remove the backing and press to place them.
  • Tiles that have a directional pattern have an arrow on the back so you know which direction to point them in as you place them. As you work, wipe off excess adhesive from the joints.
  • When you need to cut a tile, measure, mark and cut it from the back with a utility knife. Continue to lay tile after tile until the floor is finished.

Embossed Adhesive Tiles in United State, Canada and United Kingdom

  • These decorative tiles add a decorative touch to your home ideal for covering up tired old tiles. Damaged or discolored tiles.
  • They won’t crack, chip or stain, and stick easily to existing wall surfaces with the included self-adhesive tabs.

Kitchen Adhesive Tiles

  • The tiles are thin and light, can be installed in minutes on a clean and elegant surface, are installed without any specialized tools and can be removed, and never crack over time.
  • Kitchen tile is splash proof, it is also an economical wall covering material, if you are using it in mosaic The same design, just peel them off and change a new style.

Adhesive Bathroom Tiles

  • Metal splash guard tile is an easy DIY wall covering material, this type of metal wall tile is made of an aluminum composite panel with a self-adhesive back.
  • Metal spill-proof tiles are specially designed to withstand the moisture in the bathroom. It is not recommended to lay them in the shower.

Adhesive Tiles 3D

  • Adhesive tiles are smart and unique products that will simplify your life. You will be surprised by the special and elegant style after installing them on your wall.
  • The tiles can also be easily installed directly on existing panels or smooth surfaces.

Adhesive Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl, especially in its self-adhesive backing foam, is one of these new space-age products, created from controlled chlorine and polyethylene gases that are combined into an advanced material. They are suitable for all areas of the home.

Adhesive Hydraulic Tiles

They are tiles that imitate the traditional design of pressed hydraulic ceramic tiles, with geometric and floral motifs you can decorate your house with a warm and old style.

Designed to renew your kitchen tiles, splashproof tiles or bathroom tiles, each sticker is perfectly adapted to the size of your tile.

How to Remove the Adhesive from the Tile ?

  • Apply some water to a small section of the adhesive. If the adhesive used was organic mastic, the water will begin to soften it, allowing you to scrape it off.
  • If a stronger adhesive was used, the water will not be effective; try only a small area to avoid potentially wasting your time.
  • Apply a paste adhesive remover to the wall. Look for a formula that is made for ceramic tile adhesive or that has citric acid or soy-based.
  • These products have lower volatile organic compounds and need less ventilation than chemicals.
  • Wear gloves and take precautions, such as placing plastic sheeting in the work area, when using these removers.
  • Let the paste soften the wall adhesive. Check the adhesive frequently; some adhesives need more time to dissolve than others.
  • Never leave the product too long, as it may re-harden. When the adhesive softens and can be easily cut with a spatula, it is ready to come off.
  • Scrape the walls with a spatula and remove the soft adhesive. If hard spots remain, apply an additional layer of adhesive remover, or use a hammer and chisel to gently break up the hardened spot.

How to Decorate with Adhesive Tiles ?

  • There are many ways to decorate with adhesive tiles, for example, if your house has stairs you can decorate it with some adhesive tiles and you will see how it changes from a boring staircase to an eye-catching one.
  • If you have some furniture to renovate this is your chance. You can cover a part of it with an adhesive tile and it will cover or hide any flaws or details.
  • For a bare wall, group them together in a mosaic, without completely filling the wall and you will immediately see how a focal point has been created on that wall.  And we will highlight that area of the house or office. It can be applied to bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles, doors, drawers or any other smooth surface.
  • Easy to lay on the floor, it can change bald white floor and other boring types, it can give your home a whole new look
  • Redecorate and update your space by applying adhesive tiles in a variety of patterns, styles and colors. Mix and match the different designs to create a unique atmosphere.

How to Remove with Sticky Tiles ?

  • Sticky tile is very strong and will adhere to almost any surface, which is excellent when you want it to stay.
  • If you have glued your Tile to something, but now want to remove it, we recommend that you use the same removal methods and precautions * that you would use for any other strong adhesive.

Some removal methods include:

  • Use a hair dryer on low heat to loosen the adhesive
  • Use a credit card or pizza server to slide under the sticker
  • Use baby oil or alcohol to loosen the adhesive.
  • Before you try these, or any other method, make sure it is safe to use on the item you placed the adhesive on.

Adhesive Tile Wall Covering

Tile wallpapers are an innovation in wall covering that aims to make wallpaper an option for tenants.

They are handy rectangular tiles with bright patterns that match so you can add as many as you like! They go up quickly and down without damaging the walls, making them an excellent choice for those looking for an easy to install removable wallpaper.

It’s a wallpaper with a tile effect can be stone slate wall panels, synthetic brick, mosaic art tiles among others.

 Special Adhesives for Tiling over Antique

S-700 Thin Spread is a water-based, non-flammable, ammonia-free adhesive. It is black in color and takes about 30 minutes to dry once applied.

Tile adhesive 2057 produced by a company called Roberts. The thin formula dries clear and can be washed off with warm water and soap before its 24 hour drying time. It is also an environmentally safe, solvent-free formula.

Adhesive Strips for Staircase Tile

These high quality, affordable vinyl staircase decal strips are self-adhesive and can be peeled and adhered to any clean, flat surface on stairs.

They are suitable for any surface such as tile, stone, wood or metal. These designs are intended to add a touch of elegance to your home’s interior decoration.

First make sure that the surface of the staircase is clean and dry, and that it is not freshly painted. Simply peel the backing paper and stick the vinyl strips together with the width of the staircase.

Use a tool, such as a credit card, to clean out any bubbles. Simply peel and paste and re-paste if necessary for perfect alignment – it’s as simple as that!

Adhesive Tile Brands


A simple sticker, this company is number 1 in France. All its adhesives for bathroom and kitchen tiles are manufactured to the highest standard, using exceptional quality thanks to the use of the most modern technologies in terms of printing requirements.


Some characteristics that this brand offer:

  • This product is self-adhesive, easy to apply and leaves no stains on the walls when removed.
  • Clean very well the surface on which you want to apply the label.
  • Apply on painted surfaces at least 3 weeks after painting. If applied to wallpaper, the label will not be removable. Can be applied to laminated surfaces, but may cause damage when removed.


  • Self-adhesive, high-pigment quality, high-density image stickers with colorful decorative products for the home that are useful and beautiful.
  • For bedrooms, living rooms, clothing stores, cafes, bathrooms, kitchens and other areas.
  • Home designs give a touch of glamour and exquisite decoration to every home for a minimal cost. They are non-slip, fireproof, easy to clean, convenient and practical.


Some characteristics that this brand offer:

  • A great variety of collections.
  • Design of relief textures.
  • Easy DIY, peel and stick on the wall.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Easy cutting and trimming
  • Light weight and heat shield.
  • Flexible and resistant to humidity.
  • Fast installation.

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