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APOLLO MEANING: Olympic God of Sun and Light

In Greek and Roman mythology is one of the most relevant and multifaceted Olympic gods, Apollo has been recognized as the God of light, in addition to being god of truth and prophecy, archery, medicine, healing, music, poetry among many other things.

In mythology, Apollo is the son of Zeus and Leto. He has a twin brother of the virgin hunter Artemis. Apollo was gilded in ancient religions especially Roman and Greek as well as in modern neo-Hellenism.

He has a unique charm, his presence is always noticeable, he is a calm, serene and balanced man. He loves to please and please people through his way of being; this character has a unique mischievousness with his elegance, tact and refinement. Apollo’s intuition in situations is unique which makes him brave and very determined.

Apollo is very humanitarian because he always stretches his hand to people who need his help, but you should not be carried away by his angelic side, if there are things he does not like about something he can become very hostile.

Apollo in the educational field is the student that all teachers want. He was a boy focused in the classes, he always participated in the subjects to be dealt with, he was very brilliant and an athlete by nature.

Apollo’s mind will store everything that is interesting to him, mostly the themes of respect for life, helping others, but he also has a weakness for music and art.

He had the capacity or the necessary tools to have his own company and so he should not obey anyone’s orders, he was very open to suggestions from his co-workers.

He was very much related to political and artistic works, since these works are very influential and he has the personality necessary to move people everywhere with his words.

When Apollo falls in love he gives himself body and soul to his partner, he offers everything of himself, he always tried that his relationship had calm and perfect balance without being suffocating for the other person. He was very detailed and an old-fashioned romantic with poems, roses and songs to captivate his love.

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