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What is a Pipette Pump ?

The Pipette Pump provides safe and accurate pipetting and dispensing of pipette fluids. Glass or plastic pipettes are inserted into the conical collar and the wheel is turned for precise filling or dispensing.

The elastic mandrel on the collar secures the pipette to the device. For rapid liquid release, press the white side bar or press the plunger.  The Pipette Pump can be operated with one hand, is acid and alkali resistant and is coded for easy identification. The unit can be easily disassembled and cleaned with standard laboratory detergents.

They come in various models for various pipette volumes. Designed for fast and efficient pipetting with one-handed operation. Pipettes fit gently into the collar.

fSizes are color-coded

  • Blue 2 ml capacity.
  • Green 10 ml capacity.
  • Red capacity 25 ml.

The pipettes fit on the flexible conical mandrel and the gear wheel is turned forward or backward for precise filling or emptying. They are designed for safe, easy and accurate pipetting. The glass and plastic pipettes are securely attached and sealed in the soft elastic collar.

Turn the wheel forward to fill the pipette or backward to lower the pipette to reach its precise fill mark. Once your fill mark is reached, press the quick release lever to quickly empty the pipette.

If you wish to dispense only a partial volume, turn the wheel backwards. Some are made especially for pipettes that are calibrated to the tip but should not be blown (retains the final drop). Turning the wheel removes the liquid dispensing. Squeeze to hold glass or plastic pipette securely

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