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How to Upholster a Chair Step by Step

Step 1:

Tools to use:

  • Pencil
  • Instruments for removing staples or screws :
  • Scissors, cutters, tape measure
  • Thick foams (thin and thick).
  • Fabric for upholstery and cover

Step 2:

We place the table we proceed to measure cut foam rubber we proceed to measure the board width and depth we leave a space for the fabric to fit perfectly cut the fabric to 8 cm on each side .

Step 3:

We placed the board with the foam of fine thickness and on top we put the foam of greater thickness we noticed that it excels of the wood 1 cm by each side.

Step 4:

  • We center the work on the fabric already cut proceed to pull the centers and stapling the 4 centers stretch the fabric evenly to the ends
  • We cut the excess from each tip, stretch and staple the tips in the shape of triangles.
  • Finally we put a piece of cloth as thin as possible can be cotton and stapled square on its sides.

Upholstery of Dining Room Chairs

With a touch of temporary look to your dining table the turned and straight chairs accented with nail trim details, each piece offers a captivating and harmonious in easy to clean polyester upholstery, and proposes a neutral beige tone that will surely combine well with the true existential decoration.

Office Chairs Upholstery

This modern chair is perfect for a home office with the 360 degree seat providing superior support and ergonomic casters with a chrome base and stain resistant gray upholstery. The back cushions combine with any design taste for perfect swivel seat adjustment in the lifetime warranty

Antique Chair Upholstery

Its appearance shows us a color or pattern of a chair fabric and often shows us its era in its changes of style over the years, decades and even centuries some designs are so classic or sought after that they have been reproduced, which can make it difficult to determine if that antique, original chair or a more modern imitation upholstery fabric signals a particular era, such as olive green velvet with large printed flowers.

How to Upholster a Wooden Chair ?

At the moment we must select the materials and tools whose uses are indispensable for the work when upholstering a chair we must be aware of each style and preference. The colors and types of fabrics vary according to their use, change a fabric so that a chair or an armchair looks like new again.

Upholstery of a Leather Chair

Synthetic material that imitates the appearance of natural skin in many cases, the fabric imitates almost perfectly natural skin, but with the advantage of having a very competitive price, great resistance and a material that is easily cleaned.

It has evolved a lot since its beginnings adapting itself to the new needs in designs. Initially it was used for the coating of armchairs, chairs and furniture, but today its use has extended to any element that the human being .

Chair Upholstery Fillers

Here we will show you some of the types of cushion interiors. Considering the support of the frame and the seats, it is time to see what type of filling is used for the cushions. There are three main types of interior cushions: foam, feather or polyester fiber.


Foam is a popular upholstery filler. It is strong, flexible, easy to handle and can be molded or shaped to meet the most complex upholstery styles and designs. Upholstery seat cushions are predominantly filled with foam. It is normal for them to soften 20-30% in the first six months under normal use, until they find their natural balance.

Feather and fiber

Modern upholstered furniture contains feather or fiber back and seat cushions. Both are popular for their comfort but do require more padding to retain their shape, and some people may be allergic to the feathers inside.

The feather and fiber padding is sometimes filled in sections to reduce the chance of the padding moving around inside the cushion, where downward movement can be a problem. These cushions can usually be restored to look like new by smoothing out the wrinkles to prevent premature wear of the fabric and frequent filling for shape retention.

Chair Upholstery Fabrics

There are natural fabrics are made from natural fibers that come from plants or animal Chenille there is great variety.


This inspired its name: to the French word for “caterpillar” because of its weft thread this informal fabric is best for comfortable pieces like recliners, sofas and children’s furniture, but it can also do great things with printed side chairs and traditional accent seats. It is also made from synthetic materials such as rayon.


Cotton upholstery is typically a blend, combining natural fiber with breathable style with polyester, linen, nylon, etc. for texture, dirt and crease resistance. Better quality cotton blends will typically contain 45% to 60% cotton.


Soft and luxurious, silk feels at home in formal settings and is best kept in spill-free or child-resistant areas. Silk is sometimes backed with cotton for added weight and durability and comes in natural and synthetic varieties

Velvet is a luxurious woven fabric that is distinguished by its thick, short hair. This soft and shiny material can be made of natural or synthetic fibers and varies in quality and type. Although comparatively difficult to clean, velvet stands out for its comfort, texture and rich color, making it the preferred choice for dramatic pieces, such as traditional tufted headboards and elegant accent chairs

How to Upholster a Chair With a Backrest ?

We need for this occasion:

  • Manual stapler
  • Scissors
  • 2 cm thick sponge

Step 1:

We must know what type of chair it is and what materials and tools to use if it is an office chair with a backrest that the individual can recline according to his/her taste and comfort

The upper part of the backrest is stapled together and must be carefully removed in the same way as the lower part of the seat of a chair.

Step 2: Quick and easy upholstery

We must place the fabric well stretched, then cut around with a separation of 10 cm wide on each side we pass to staple every 3 cm of space until completing the remaining corners is cut leaving 5 cm wide stapled.

Step 3:

Once stapled we go to cut the excess, then place a piece of black fabric (to your liking) we made double inward on all 4 sides rounded the tips inward and then we put it to the chair and is ready to enjoy your comfort!

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