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CABLE REEL: Different Types of Spools, Brands and Offers

Cable drums are round objects that usually carry various types of electrical cables. They have been used for many years to carry electrical cables, wire products and fiber optic cables. Their base structures are used for various purposes such as making tables with the wooden spools.

Types of Cable Drums

Wooden Reel

They are constructed of resinous wood, often obtained at low cost, as they can be easily taken from construction sites.

Plastic Coil

They are made from recycled plastic, are environmentally friendly and are used for lighter cables. The advantage is that the total weight is considerably lower. They are the only cable caps that are suitable for the high health and hygiene requirements in medical technology.

Steel Reels

Steel cable drums are made to replace orthodox wooden drums in the wire and cable industry. These steel coils are manufactured in an environmentally friendly way and are more durable than wooden coils

Spring loaded cable drums with different mounting options. These spring coils, also known as cable retractors, provide a fast and economical solution for applications where counterweight, recovery or return functions are required.

Plywood Coil

are primarily used to transport lighter loads and are a more economical alternative to the other types of drums often used widely in the construction industry and by commercial electricians. Plywood cable drums are generally used only once and then destroyed.

Depending on the mounting style, they can be:

Network Cable Drum

They are also called connecting cables to refer to any type of direct network cable that is used for a temporary purpose. Coaxial, twisted pair and fiber optic. The different network cables come packaged in reels for better transportation and storage.

Cat 5 Network Cable Reel

This cat 5 network cable comes in 100 m, 50 m and 300 m or more gauge is used in ethernet networks up to 100 Mbps and transmit at frequencies up to 100 MHz, but can exceed them.

Category 6 Network Cable Reel

This 6-category network cable comes in a bovine of several meters in length, and is used in ethernet networks measured in gigabit at 1000 Mbps. It transmits at frequencies up to 250 MHz. And the a-series of this category (cat 6 a) up to 500 MHz.

Audio Cable Reel

This cable often comes in 50-meter cable cows. This cable can be used to connect mono or stereo balanced audio equipment, such as instruments and microphones, to mixers and amplifiers.

This is a highly versatile cable, suitable for producing custom balanced mono audio cables, such as those used with guitars, microphones or stereo cables, commonly when interconnecting audio equipment such as amplifiers, sound cards and headphones.

Fiber Optic Cable Reel

They usually come in steel reels specially designed to transport or store fiber optic cables. They can be stacked on your truck or in your warehouse or rolled up wherever you want. Fiber optic cables carry communication signals by means of light pulses generated by small lasers or light-emitting diodes (LEDs). The cable consists of one or more strands of glass, each only a little thicker than a human hair.

The center of each strand is called the core, which provides the path for the light to travel. The core is surrounded by a layer of glass called a coating that reflects light inward to prevent signal loss and allow light to pass through bends in the cable.

Light Cable Reel

General Purpose Lighting Cable, Coils often come with a cable length of 50 feet. A lightning cable is an element manufactured and intended to conduct electricity. The main material they are made of is copper (because of its high conductivity

Aluminum Cable Reel

This aluminum cable is wound around a central steel wire used in the transmission of electricity because aluminum is cheaper than copper and does not corrode. The steel core is simply used for strength, to hold the cable for long periods of time. It comes in coils, 50 feet and longer.

Braided Steel Cable Reel

This cable comes in coils from 25 meters upwards, the braided steel cable is resistant to corrosion, heat and cold.

Steel is a popular cable composition due to its resistance to wear and corrosion, as well as its high resistance to breakage and long product life. Each of these considerations is crucial for wire rope applications.

Cable Reel Brands

Mr. Tronic

It is a new generation distributor based in Madrid, Spain. They offer a wide range of electronic and computer products. They offer ethernet, Hdmi, fiber optic, cat 5, cat6 cable reels, available at the best prices, with the best quality.


It manufactures all types of electrical products, providing maximum security to our customers United with a high degree of quality. Rolling cable reel with 10 m or more of power cable and 4 outlets.


The Brennenstuhl automatic cable reel impresses with its quality and safety in all areas. Its robust housing is made of high quality yellow special plastic. It is not only childproof, but also has the following properties:

  • Suitable for professional use.
  • Easy and safe storage
  • With mounting facilities for wall and ceiling installation.
  • Extension cable made of neoprene resistant rubber.
  • Other Types and Brands of Coil

Shaft Mounted Coils

The cable tension on our shaft-mounted reels is very easy to adjust, making it one of our most popular and versatile cable retractors.

Base Mounted Reels

They are often used to reposition cables and wiring harnesses. These coils are a popular choice for managing cables on the network and in server racks. Compact and lightweight, these cable retractors are a solution for design engineers and OEMs who need lightweight amounts of tension or retraction.

Bracket Mounted Reels

Bracket-mounted reels are the easiest type of cable retractors to install. They have a wide range of applications and are commonly used on delivery trucks and trailers to counterbalance doors, gates and loading ramps.

Our bracket mounted reels are made of galvanized steel and come standard with a nylon coated galvanized steel cable. These spring reels also have an exposed cable and reel that allows for adjustment of spring tension.


High quality transfer cable. Copper 4x 2x AWG23, complies with the vibration absorption values according to specification up to 1000 MHz. Simple shielding of the wire pairs (PiMF), plastic composite film, aluminum coating, fully shielded tinned copper braiding.

– Halogen-free.
– On reel with metal core.
– Length: 100.
– Color: Orange (RAL 2003).

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