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💚 WALL LAMPS: Rustic, Modern, Indoor and Outdoor

What are the Wall Lamps Used For ?

Wall sconces can serve several important purposes in your overall lighting and decorating scheme, so they should never be overlooked! With the ability to direct light into the room at face level, wall fixtures are useful for filling in gaps when another fixture, such as a chandelier, does not provide enough light. Wall sconces originate from wall-mounted chandeliers that were used to light rooms and hallways in times before electricity, but can be equally useful for lighting homes today.

Exterior Wall Lights

Welcome your guests in style while highlighting the beauty of your home with outdoor wall lights. Spotlights, floodlights, wall lanterns and accent lighting solutions that will beautifully complement the style of your home and address your particular lighting needs.

Most of these use LED technology, which can provide you with thousands of hours of quality lighting at a low operating cost. But we also have efficient fluorescent, incandescent and halogen options in our collection if you’re not ready to make the big leap to LED.

Vintage Wall Fixtures

Wall fixtures are ideal lighting solutions to illuminate hallways, dining rooms, bathrooms and other living areas. Attractive and highly functional, our selection of antique wall fixtures represents all the styles of the main period home.

Give your home, apartment, or commercial building the latest in technology with antique wall sconces and wall lights, and blend well with other antique furniture and decor.

Rustic Wall Light Lamps

This wall light with a rustic black finish has an elegant and antique look. It is an elegant addition to western, rustic or cottage interiors. Traditional and rustic wall lights. The range of rustic wall sconces features: wrought iron wall lights, cast iron side lights, cottage wall lights, black wall lights and wooden wall lights and a selection of double insulated wall lights.

Many rustic wall lights can be used with light dimmers. They are perfect for cottage and country style lighting.  That said, you don’t have to have a lodge theme to use this style. They can help add character to any home.

Interior Light Wall Lamps

Interior wall sconces are your bare wall’s best friend. They are the ideal accessories for all multi-tasking users out there. In one stroke, they both dress up your bare walls and provide a variety of functional lighting effects.

There are modern, clean and simple wall lights that will blend perfectly with the background. Or you can find intricate, ultra-contemporary pieces that are as artistic and eye-catching as a wall painting, designed to draw attention to both themselves and the spaces they illuminate.

Cheap Wall Fixtures

There is a wide range of wall lights and each of them has different accessories and functions, we can find on the market very economical and other very expensive wall lights, it all depends on the materials and function they perform.

In online stores there are many offers you should see, there are very cheap and functional wall lights that would help you better illuminate your home.

Bedroom Wall Lighting

Draw attention to your mural art or a family photograph, or create a cozy corner to read a book at the end of a busy day.

They are ideal in rooms with awkward shapes and corners where traditional ceiling lighting is inadequate or creates shady spots, and can be placed on either side of a large window to simulate daylight at night.

Led Light Wall Fixtures

Environmental, effective, efficient. From atmospheric wall lights to adjustable and precise task lights, LED wall lights are highly appreciated elements in the light decoration of a room.

The highly utilitarian wall light is suitable for LED for more than just efficiency. In corridors and other confined spaces, LED wall lights fit close to the wall they are mounted on. Kitchens and dining rooms benefit from the bright lighting provided by these wall fixtures.

In bathrooms, where proper lighting is a necessity, an LED wall light brings a spacious illumination and elegant personality to the room. Home offices and commercial offices

Modern Wall Lights

Add simple lighting solutions to any room in your home with modern wall fixtures. Like most contemporary things, these sconces have a sleek, modern feel. They are designed simply and focus on function rather than ornamentation.

You’ll often find them in silver colors. They work well in homes that are already modern, but they can also help add a minimalist touch to a more traditional space.

Staircase Wall Fixtures

Many accidents in the home involve falls. And most of the time, these falls occur on the stairs. Step wall fixtures and recessed wall lighting provide the interior lighting needed to minimize these unfortunate events.

Mounted flush with the floor and flush with the wall, they help you see and cross stairs completely without fear of making a wrong move. Their flush design means that stairway fixtures tend to be more compact, and more efficient, than LED lamps, effectively eliminating the need for bulb replacement.

In short, they are stylish, safe, and definitely made to last. They are also very useful outdoors, as they help to illuminate dark roads, gazebos, patios and decks.

Screens for Wall Lights

The screens have an important function within the wall lights, they also help to distribute the lighting of the wall lights, serve to dim the direct light of a wall light that has a very strong illumination and it is necessary to lower it a little.

Fabric Screens for Wall Light Fixtures

These screens come lined with fabric, and have incredible design possibilities, are washable and very functional.

How to Make Original Home Wall Lamps ?

How to make a wall light using a simple wooden dowel and a decorative metal sheet.

  • Build the cage by attaching the wooden dowels using wood glue and nail finish. I use a 3/4″ plywood edge to help with the support and maintain the square joints.
  • Once the cage is built, paint or stain it with the color of your choice.
  • Measure and cut the decorative metal sheet with scissors or sharp scissors. Cut a metal blade to make a do-it-yourself wood and metal sconce.
  • Place the decorative metal sheet inside the wood frame with a staple gun. Attach the decorative metal sheet to the wood and create a do-it-yourself wood sconce.
  • Hang the wood and metal cover or screen from the wall. It is very light and I used 3M command strips to mount it.
  • If you want to create a wired version of the plugin, you can simply place a wired light kit inside the wall light before hanging it on the wall.

How to Install The Wall Lamps ?

To begin, remove the mounting bracket from the back of the display by unscrewing the screws.

Step 1. Use the mounting bracket to simulate the location of the wall light. Mark the wall through the holes in the bracket to align where the anchor holes will go.
Step 2. Pre-drill holes in the drywall. Make sure the holes are smaller and less deep than the drywall anchor so that you have a tighter connection to the drywall.
Step 3 and 4. Press each drywall anchor into place and gently tap it in place with a hammer or the back of a screwdriver.
Step 5. Place the mounting bracket and screw into the drywall anchors.
Step 6. Screw the hood screws into the mounting bracket. We recommend using a screwdriver at this step to avoid over-tightening the screws, which could damage the hood or strip the threads.

How to Make Wall Fixtures with Wood ?

Step 1:

We start by measuring around our lights. We measure the width, height and depth, making sure that our box wall lights cover the light completely and leave enough space so that it does not touch the light at all.

Obviously, the last thing we want is for the wood to touch the heat from the bulb!

Step 2:

Using the measurements we had taken, we cut three pieces of wood. Two pieces on each side of the box and one piece on the front.

Step 3:

We didn’t have metal hangers for lock or mini hangers for photo frames, so we chose to make our own holes. We made a slot on the top edge of the back of the side pieces.

We then use Dremel to make a small slot at the top of the slot to allow the screw (which we were going to use to hang the wall light) to slide into the slot.

Step 4:

We use a little ink. The ink is awesome and really makes the wood look like barn wood!

Step 5:

Next, we use wood glue to join the pieces together. We also put bricks on top to help secure everything in place until the glue did its job.

Gluing the pieces together to make a lamp.

Step 6:

It’s time to hang them up! We use our drill to make small holes in the wall and nail plugs in the holes. We insert screws and hang our wall sconces!

How to Make Bedroom Wall Fixtures

Plug-in bedside lamps are convenient because they don’t have to be connected to a wall. This is an accent light, so use a low voltage bulb so heat doesn’t build up inside the vase.


We use a silver vase. Drill a hole in the center to accommodate the wire, then drill smaller holes around the center to vent the heat. Make a minimum of three ventilation holes.


Cut the cable to the length you need: it will connect to a wall, so a little more is better.

Connect the wire to the plant hanger using straps or insulating tape of the same color as the hanger. Leave enough wire to go through the vase and a little more to work with.


Determine the number of chain links you need to connect the plant hanger to the vase. Use a chain as an anchor inside the vase by bending it with pliers.


Add Wiring: Connect the cable to the socket. Strip both ends of the wires from the socket. Connect the neutral wire, the one with the crest on its insulation, to the silver terminal and the other wire to the brass terminal.

Place the socket on the lamp by passing the wire through the socket cover. Reinstall the insulating sleeve and the socket housing, pushing the housing until it clicks into place.

Once the socket is in place, place the switch near the edge of the bed on the wire. Follow the instructions on the switch package for installation.

How to Make a Wall Light With Paper?

  • This wall light is very simple to make and your creativity and imagination are the limit for what you want to achieve.
  • For this we put a small LED light is fixed to the wall.
  • We find a sheet of paper and place it so that the paper looks like a real screen.
  • Several patterns can be printed on the paper to give the lamp a different look. And to the illumination it will give us.

Wall Light Marks


Some features offered by the brand:

  • Beautiful design style, helps you make your room elegant.
  • Careful treatment, guarantee the best quality.
  • Easy to install and beautiful light.
  • Elegant appearance and durable material and we offer a brand new product.
  • Suggested locations: living room, hallway, corridor, balcony, entrance, etc.
  • Indoor and outdoor use


  • If you want to create a unique talent with special lighting in the room, you will find that the Glighone wall light is a perfect choice and creates amazing visual effects.
  • This type of wall light fits well in any home decor; the unique LED lighting can create a comfortable and harmonious atmosphere, showing great light efficiency.


Modern and contemporary design, ideal for indoor use, ideal for hallways, stairs, restaurants, hotels, motels and any room to add a little “ambient” lighting. Includes basic mounting hardware for easy installation.


With a modern, creative and impressive style, VastSean offers a variety of wall lights, incredibly original, colorful and creative.

Designed to be placed inside or outside your home, and for each of the rooms that make up your home.


  • Energy Saving
  • Simple design
  • Ideal for installation in living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, hallway, work room, chest of drawers, mirror, action.
  • Soft and warm light
  • Easy to install
  • Durable


Some features offered by this brand:

  • Not only lighting but also decoration for your home.
  • Simple fashion, all split up.
  • Create a retro and romantic atmosphere for your family, lover and friends.
  • E27 lamp base, you can choose your favorite bulb.
  • Adjustable head, more comfortable to use.


Some features offered by this brand

  • The wall lights have a beautiful design, and high quality.
  • They are suitable for modern rooms and classic furniture. As it is waterproof, it can be used in many different places, for example, corridor lighting, storage room, dining room, meeting room,drawing room, showroom, store, bar, restaurant, hotel, etc.

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