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WOODEN CHILDREN´S BENCHES: Great Price on Qualified Products

The children’s wooden stool offers a wide range of simple and attractive designs. They can be carved, painted or rustic in thick or soft wood and we can also get them with the option of engraving the child’s name. You can also make it special with a date of birth or add a sentimental touch with a personalised message hidden under the seat.

There are stools for girls and boys. They are available in a variety of designs, colors, we can find round stools made of solid wood, there are stools that are hand painted and can also be customized, which makes all stools different and unique.

Children’s stools often come with a natural beeswax finish to enhance the beauty of the grain and are often painted with lead-free paint, to avoid poisoning if the child tries to eat the paint. Generally these stools are lightweight, but surprisingly sturdy and will make a sweet addition to any child’s bedroom or play area.

Prices in Euros for Children’s Wooden Banks

The prices in Euros of the WOODEN CHILDREN´S BENCHES are in a range from 18€ to 150€

Prices in Dollars for Children’s Wooden Banks

Prices in Dollars of the WOODEN CHILDREN´S BENCHES are in a range from $18 to $150

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