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GRAMS SCALE: What Is It For ? Models and Brands

The scale is an instrument used for weighing; its function is to determine the weight in the case of scales with an elastic spring, or the mass of the bodies with scales with a counterweight.

Certainly we can say that a scale is a measuring instrument used to determine the value of the mass of an object, this mass being the quantity of matter of the object being weighed. Normally this determination is known as “weighing”, so a scale is used to weigh masses. Before the scale was the balance, which is a lever with equal arms that by establishing a situation of balance between the weights of two bodies or objects allows to measure the masses of an object.

Types of Gram Scales

Today there are many types of scales that are quite representative.

Scale of Weight of Merchandise in Companies and Warehouses:

They are those whose platform is at ground level, and allow to weigh quickly and directly the merchandise that a company controls, we can find scales of different capacities of weight of in the market.

Weighing Scales for People in Pharmacies:

These scales have the particularity of being very sophisticated that when introducing a coin, they weigh, measure the height and calculate the ideal weight corresponding to the person or his body mass index.

Scales used to weigh goods in companies and warehouses:

These are scales whose platform is at the same level of the floor, and allow to weigh quickly and directly the goods that a company controls, you can find scales of different weight capacities.

Weighing Bulk Scales:

Also known as Bulk Weighing in continuous cycles, are those scales interspersed in conveyor belts of bulk materials. The system has two hoppers in a vertical line.

The upper one has as its objective the storage of material while weighing the content of the hopper in the lower part. Once this is done, the bulk material is released to the conveyor belt and, when the hopper is empty, it is filled again with the material accumulated in the upper compartment or upper hopper.

Bathroom scales:

You can get them in many homes and they are a very useful and fast element that allows to know the weight of the people.

Dosage scale:

These scales are normally in the form of a hopper that is suspended by load cells. These hoppers are provided with endless screws whose motors are controlled by a dosing visor that is capable of making a formula with several components.

Homemade Gram Scale

In this area we can find electronic or digital kitchen scales in the form of a spoon. These digital kitchen scales use the most accurate sensors and LCD displays to make clear, easy to read and highly accurate measurements of the raw materials for cooking and baking, so you can weigh food and ingredients accurately.

Gram Scale for Android

There is no doubt that as time goes by, new and more practical utilities can be found in our smartphones. It is clear that so many sensors and so much technology can be used for more than just communicating, hanging out and entertaining us. Proof of this is the application we will talk about next.

With Diamond Scale you can turn your phone or tablet into a precision scale. This is how you read it. A scale that can become quite convincing thanks to this application and its correct use when using it, of course.

Diamond Scale is an application that can be operated with any phone or tablet that has a gyroscope. The first thing to do is “calibrate” it with something to put on the screen of your phone or tablet and an object like a couple of coins.

You must follow the instructions that the developer gives us to the letter, since it requires a certain precision and all the steps that they indicate must be implemented.

Perhaps, something as surprising as the function of the application itself is the graphic interface it has, which is very well worked out and elaborated in a surprising way that makes us forget that what we are using is an Android phone or tablet.

Body Weight Scale

These scales can accurately measure several different basic health indicators such as: body weight, fat, visceral fat, protein content, BMI, muscle mass, bone, body water percentage, BMR metabolism, obesity rate, biological age, muscle frequency, standard weight, weight control, fat percentage, protein rate, subcutaneous fat, etc.

Industrial Weight Scale

These scales can reach 600 lb maximum weight, with .05 lb accuracy. Some have a weighing platform that can measure 19.5″ x 15.75″. advanced computer functions can be: Zero, Tare, Add, Store, M *, C. They can store the weight of 99 items in the scale memory.

They are portable and safe, some with a rechargeable battery for 150 hours of additional use or a directly pluggable 110V power cord. Their LED displays make it easy to see weight values from a distance and also show unit and total prices. They have an easy to clean stainless steel platform.

Digital Weight Scale

These scales can quickly and easily measure weight, body fat, body water, body muscle and bone mass using new ITO BIA technology. This scale is perfect for people who are serious about taking control of their health.

The BIA technology (Bio-Electrical Impedance Analysis) allows you to easily calculate your physical condition by imputing information about gender, height, age, activity level and your weight. In bare feet, this technology sends a low-level electrical signal through body fat and then measures the resistance the signal encounters.

It uses “Step-On” technology which means no more touches to turn on your scale. They can measure up to 400 pounds and will display an accurate reading in pounds on their LCD screens.

The design of the digital scales is elegant and their slim profiles fit perfectly into any environment. Some have a touch screen interface making them one of the easiest scales on the market today.

Parts of a Gram Scale

Usually a scale has a horizontal platform on which the object to be weighed is placed. Since, unlike a Roman one, it does not require hanging the object to be measured from hooks or plates, it is easier to weigh large and heavy bodies on top of the platform.

All this made it possible to build scales with a very large weight capacity, such as those used to weigh heavy trucks. The parts of a scale are as follows:

  • Adjustment screw
  • Fraction Beam
  • Beam of kilos
  • Arrow
  • Steel Adjuster
  • Balance Scale
  • Scale surface

Price in Euros and Dollars of a Gram Scale

The prices of the scales depend on the technology they provide, their quality, their comfortable and practical designs, among other qualities that influence the price of these products. The prices go from 5,91 Euros or Dollars that are the roll scales to 189 Euros or Dollars that are the industrial scales.

Reviews About Gram Scales

The following are options of scales that you can find in online markets such as Amazon

  • Lzndeal 500 G/0.01g Mini portable digital pocket scale.
  • ACCUWEIGHT Digital Kitchen Scale
  • Dipse – Precision digital laboratory scale
  • Industrial Platform Scale 40x50Cm Reinforced Digital Scale 300Kg of Agoora
  • Baxtran TMZ60M (60Kgx10g) (50x40cm) single cell industrial platform scale
  • Industrial Platform Scale 45×60 Reinforced Scale 500Kg of Agoora.

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