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MINILAND SCALE: Prices and Offers

Description or Characteristics of the Miniland Scale

Miniland Group is a Spanish multinational group with offices in several European countries (France, Portugal, Germany) and in the United States. We work through agents and distributors in the rest of the world. The head office is located in Alicante (Spain) and houses the central departments of product engineering, production management, sales, marketing and logistics.

At Miniland, we offer the most advanced and safe technology for baby care along with the healthiest and most educational fun. Our products are aimed at the little ones in the house.

How to Use the Miniland Scale ?

  • You should not hit the scale with sharp or hard objects and strong vibrations should be avoided.
  • Avoid weighing objects that exceed the maximum capacity of the scale
  • You should never wet the scale. You should only clean the scale with a soft cloth and natural cleaning products.
  • Protect the scale well. If the surface is damaged, the readings may be incorrect.
  • Replace the batteries when the ‘LO’ indicator appears on the display.
  • The batteries should be inserted with the poles securely in place.
  • Remove the batteries before storing the scale for long periods of time.
  • Never attempt to open or remove any part of the unit except to replace the batteries.
  • Use this device only for its intended use.
  • Do not attempt to repair this product yourself, as opening or tampering with it may damage the device or expose you to danger.

Miniland Scale Specifications or Technical Information

  • Miniland scales can be equipped with two interchangeable trays that allow babies to be weighed from the day they are born, as well as children who can stand up on their own.
  • Children up to 50 kg can be weighed. In addition, the scale is equipped with an overweight indicator that provides a warning when those 50 kg are exceeded.
  • This scale is able to detect even the smallest variation in the baby’s weight thanks to its excellent 10 g accuracy, which is very useful for newborns or babies with weight problems.
  • It follows the evolution of the baby’s weight from its first day.
  • To make it easier to check how much your baby has grown, you can compare the current weight with the last measurement saved in memory.
  • Digital display
  • Its front is equipped with an easy-to-use digital display that clearly shows the weight measurement value as well as all indicators.
  • Record your baby’s weight measurements with eMyBaby
  • eMyScale connects to the smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth to record the measurements taken in the eMyBaby application. This way, mom and dad can monitor the evolution of the baby’s
  • weight. Very useful for all babies, particularly newborns or those who have weight problems.
  • Practical low battery indicator
  • A low battery indicator will alert us that it is time to replace the batteries, so your scale is ready at any time.
  • Disconnection to save energy.
  • It turns off automatically, saving more power and extending battery life.
  • Precisely controls the weight of the most restless baby!
  • The hold function allows you to get the exact weight even when the baby is moving. In addition, the 10 g accuracy allows you to detect minor variations in the baby’s weight.

People’s Reviews and Comments About Your Experience When Buying or Using It

  1. Excellent scale, beautiful design and maximum functionality, super accurate and easy to use and clean, I would buy it again.
  2. Spectacular.
  3. The most beautiful I have ever had.

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