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OCHRE COLOR: Psychology and Meaning. Types and Varieties

Meaning of the Color Ochre

This colour is the name of a standard orange yellow, semi-clear and saturated controlled colour, which is based on the chromatic aspect of the yellow ochre pigment of hydrated iron oxide. Because it is a standard color, it can be achieved standardized and appears in catalogs and coloring guides. Colours or shades close to standard ochre are called ochre.

It can also be said that ochre is understood as brownish yellow, yellowish brown and yellowish brown of light tonality. Many colors of paintings for artists have carried, and even today carry, the name “ochre”, some of these colors are imitations of ancient pictorial ochres created from the union of other ingredients.

“Ochre” is the name given to an earthy mineral consisting of hydrated iron oxide, which can be found mixed with clay in nature, and which is commonly a yellowish, orange or reddish colour. Ochre” It can also be said that it is the name of the colour of yellowish earthy minerals due to the oxidation of metalliferous ores where iron does not intervene, such as antimony ochre, bismuth or also nickel.

Ochre has been used as a pigment for artistic painting and body painting for a long time, so much so that it dates back to Prehistory.

Ochre Color Psychology

Color psychology suggests that certain colors are able to evoke certain moods and can even influence behavior and well-being. While color associations may be influenced by a number of different factors, including past experiences and cultural associations, some colors tend to evoke certain moods or feelings depending on how they are used.

The ochre colour can be bright and intense, due to its strong link with yellow, so it can often invoke such strong feelings. Ochre can capture attention quickly, but it can also be abrasive when overused. It may seem warm and bright, but it can also cause visual fatigue at times.

Some Facts About Ochre Color

Ochre is a shade of yellow. Some characteristics that we can emphasize of it are the following ones:

According to the terms of astrology, the bearers of the sign of Gemini should wear yellow ochre or yellow, as it can be very helpful in mitigating the melancholy of the Gemini and provides much energy and vitality because it is associated with light and happiness.

This color helps the Gemini to be organized with their things and think very rationally in situations that may arise.

It is also known as the color of light and sun because it derives from yellow and the difference between the two is very small, therefore it has been associated with divinity in the past.

When mixed with white it can express cowardice, weakness or fear and also wealth, when it has a slight tendency towards green.

In politics, the tactic of repeatedly changing position in a discussion is also called “yellowing”.

Types or Varieties of the Color Ocher

We can find varieties such as ochre pigment, golden ochre and red or red ochre.

Interior Decoration With the Color Ochre

Combines ochre and pink plaster with grey and white details on printed fabrics and wallpapers for a clean, contemporary look.

A marble-effect wallpaper in a vibrant, sunny ochre yellow gives it colour and character and anchors the space. The flowing shape of the design is repeated in the pleated folds of an impressive pendant light striking.

An ochre touch velvet sofa with a compact, rounded shape provides impact. Fringed and printed cushions add individuality. The combination of a host of tactile textures such as marble, velvet, linen and stone provides sumptuous depth.

Dishes with abstract patterns and textured glassware are an elegant combination. Just a touch of lively ochre elevates a monochrome scheme to new heights.

Use ochre-colored blocks to turn a simple white kitchen into something out of the ordinary.

White is the perfect sheet for an ochre yellow and pink pairing, allowing colors to be seen. A blue steel upholstered bed acts as a cool contrast. The soft pink plaster serves to soothe impetuous tones for a relaxing overall look.

Color Number or Code Ochre

HTML code: B9935A
RGB code: 185, 147, 90
CMYK code: 0,18, 60, 30
HSV code: (L) (36°,51%,73%)
Objects or Things of Ochre Color

Objects or Things of Ochre Color

The clay, a flower, a t-shirt, a wall, a bedroom, a pillow, a stuffed animal, a book cover, a vase, a mirror frame, wood, a sheet, a balloon, the fur of an animal, the lining of a telephone, a cardboard, a sea sponge, a pair of sandals, a bag, a glass, a case, a chain, among others.

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