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💚 THE GRAPE: Properties, Origin and Benefits

Grapes are classified as alkaline, diuretic and antioxidant, and they provide a significant amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed by the body. Grapes are one of the few fruits that grow in the form of a bunch, that is, they have the capacity to be pressed in the same place forming a group of grapes of more than 300 in the same bunch.

Normally, the grape is an extremely small fruit, where its flavor is mostly sweet, however, it is worth noting that there are many of them that play with citrus or sour flavors. Grapes can be used in many ways, either as a mid-afternoon snack, as to make some kind of wine, or in the same way, it can be implemented to make different types of jams, accompanied by other types of fruits.

It is no secret that fruits come in different varieties, either in flavor or color, since in size, they all tend to be of the same build. Currently, you can find green, black, white, golden, pink, blue, and purple grapes, among others.

Origin of the Grape

As it is well known, the grape is one of the fruits with more time in the world, being one of the oldest, being able to be verified mainly in the Greek mythology, where the god Dionisio manages to be represented with a cluster of grapes in his possession. However, not only with this god they resemble the grapes in Greek mythology, but also, in millions of occasions it is spoken in these stories, as different types of wines and exotic foods were obtained by means of the grape.

In other instances, the grape is named in the Holy Book of the Catholic Church, as is the Bible, where there is a highly representative scene in which the son of God, Jesus, turns water into a wine wedding, this being, processed from grapes. Thanks to this transformation, over the years, wine is considered a celebration drink, served in upper class homes. Over the years, the grape is present in Europe and Asia, while in America it becomes one of the most prestigious fruits, especially in the December.

This happens due to an old tradition that began in Spain, where on December 31st, just before the New Year’s bell rings, people must consume 12 fruits by making 12 wishes for the New Year.

Grape Properties

The grape is a fruit rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals, capable of providing the human body with the necessary doses to maintain extremely high defenses and not easily fall into viral diseases.

Within the properties of the grapes you get the following:

  • The grape works as a perfect antioxidant, so it works as the main ally to eliminate all the toxins that are located in the human body, which means that it will eliminate the excess of bad components in the body.
  • Thanks to the nutrients that this fruit provides, it is ideal to strengthen the hair, keep it hydrated, implementing a unique shine, giving a spectacular lucidity effect. In the same way, it prevents hair loss, both in men and women.
  • Grape tends to be also ideal for people who suffer from spots or acne on the face, maintaining an extremely moisturized skin and improving 100% the dryness that may occur in the day to day due to the creams used or sun exposure.
  • Grapes are usually natural laxatives, so it is fully recommended by doctors, specialists and nutritionists to avoid suffering from constipation, in addition to removing any stomach pain that occurs frequently.

Benefits of the Grape

  1. Among the main benefits of this fruit you get that the grape helps to improve all intestinal transit, placating and undoing the compounds that have been ingested previously, helping a digestive system extremely optimal and guaranteed.
  2. Next, you get that the grape has antioxidant properties, likewise, contains potassium, which is ideal for improving hypertension, whose pathology can be fatal in most cases.
  3. Similarly, among the benefits of the grape stands out that of improving the health of the liver, making the body can not acquire a fatty liver by poor nutrition.
  4. Grape substances help to protect the human organism, in the same way, they generate arterial relaxation, and certain factors that favor the metabolism which in itself would help in neurological health.
  5. In certain studies, it has been shown that the daily consumption of grapes in a balanced diet allows people not to suffer from cancer, eliminating mainly free radicals, which are responsible for affecting the genetics of individuals.
  6. Eating grapes on a regular basis will help reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood, which will protect you from heart disease, mostly due to the accumulation of fat that would be found in the arteries, the main factor of extremely high cholesterol.
  7. Finally, the grape provides the body with sufficient vitamin A capable of strengthening the structures of the body, either systems in general, tissues extremely optimal, among others.

Types of Grape

At present there are different varieties or types of grapes, capable of providing the necessary nutrients for a health in general very optimal, within the different types of grapes you get the following:

Green Grape

It is one of the most common types of grapes worldwide, its color tends to be an extremely intense and bright green, its contribution of both calories and fat is practically zero, while its flavor tends to be one of the most acidic in the world of grapes.

Among its benefits is that it helps prevent the appearance of Alzheimer’s disease in old age, promoting optimal and correct functioning of neurons. Green grapes can be found all year round, unlike the typical red grapes.

Red Grape

This type of grape is most often seen in the months of October onwards, thanks to its large production, this type of grape variation manages to produce red wine. Its color is passionate and intense red, in terms of taste, it is one of the sweetest in the world of grapes.

Among the main benefits of red grapes you get that they manage to reduce the suffering of the cardiovascular system, likewise, are major sources of antioxidants, helping to eliminate free radicals that want to position themselves in the human body.

White Grape

It is a type of grape that is frequently used in the elaboration of different wines, managing to end up with the well called white wines. Its bark tends to be delicate, and its flavor plays between sweet and sour.

Among the main types of white grapes that you can find worldwide are: albariño, chenin blanc, muscatel and prosecco, characterized by their extremely small size and their flavors between acid and extremely sweet.

Black Grape

It is one of the fruits that provides multiple nutritional properties, ranging from the most complex, to the most medicinal. Its main characteristic is to serve as an antioxidant, which is an indispensable element in the human organism.

Among the main benefits of the black grape you get that are great allies for the hydration of the skin, likewise, play a key factor in premature aging, making this process much slower than on other occasions.

Blue Grape

The blue grape is a type of extremely well-known variation, which has a very characteristic color, being this very blue or in its defect, throwing to a violet color. This grape is almost always born between the union of the Thamcord grape and the sultana grape.

Among the main benefits of blue grapes is that it provides significant amounts of vitamins C, being almost indispensable as the tangerine or orange to protect the entire immune system.

Grape Tree

The grape tree is scientifically called Vitis Vinifera, it is also known as the vine, and within its species, you can find up to more than 66 crops related to this species of plantation. It is mainly characterized because its root extends underground, going in any direction, its trunk is usually twisted and extremely rough, besides that it tends to be short and woody.

On the other hand, the branches or stems of the vine or grape tree are normally called vine shoots, being these extremely long, approximately 30 meters; while they are growing, their tone begins to be of light brown color, being differentiated among other plantations. Next, the leaves of the vine are smooth and of an intense color, they are characterized because underneath they are slightly hairy, varying in their tones of green, becoming an apple green color, these leaves are denominated like branches.

The grape tree has some tendrils, which are filaments that can be rolled up in the spiral of the bases allowing life to balance and have plenty of room to climb other plantations. Finally, the vine makes some petals flower, which normally come out in spring, their colors tend to be between yellow and green. After the flower is born, these become fruits, from which the grapes are born in different shades.

Does Grapes Get Fattening ?

There are certain myths that say that grapes are bad for weight loss diets or to gain a few extra kilos, however, it is not necessary to leave this fruit aside for fear of getting fat because it is not.

Daily, you should consume certain portions of fruit, and it is advisable to choose those that suit you and with which you feel at ease, more however, the grape is not a fruit harmful to health, on the contrary, it will provide you with enough energy for people to lose weight without going hungry.

In most cases, people leave grapes aside because of their high value in sugars, but what people don’t know is that not all types of sugar are harmful to the body, on the contrary, they help eliminate problems of stress, fatigue or, failing that, anemia.

If people want to consume grapes within their balanced food system on a regular basis, the ideal is to consume 12 to 15 refreshing grapes per day, which will help keep you healthy and not gain weight easily.

Does Grape Have Fiber ?

Grapes have a high content of fiber, which works in some cases as a very soft and natural laxative. In case people suffer from constant constipation, it is recommended that they consume several unpeeled grapes that have seeds, since that is where the beneficial substances for the organism are found. Thanks to their contribution in fibers, they help to regulate the functioning of the intestinal transit, favoring the motility of the intestines. Because they are high in water, they are also perfect as diuretic effects, which turn out to be beneficial for the elimination of uric acids and salts that are found in the human body.

Does the Grape Have Sugar ?

The grape itself contains an average of almost 80% water, and 18% sugars. These are glucose and fructose; however, the sugar of the grape varies depending on its degree of ripeness, the lowest it can be is 14%, while the highest it can provide the body is 25%. The sweeter the grape is, the tastier it is, and therefore, the fruit is not bad for health, unless people consume it in excess, since everything in excess tends to be bad.

The pulp of the grape is what gives the sweet flavor, but so that the flavor is not completely flat, it will always be essential some acidity that achieves to balance this fruit, and for it, the skin of the grape is the ideal thing, since there it is where mainly the acid levels are concentrated and their unique flavors which turn out to be of great allies for the human body.

Does the Grape Get Fat At Night?

Due to the sugar and calorie levels that grapes provide, it is not recommended to eat these fruits at night, because even though you can burn all the substances that entered your body the next day, it will take a long time for the digestive process to take place, and it can mean that people get fat at night.

Is the Grape Diuretic ?

Grapes as a whole are diuretic, rich in potassium and low in salt, so they help people get rid of all the toxins located in the body through the urine. Similarly, grapes have natural laxative effects, due to the large amount of fiber found in their skin and seeds, so they would help in some way to combat constipation in people.

As the grape is almost 80% in its composition of water, all this liquid is given as a powerful diuretic effect, and thanks to the fibers provided works equally as a laxative, helping in intestinal mobility, favoring it in its entirety.

Is the Grape Good For Digestion ?

Most doctors and nutritionists recommend eating fruits such as grapes, because thanks to its power to be a strong and natural laxative help with constipation and to remove all the pain that occurs in the stomach walls.

In a certain way, grapes are good for digestion, working effectively in the intestinal transit, protecting the human body from all the damages that can be presented when consuming food and that these are extremely bad.

Does the Grape Get Lose Weight ?

Grapes help people to lose weight because of its great power to be fat burning, which when ingested, despite providing carbohydrates and sugars, these same work to burn fat and not position in the body quickly, making a gym session people can burn the substances ingested by the grape.

Grape Calories

Grapes provide a total of 33 calories to the body, so it turns out to be one of the few fruits capable of providing a high content of caloric elements, however, not all grapes provide the same value, at least, blue grapes represent in total 67% of the calories provided unlike white or red grapes.

Grape History

Grapes are one of the main crops grown by humans for general consumption. In history, samples of grape seeds cultivated during the Neolithic period are known, these being in archaeological sites in the Swiss, Italian and Polish country.  Experts point to the origin of the grapes on the shores of the Caspian Sea, spreading to the rest of Europe through the trade that existed by then until the Mediterranean.

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