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MICAH 7:19

Micah 7:19. He will turn again and have compassion on us; he will subdue our iniquities and cast all his sins into the depths of the sea. He will again have mercy on us; He will put our sins under His feet, and send all our sins into the heart of the sea.

He will Turn Again, He will have Compassion on Us

Here is the marrow and power of faith, particularly in applying promises to human beings. Let us say that sin separated us from ourselves and from our God, Isaiah 59: 2, and made him send us away into captivity; yet he will turn and yearn for us, he will turn and yearn for our captivity like the currents in the south. 

His compassions are more than paternal, Psalm 103:13; maternal, Isaiah 49:15; fraternal, Hebrews 2:12. The Church knows this, and therefore she cries out after him: “Hurry, my beloved, and be like a roe or a young stag,” Song of Songs 8:14, which when he flees he looks behind him, says the Chaldean, paraphrasing there. And this that he will do, she dares to believe. 

He will do it, he will do it, and that for us, says the prophet here. Behold, this is the work of faith, to wrap oneself up in the promises made to us in particular, 1 Timothy 1:15; and unless faith is acted upon in this way, it is, as far as comfort is concerned, as good as no faith at all. See Matthew 8:26 cf. Mark 4:30.

He Will Submit Our Initiations 

Sin is strong and will reveal itself where it cannot reign. It has a strong heart and will not give in easily. But it will yield, because God will subdue it. And this is another favor (since each is a promise of the future).

To forgive sin, God will add power against sin; to justification by the merit of Christ, sanctification by His Spirit; He will let out the life-blood of sin, and let it die at our feet; soon He will tread on Satan with all his black train under our feet, Romans 16:20. 

Not only will he turn us back, but he will turn his hand upon us, and purge away our dross and take away all our tin, Isaiah 1:25. Very well in the end, he will so mortify the works of the body by his Spirit, that sin will have no dominion over us, Romans 6:14.

And He will Cast all their Sins into the Depths of the Sea

From where they will never be rescued again. So, the prophet, by an insinuating apostrophe, turns to God and speaks with much confidence. Such is the nature of true faith, to grow upon God and, as I can say, to invade; as Moses did, Exodus 33: 12-13; Exodus 34:10; and as David did, 1 Chronicles 17:23, and c. 

See how it improves God’s promise, and works on it, 1 Chronicles 17: 24-25, goes over it again, and still invades; and the effect was good, 1 Chronicles 18:14. We are prevented from much happiness by a sinful shame. We go boldly to the throne of grace, Hebrews 4:16; so we shall see our sins, as Israel did to the Egyptians, dead on the shore.

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MICAH 7:19
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Micah 7:19. He will turn again and have compassion on us; he will subdue our iniquities and cast all his sins into the depths of the sea.
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