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A PhD in Humanities focuses on human thought and culture. It is an advanced level of education, often focusing on student-teacher relationships, advanced research methods, and upper-level coursework. It is usually very focused on specific areas of study. Taking this course is beneficial for those who wish to advance their degrees for job-related positions. 

It is also a likely step for those who are passionate about their degree and wish to learn at a higher level. Often, these courses involve research work in a particular field, which may be of interest to the student.

Students wishing to enroll in this program should have completed a master’s degree program in the area of study. Some of these programs may also be difficult to enter and require specialized admissions. There are Universities and institutes that provide this PhD program for free or with scholarship or student loan options.

A Free PhD in Humanities serves to delve deeper into a subject that focuses on all aspects of the human condition. You will have the opportunity to study speech, the development of ideas and knowledge, how society functions, behavioral patterns and challenges, historical and cultural events, as well as human interactions and relationships. 

What is a Doctorate in Humanities ?

Humanities is a very varied field of study that incorporates many different disciplines. Study is likely to include teaching methods, the arts, research techniques, language and linguistics. 

When you enroll in a Humanities PhD, there are often many different courses in many fields, although more specialized courses can be taken if you know exactly how you want to apply your PhD.

The skills developed in a humanities course are some of the most important benefits. As a humanities student, you can learn excellent research skills, organization, understanding of the arts, and strong analytical skills. 

These skills can open up new career opportunities or increase your salary. Humanities is an excellent degree program for people who are curious about humanity and the development of culture and society over the centuries.

Some of the common courses you may take during a Doctorate in Humanities include: anthropology, foreign languages, psychology, sociology, cultural studies, ethics, modern or ancient philosophy, and others. Humanities students learn to think critically and creatively. They are encouraged to ask questions and propose their own interpretation. 

Undergraduate courses also focus on individual research work, while developing skills in interpretation and writing. Cultivating the ability to learn how to learn is also an essential aspect of studying for a PhD in the Humanities.

Program, Subjects and Content of the Doctorate in Humanities

These are some of the topics that may be included in the programmatic content of a PhD in the Humanities:

  • Social impact of art and aesthetics
  • Modern ethics
  • Religion and culture
  • Philosophy in the digital age
  • Modern literature and society
  • Research methods in the social sciences Contemporary trends in the logic of philosophical analysis
  • Formal and philosophical statistical methods Practice and theory in literary research Philosophical point of view and great thinkers.
  • Advanced economic theory A study of modernity
  • Advanced psychological theory Critical theory of the twentieth century
  • Advanced research methods of societal theory in economics
  • Theory of Econometrics Applied to Knowledge

How Long Does the Doctorate in Humanities Take ?

A Ph.D. in Humanities lasts 3 to 4 years full-time. Time may vary depending on factors such as the country of origin, the institution or university offering the PhD program, the study plan, mode of delivery of the program, schedules, whether it is taken part-time or full-time, among others.

Where can I Work with a PhD in Humanities ?

There are a large number of careers that are possible after studying humanities because it is such a varied field. Some of the most common positions include teacher and linguist. It is also possible to become a writer or other type of artist. Many humanities students also become historians or researchers. Finally, other possible careers include counselor or public relations manager.

Countries and Cities Where You Can Study a Doctorate in Humanities for Free by Obtaining a Scholarship

  • Hong Kong
  • Spain
  • Colombia
  • Mexico
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • United States
  • Canada

Institutes, Centers and Universities Where the Doctorate in Humanities is Possibly Taught for Free, Through Scholarships

Doctorate in Humanities

  • The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • Hong Kong.

Doctorate in Literary Tradition, Written Culture and Digital Humanities

  • Ortega y Gasset University Research Institute
  • Madrid, Spain.

PhD in Social and Human Sciences

  • Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
  • Bogotá, Colombia.

Doctorate in Humanities

  • University of Sonora
  • Hermosillo, Mexico.

Doctorate in Humanities

  • Selinus University of Science and Literature
  • London, United Kingdom.

Doctor of Philosophy – Humanities

  • University of Southern Queensland (USQ)
  • Toowoomba, Australia.

Doctor of Arts in Ecopsychology and Environmental Humanities

  • Viridis Graduate Institute
  • Ojai, United States.

Doctor of Philosophy – Humanities

  • Faculty of Humanities, McMaster University
  • Hamilton, Canada.

Doctorate in Humanities Referential Prices

The prices of the Doctorates in Humanities can be varied. Prices range from $2,100 to $25,500 per year. In some cases it may cost more. The cost of this Doctorate will vary according to the country where it is given, the institution or university that gives the Doctorate, the modality, the duration and the materials provided during the study, among other factors.

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