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There are many options for a PhD in Tourism, which is a growing industry worldwide. Candidates seeking a Doctorate in Tourism will learn and contribute research to the field of tourism studies.

If you are passionate about travel and tourism and want to advance your education and career, then a PhD in Tourism may be the degree you are looking for. 

What is a PhD in Tourism ?

Doctorate in Tourism candidates will generally combine their courses with research towards a dissertation or thesis, which will be defended in front of a panel of experts in the field.

There are several areas of specialization within a  Doctorate in Tourism. Some examples of these include tourism marketing, cultural and heritage tourism, socialization and tourism behavior, sustainable tourism, and hospitality services, to name a few.

The doctoral program in tourism offers the opportunity to conduct cutting-edge academic research in the tourism sector, which is constantly expanding and is now of great importance.

This PhD program aims to improve the transfer of knowledge from the academic world to society, through public and private agents operating within this sector. 

This doctoral program offers the following main career options:

  • University professor specialized in tourism.
  • Consultant and/or entrepreneur with experience in the creation and development of tourism products.
  • Manager and director of tourism companies and institutions.
  • Tourism planning officer and manager of public sector policies on tourism.
  • Expert in sustainable development and social tourism.
  • Manager of cultural heritage with links to tourism.
  • Analyst of tourism markets and marketing strategies.

Program, Subjects and Content of the Doctorate in Tourism

Some of the subjects offered by the career are:

  • Destination Management
  • Management of tourism and hotel companies
  • Tourist Behavior
  • Cultural and heritage tourism
  • Management of tourist accommodations
  • Sports tourism
  • Event and convention management
  • Tourism product development
  • Ecotourism and Sustainable Development
  • Tourism research methods

Countries and Cities Where You Can Study the PhD in Tourism for Free Obtaining a Scholarship

Some countries where you can study the PhD in Tourism:

  • Hong Kong
  • Fiji
  • Malaysia
  • Portugal
  • South Africa
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Institutes, Centers and Universities Where the PhD in Tourism is Possibly Taught for Free, through Scholarships 

Doctorate in Tourism

  • University of the South Pacific USP
  • Suva, Fiji

Doctorate in Hotel and Tourism Management (D.HTM)

  • Hong Kong Polytechnic University – School of Hotel Management and Tourism
  • Kowloon, Hong Kong

PhD in Philosophy (Hospitality and Tourism) (Research)

  • Taylor University
  • Subang Jaya, Malaysia

Doctorate in Tourism Management

  • European University
  • Lisbon, Portugal

Doctorate in Tourism

  • University of Aveiro
  • Aveiro, Portugal

Doctorate in Tourism and Hotel Management (DR)

  • University of Johannesburg
  • Johannesburg, South Africa

Doctorate in Law, Society and Tourism

  • La Laguna University
  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

PhD in Scientific Perspectives on Tourism

  • University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
  • Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

Doctorate in Tourism Management

  • OUS Royal Academy of Economics and Technology in Switzerland
  • Zurich, Switzerland

Doctorate in Parks, Recreation and Tourism

  • University of Utah
  • Utah, United States

PhD in Hospitality and Tourism Management

  • University of Surrey Guildford
  • England, United Kingdom

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