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CASSETTE FIREPLACE: How Does it Work ? Prices, Brands and Types

There are often old, open and dirty chimneys that, although they have served their purpose for a long time, can no longer be used rationally and responsibly due to the environmental burden and lack of efficiency they entail. Cassette fireplaces not only adapt themselves optimally to the surrounding style, but also fill the gap of an open fireplace in an elegant manner and give the room a new air thanks to their design.

What is a Cassette Fireplace ?

A Cassette fireplace is an installation made of cast iron or sheet metal, which is joined by a series of joints and sealed with direct fire-resistant putty to prevent cracks that could feed the fire abnormally or spread it outside the fireplace. In essence, it is a chimney inside the chimney, created to make the most of the heat and reduce the amount of fuel needed to heat a home. Cassette fireplaces are the perfect solution when space is scarce in your room.

Designed to slide into existing openings, cassette fireplaces are simpler to install and are available in single-sided, double-sided, corner, or tri-sided models. They are available as a fireplace or wall-mounted installation, with a second outer layer that allows heat to be pushed through the room.

Much More Economical Alternative to Using a Cassette Fireplace

A much cheaper option, without a doubt, is to use a custom-made door, or standard with glass-ceramic. One of the biggest differences in the use of doors with glass ceramic compared to the use of the fireplace casette is the lower price. In addition, in the doors, no work is needed because they are placed in the front of the open fireplaces, instead the cassettes would have to be fitted inside and forces to have to execute a civil work.

Benefits of Incorporating a Door with Vitroceramic Glass in front of the Use of the Cassette Chimney

  • By incorporating a glass-ceramic door into the fireplace, the heat is better spread throughout the room.
  • The consumption of wood is much lower,
  • There is no danger of sparks falling to the floor.
  • The room does not get dirty.
  • They make the areas where the fireplaces are located highly efficient, have an elegant and modern look and make installation easy and uncomplicated.
  • Allows you to fully enjoy the flames of fire. As the door is well closed, it offers protection against sparks and prevents smoke from entering the room.
  • The thermal performance of the door is significantly increased.
  • The doors are manufactured with absolute precision in the forms, variants and with the most diverse fronts; whether they are straight, prismatic, round, rectangular or curved.
  • They can have doors with one or two leaves, with one side, two or even three sides. Today there are brands that manufacture doors exactly according to your ideas and wishes.
  • It promotes combustion and the best use of heat for heating.

How Does a Cassette Fireplace Work ?

The heating system of the Cassette is by natural convection. The air passes through the metal body of the fireplace as it is heated and cold air enters through the top, which pushes the heat upwards. The warm air exits through the specially designed ducts and emits heat.

Safety Precautions for Use

  • Light the paper or lighters, leave the door slightly open when the fire is established and the glass heats up to prevent the accumulation of condensation.
  • Add wood pieces little by little, gradually increasing in size. Too many logs can suffocate the fire. Whether using wood or solid fuel, the process for lighting the fireplace is the same.
  • Place lighters or paper and dry wood on the brick base. A successful fire initially requires a lot of lighting to establish a hot firebox and heat the fireplace to aid combustion.
  • Do not refuel more than half the capacity of the combustion chamber, Close the door; do not leave it with the door slightly open except at the start, as this could cause excessive firing and damage the appliance.
  • When in use, burning at high temperatures for a short period reduces tars and creosote.
  • Make sure that when the fireplace is operating, all smoke is vented to the atmosphere through the terminal chimney.
  • For your safety, make sure that gloves are always worn when opening, operating, refueling, or handling internal metalwork.
  • Warning: do not operate the appliance with the door open for long periods of time, this could cause an explosion and may cause permanent damage.

Cleaning a Cassette Chimney

The Cassette Chimney should be cleaned and checked internally and externally regularly during use, and especially after a period of disuse (e.g., after the summer).

Lower the deflector at least weekly to check the top of the flue for soot or debris build-up. Remove the baffle and check the flue.

The chimney and chimney connector should be swept at least once a year by an approved or properly qualified chimney sweeper, more often when used with sooty fuels or wet wood. Any loose, broken or leaking joints or flue pipes MUST be repaired immediately.

Fuels Used for Cassette Stacks

Only use the recommended fuels. The device may be damaged when burning anthracite, petroleum coke, combustible liquids or general waste and this will put your personal safety at risk.  The appliance must not be used as a waste incinerator.

Maintenance: It is recommended that the cassette and chimney be checked and repaired annually by a competent engineer.

Decorating a Cassette Fireplace

Decorating around a fireplace cassette does not have to be complicated or expensive. In fact, it is possible to build a DIY fireplace frame if you know the basics.

  • Stone veneer can totally transform the appearance of your fireplace facade by using the traditional, texture-rich building technique of stacking the stones. The technique appears on walls and fireplaces in modern, rustic homes.
  • Most home and garden centers, or stone quarries, sell stone liners in one-inch to three-inch thick slabs, in a mix of sizes.
  • If you’re looking for living room ideas for the Cassette Fireplace, get a contemporary look by choosing a dramatic black color and mount it on a black tiled home.
  • Leave pointed bricks behind the stove and place a solid wood shelf. Complete the look with contrasting cream-painted walls.
  • Or try reproducing antique cast concrete or limestone mantelpieces to add an antique feel that resembles Spanish, Tuscan and French interiors. Raised motifs, a narrow patina and crown molding details will create a memorable shelf.
  • A light colored cassette fireplace located in the center of the structure will create a visual impact.
  • A cream colored cassette fireplace can help create a classic, cozy country living room. Arrange comfortable couches around it to create a light, bright and clean look.
  • A wood fireplace mantel adds a contrast of texture and color, while you could keep a pile of logs in the niche for a rustic appeal. Add cozy throws to the sofas that complement the decor around the fireplace.
  • Add a modern touch to your decor with a brightly colored cassette fireplace. Try placing the fireplace and fireplace tile with bright black colors in a uniform shape and size.

Prices in Dollars for a Cassette Fireplace

Dimplex Cassette 400 Built-in fireplace Electric Black Interior – Fireplace (230 V, 50 Hz, 200 W, 200 W, 405 mm)

Price: 554,99 

Faber Cassette L + Pebbles Interior Pebbles Insert Black Chimney – Chimney (720 mm, 360 mm, 340 mm, 27 kg, 830 mm, 415 mm)

Price: 1.586,99

DIMPLEX OPTI-V Cassette OPTI-V Single-Electric Black Interior Fireplace – Chimney (230 V, 50 Hz, 35 W, 75 W, 762 mm, 335 mm)

Price: 2.071,30

Brands of  Casette Fireplace

Some brands for Cassette Chimney are: 

  • Aarrow
  • Thorma
  • Faber
  • Invicta Panoramique
  • Monarch
  • Arada

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