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CARTOON FIREPLACE Decorated and For Christmas: How to Make Them ?

Making a cartoon fireplace is so easy that it won’t take up any of your time, all you have to do is have imagination and a great desire to create something different that will attract attention inside your home. One of the main benefits of these fake fireplaces is that they are versatile and removable, because if at any time you want to remove it or add another type of decoration, you will achieve it in a few minutes. Besides, they are decorative elements to have in your home, the value of it is accessible, both for the materials you will use, as for the complete article.

The materials you will implement are the following:

  • 4 square cardboard boxes that are the same size, approximately 50 centimeters and 2 rectangular boxes, a little smaller, these can measure between 20 and 35 centimeters.
  • 5 large sheets of bond paper for wrapping, if it is white much better, 2 sheets of cartoon to make the bottom and shelf of your fireplace, scissors, acrylic paint of different colors, white glue or paste, brushes and a double-sided tape.

Start to join the sides of 2 square boxes with adhesive tape and do the same operation with the other 2 remaining boxes, in this case, with the 2 rectangular boxes you have do the same procedure. The pairs of square boxes will form the vertical bases of your fake fireplace, while the rectangular boxes will form part of your mantelpiece. You will tape all the boxes together to form the frame of the fireplace, it is recommended that you use enough double-sided tape so that the frame is as secure and firm as possible. With the sheets of bond paper you have, line the entire surface of the fireplace using glue. With a pencil or black marker draw brick designs or any shape you want to give the frame, and then paint them with the acrylic colors you want, leaving one side unpainted, which will be, the one that will be stuck to the wall.

To make your friends believe that it is a real marble surface, mix black and white paint and, with a wet kitchen cloth, apply the paint to the cardboard sheet that would be your shelf, this one in a swirl, letting the pieces dry for a while. You must place the gray sheet on top of the shelf and paste it. Finally, you will join the frame to the wall, around the bottom and you will have a unique fake cartoon fireplace.

Decorated Cartoon Chimneys

Its design allows at first glance to give, what to talk about, because under these versatile cardboard fireplaces, can be decorated as you really want and desire. One of the most exclusive results that inspire others to decorate in any way is that, after making the cartoonCartoon fireplace with recyclable materials, place on top of your mantelpiece picture frames that your children bring from school, in addition to rechargeable electric candles, since they do not weigh so much and decorate your living room in a sublime way.

You can also place small wooden boxes underneath the shelf, with books and fashion magazines inside, so that anyone who comes to your home can read something while they are waiting for you. There are different results when you want to decorate as you want, everything is in the imagination that you have and another trick is that if you do not have enough money, with materials and commodities that you get in your home, you can make it, something totally fun and different.

Cardboard Corner Fireplace

One of the basic tips that few people know about these cardboard corner chimneys is that, you will save a lot of space if you want to use them in your home and, at the same time, it will give you an essential touch, when making a meeting or feast inside it.

Cardboard corner fireplaces are nice, easy to make and decorate the home in a delicate way, if that’s what you’re looking for. Its design allows for greater stability, since this kind of fireplace rests between two walls and one of the main reasons to create something like this is that you will get a pleasant atmosphere around it.

Mainly, you should look for a corner where your fireplace will be located, then build it with recycled materials, using many boxes to make it more fun and give a unique touch. Another benefit of this kind of fireplace is that, if you want to implement it in your home, you can do it, and at the same time, you can remove it whenever you want because it is removable.

It is advisable to make it with cardboard boxes, mostly for the safety of people who live inside the house, because it is not practical to build an internal fireplace with heavy materials such as metal or brick, this, only used for decoration.

To what you finish making it, you add it next to a corner and you put light materials so that they do not fall down. Another of the decorative touches used for this kind of fireplace are artificial tree branches around the base, and inside it, you put a matero, that will give you a new and unique style.

Cardboard Chimneys With Crafts

There are different options that you get to make these beautiful fireplaces, in addition to having in your possession basic and simple tools to carry out. Simple materials like cardboard tubes that you have in the kitchen for the absorbent paper would be one of the fundamental instruments for it; another is the foami paper, that besides finding it in infinity of colors, gives you a guaranteed decorative touch.

To make craftsmanship in itself and add them to these fashionable fireplaces, are small the tips you need, among them, have at hand tools that serve you in the development and recyclable products. The result that you find at the end of your small project will be the best.

How to Make Cardboard Fireplaces for Christmas Decoration Step by Step

Today, they are looking for this kind of decorations for their homes, mostly in the seasons and what most people do not know is that these decorative tools, make them yourself at home.

To make this kind of cardboard fireplace you will need the following materials:

  • Several cardboard boxes, preferably of the same size, hot silicone, black cardboard, newspaper, white or paste glue, brushes, scissors, paints (only if you want to paint), paper of different shapes, in this case bricks (if you want to put this paper), transparent adhesive tape and foami paper for decoration.
  • To do it in an easy and fun way you must start by joining the cardboard boxes, forming a kind of U-shape upside down, with hot silicone or adhesive tape, it’s up to you, discover how you really want it, also, you can stick it with white glue or paste but, if you want a greater firmness, hot silicone will always be your first choice.
  • After the material is completely dry, you can start lining all the boxes, either with newspaper to make it look like a relief finish or simply, paper with different shapes. Use plenty of hot silicone for this. For the mantelpiece and floor of the fireplace, use two pieces of cardboard, practically the same size, this is glued with hot silicone on both sides, then use newspaper for the mantelpiece, there you will find the hardness you need.
  • With the black cardboard you have at hand, place it in the back, which will be your cardboard fireplace bottom, you join it again with hot silicone and wait for it to dry completely. Little by little it will take the shape you want; it is time for you to paint your fireplace the way you want, implement the colors you want, combine, imagine and find the result you are looking for your home.
  • When you finish adding the colors, draw on the foami paper the designs you will place on the fireplace, as everything is related to Christmas, nothing better than some red, white and green socks. Cut them out and paste 5 or 6 of them with hot silicone on the front of your fireplace, between the base and the mantelpiece. Place them sideways so that they look like a sock hanging down and waiting for the children to put their presents there.
  • And that’s it! You have a unique fireplace for this Christmas. If you want to add something inside it that looks like firewood, find lots of wooden sticks that you no longer use and put them on top of each other with silicone; to give it the final touch, put lots of Christmas lights on it.

How to Make Cardboard Chimneys ?

  1. These decorations are common in a specific place in your living room or dining room, to give that touch you have time looking for and that somehow or other you can not get. They are cardboard fireplaces with embossed finish and rocky aspects that at first sight you will think they are real and not, everything is made with materials you find at hand and easy to make.
  2. The materials you will need are the following: double-sided cardboard, boxes that you no longer use and have stored, scissors, newspaper, white or paste glue, vinyl and acrylic paints, adhesive tape, hot silicone, brushes, black marker, different plastic tubes where the kitchen paper comes and finally, a ruler.
  3. With the black marker you will make lines on the cardboard, taking the measures with a ruler, depending on the size you want your fireplace. Normally the centimeters are 94cm long and 92cm wide.
  4. Then, cut out the parts you already marked and you will have your first strips of cardboard ready, the next step is to go joining them with the boxes you have available, in this case would be 4 or 6, depending on the size you want.
  5. To stick all the boxes and have enough firmness, you must use tape in the middle of each and the remaining spaces are stuck with hot silicone. Let this rest for about 20 minutes.
  6. The next step is to place a double-sided cardboard in what will be the ceiling and floor of your fireplace, the approximate measures are 40 centimeters, maybe a little more. Remember, it all depends on the size you want to make it.
  7. These, you will join, with hot silicone, to be forming what will be your base of the fireplace. Then, when everything is dry, you will start to line the boxes with newspaper, white or paste glue and some brushes, until they are completely covered with paper.
  8. You should let everything dry, approximately 24 hours, to obtain a firm and resistant appearance at the base of the fireplace. Then, use the plastic tubes that normally come with absorbent paper for the kitchen and cut them out with scissors, until you obtain small circular shapes.
  9. Then, you line them with newspaper and white glue, adding a few small paper balls that will give them the look of relief and that rocky finish you expect, all this, joining it with paste. Then, we paint our base with the color you want.
  10. At the end, you add these small circular tubes with hot silicone to the base and wait for them to stick completely. You continue to paint with a small brush the forms of relief that you placed previously in the color you want, it would be much better if you paint it in grayish tones taking this way, a rocky aspect.
  11. And that’s it, you have an exclusive fireplace inside your house. Don’t forget to put it in a place that gives, what to talk about.

Cardboard Chimneys for Children

These are decorative adornments that manage to attract the attention of anyone who enters your home and more, when they are so fun and easy to make, especially for children, who are always inventing and using their imagination.

You can make them the way you want, in different sizes and with materials that you almost always have at hand, and, if your child wants them personalized and in his room, you can also please him. They are small cardboard chimneys that you decorate with the tastes that your children want and inside them, they can keep what they least think of, such as: toys, shoes and even school supplies. They can make cardboard chimneys that contain decoration of their favorite animated dolls, even their favorite colors. The only requirement you must have is imagination and let’s get to work!

How to Make a Fireplace With Cardboard Boxes ?

  1. There are several ways to make these exclusive and easy to make at home and more, if you have plenty of time and want to invest it in something fun .
  2. You only need 5 boxes that you are no longer using, it is recommended that 4 of them are the same size so you do not have problems when joining them, and the remaining must be rectangular, this will use for the top of your fireplace.
  3. You will also need black glossy paper, enough adhesive tape, brick paper and glue or, failing that, acrylic paints and a large brush.
  4. Take 2 boxes and place them one on top of the other, while you tape them together in the middle, do the same for the other 2 boxes. The remaining rectangular cardboard box will be placed on top of the 4 boxes that you joined previously, forming a kind of “U” upside down.
  5. For the next step, choose if you want to paint your fireplace or if you want to put the brick paper on it, either option is valid and remember, that everything is in the tricks you want to give to that sad and boring place.
  6. After you paint or line the boxes, the last step you must do, will be to place with adhesive tape the black glossy paper on the back of the boxes, to give that touch of depth to your fireplace.
  7. All that remains is for you to want to add an ornament inside it. A quick, easy and simple idea that will give you something to talk about.

Reference Prices in Euros and Dollars for Cardboard Chimneys

Today, you have the ease of knowing with one click how much is the specific value of each item you are looking for, however, to make it easier, we save you time, providing affordable prices within the market regarding these beautiful fireplaces ideal for your home.

The reference cost of a cardboard fireplace ranges from 8 to 33 euros and dollars, depending on the amount of materials you must and want to use to make it and decorate it, or simply want to buy the item already made.

Simple materials such as acrylic paints, double-sided tapes, vinyl tubes, glue and scissors make a total of 8 to 10 euros, plus the free boxes, which you are sure to have at home, guarantees a unique product in your home.

Now, if you want to spend more money and give a special touch to that empty place that occupies your room, go to stores that sell these products, the cost itself varies between 22.95 and 32.15 euros or dollars. Regardless of the item you choose, it will give your home a classic and great touch.

How to Make Cardboard Fireplaces That Look Like They Have Fire ?

  • Once you have your cardboard fireplace or fake fireplace made, you have a space within it, which you want to fill with something that makes the fire illusion and you wonder what materials can be used to give this touch? can be done? What you don’t know is that it can, and the best thing about it is that it’s all in your hands!
  • There are different ways to simulate fire inside a fake fireplace and the thing that should call your attention the most is that, you all have it inside your house; you will need simple materials such as absorbent paper tubes that you use in the kitchen, Christmas lights, red and yellow foami paper and, if you want to do it differently, you can buy rechargeable electric candles.
  • You can do this simulation technique in three different ways. The first one is, using the absorbent paper tubes and the Christmas lights.
  • You proceed to line with newspaper and white glue 6 or 8 tubes, to give it the hardness you are looking for, this, when dry will have a rustic look, when that happens, paint the tubes of two colors, one brown and the other, gray, to give it the appearance of wood or dry wood.
  • While they are drying, look for the Christmas lights, if they come in red and yellow colors much better, since, they are the ideal ones to make it look like real fire. You put them inside the false chimney and you light them. When the tubes have dried, place them one on top of the other, above the Christmas lights and that’s it! You have a fire inside your fireplace.
  • The second option is the same as the Christmas lights, the only thing that varies is that you add the same paper towels and underneath them, you place rechargeable electric candles, giving it the touch you want.
  • Finally, the funniest and easiest option to do if you have children at home is, take red and yellow foami paper and cut them into fire shapes, stick them on top of each other and put some tape inside the fake fireplace. That way, you will really have fire inside your ornament.

How to Make a Beautiful Cardboard Fireplace for Santa ?

  1. Christmas is coming soon and this is a perfect decoration for Santa to leave the gifts of children and also is a fun way to do it as a family, because they are days of sharing together.
  2. Start by looking for the materials you will need, these will be: 7 square boxes of the same size, 2 rectangular boxes, 2 large smooth cardboards, white or paste glue, brushes, 6 folds of bond paper, tape, newspaper, tubes of absorbent paper for kitchen, scissors, black marker, normal and bright foami paper in white, green and red, paints and finally Christmas lights.
  3. The first step to make a cardboard fireplace for Santa is, take 4 boxes of the same size and join them with adhesive tape, 2 on each side, which will be your base, proceed to place the 2 rectangular boxes on top and stick them equally with tape, forming a kind of U.
  4. With the 6 folds of bond paper that you have, line all the boxes, giving a firm appearance at the base. Take the 2 smooth cartons and paste them, one on top of the box that will be your shelf and the other behind, which will be the bottom of your fireplace.
  5. The 3 boxes that you will put one on top of the other, proceeding to join them with tape and then cover them, this will make the children believe that it is where Santa comes down to the fireplace and leave the gifts.
  6. Place them on your mantelpiece and then tape them together at the base of the fireplace. The next step is easy, fun and everyone helps to paint!
  7. Once you have your fireplace practically ready, cut out the foami paper in the shape of Christmas boots and, with hot silicone, you can attach the decorations you want to put on it to your structure.
  8. Don’t forget the firewood, for this use the absorbent paper tubes and rub them with newspaper and glue until they are resistant. When they are dry, proceed to paint them, to give them a wood look, place them under the fireplace, one on top of the other sticking them with silicone, and, under them, put the Christmas lights.
  9. That’s it! You have a special fireplace where Santa will come down to eat his cookies and leave the children’s presents.
  10. Don’t forget that these chimneys can be removed and added as many times as you want, thus implementing millions of different and exclusive decorations. Use them, they will give you something to talk about.
  11. You will find an infinite number of moments that will remain forever, and, together with your cardboard fireplace, you will be able to make a difference; nowadays you can get these images anywhere, besides knowing that there are different types of cardboard fireplaces, ideal for every occasion.
  12. For example, you live in Spain but you want to make a cardboard fireplace that represents the place where you come from, in this case Mexico, since this is typical in your country.
  13. This technique is called cardboard fireplace imitating mud, is easy and ingenious to do, all you will need is newspaper, vinyl paints, glue or paste, cardboard, hot silicone and a beach ball, yes, a beach ball.
  14. This is where you have to use your imagination and put it into practice, however, there are plenty of tutorials and images that explain in more detail the step by step. Do it, you can do it.
  15. Another technique that you can get on the Internet are cardboard fireplaces with recycled products, of which there are many, but one in particular is with empty water bottles and chopped in half, the lining with newspaper and glue, both inside and out.
  16. While you wait for it to dry and get the hardness you want, you make the fireplace, in this case cut the cardboard to the size you want and you are joining them with hot silicone.
  17. Line the pieces of cardboard with paper and glue to make them firm and then use the paint you really want to give it a unique and special touch. At the end, don’t forget to join the water containers to the top of the fireplace with hot silicone and paint it with the color you want.
  18. Cut out a white foami paper and add some gray color to the back of the container with glue so that it emulates smoke coming out of the chimney. A fun touch for your home.

Another Way to Make Cardboard Fireplaces

This fireplace is made of cardboard, paint and hot glue. That’s it! It may not really warm you up on the outside, but it does warm you up on the inside. Approximate time: 2 hours


  • 1 XL cardboard box
  • 2 small boxes of Christmas trees
  • 1 small cardboard box
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Scissors
  • Paint
  • Decorations
  • Black cloth


  1. Cut off one large side and one small side of the XL carton.
  2. Use the two small Christmas tree boxes to hold the mantle and the side up, hot glue them in and up the XL box.
  3. It seems to me that if you stick them on the outside or the back of the interior it is not strong enough.
  4. Fold and glue the extra pieces on top (mantle) to make them stronger.
  5. Paint, the way you prefer, I chose the brick
  6. Take the leftover cardboard and cut the fire, and paint.

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