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THE BRONZE COLOR: Psychology and Meaning. Types and Varieties

Meaning of the Color Bronze

Bronze is a mixture of copper and tin known as a strong orange. It belongs to the brown family, and is a color associated with maturity and earthiness.

It is composed of 80.4% red, 49.8% green and 19.6% blue. While in a CMYK color space, is composed of 0% cyan, 38% magenta, 75.6% yellow and 19.6% black. It has a hue angle of 29.8 degrees, a saturation of 60.8% and a brightness of 50%.

Bronze Color Psychology

The color bronze shares some similarities with brown, so its psychology is often related. This color projects wealth and is intimately related to nature and refers to strength, growth and experience.

From a positive point of view, the colour bronze creates in the individual a sense of love towards objects and other individuals. It creates a warm atmosphere that allows the person to have the best disposition towards whatever they want to do and transmits an air of innocence. In addition, it represents everything about the capacity and duty to tolerate a judgment, repentance, etc..

A person whose favourite colour is bronze has characteristic traits in his personality, such as solidarity, tends to lend a hand to others and always supports community initiatives, as well as being an active participant against injustice.

From a negative point of view, he shares certain aspects of the bad reputation of the colour brown, as he shares the trait of irritability, ambition, ego and cheekiness. This color is often related to deceit, envy, manipulation, hypocrisy, cynicism and other negative aspects.

Indoor Bronze Color

The colouring of the bronze refers to a metallic copper or tin colour, which makes it not a very appropriate colour if you want to highlight the objects found inside, which is due to that metallic colouring that is very uncomfortable for the eye. However, if you want to achieve a rustic environment, with an appropriate mix of colors, it could work.

As this color is mostly found in very dark shades, bronze is generally used as a decorative finish for various objects and appliances, such as appliances or pearls such as taps, pipes and handles.

At the same time, its use as a wall paint should be avoided because it creates an opaque environment with a very uncomfortable aura, as is the case with many decorative elements. In itself, its use should be limited as a coating for metallic objects because of the shine it gives to things.

However, in recent years the color bronze has gained popularity in the most exclusive and modern kitchens, because in addition to giving a special touch to metal utensils, it also works in parts of the kitchen as drawers, shelves and doors. But you have to be very careful when using this shade because it is known to be very heavy and it can saturate the environment, so it has to be combined with materials and objects of different tones and finishes.

Difference Between the Color Bronze and the Color Copper

As a copper alloy, bronze shares many of the characteristics of its base metal. In fact, the distinction between the two as color names, while significant, may seem slight.

Both colors have distinct yellow, orange and red shades; this can make them difficult to distinguish. But after closer study and comparison, the distinctions between the colors of bronze and copper become clear.

Bronze and copper are the colors of metals and are not the same at all. Bronze is usually darker for simplicity’s sake. Copper is warmer in natural color. Bronze can have a deeper, yellow-brown tone than copper, which can appear more reddish-pink in general.

When built for computer screens, such as RGB digital color patterns, the color difference becomes numerically clear: bronze is “redder” than copper in this situation, which does not tend to include a value for yellow.

Types or Variations of the Color Bronze

Dark Bronze

The dark bronze color with hex color code # 804a00 is a medium dark shade of brown. In RGB color model # 804a00 it is composed of 50.2% red, 29.02% green and 0% blue. In the HSL color space #804a00 has a hue of 35° (degrees), 100% saturation and 25% lightness.

Brilliant Bronze

It is a light bronze color with a predominant glow. It is usually considered to be a metallic bronze.

Reddish Bronze

This shade is characterized by a medium brown with reddish tones.

Bronze Earth

It is known as a dark brown-tipped bronze, very similar to the color of compost.

Bronze Number or Color Code

  • Hex code: #cd7f32
  • RGB Decimal Code: (205, 127, 50)
  • HSV (or HSB) Code: (29.8°, 75.6, 80.4)
  • CMYK code: (0, 38, 76, 20)

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