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How To Remove Popcorn From Roof In Homely Way ?

For those who don’t know Popcorn Ceiling is a roof decoration technique. This technique consists of spreading on the roof a thicker than normal paint (called tempera paint) to create a multitude of lumps or droplets. The droplet can be applied by means of compressed air spray guns, zip lines or special rollers for this work.

The first step is to check the state of your roof

  • Always check the condition of the substrate and coating before starting. In order to know how to eliminate the popcorn ceiling, before beginning it is necessary to identify the type of material of which it is made.
  • If the roof tends to absorb drops: this means that the roof is covered with tempera paint. If this is the case, wet the surface with water and wait for the paint to absorb it.
  • Then scrape the roof with a spatula and remove the coating trying not to damage the support. With this method you will remove the material and the support will be ready to work on it.
  • If the drops slip on the roof: it is plastic paint or low absorbency. This type of paint is more difficult to remove, but it is extremely convenient to scrape with a spatula to remove the tips that protrude most on the walls.

Product Application

The roof must be clean before starting and free of badly adhered paints (simply scrape with a spatula), then submerge the roller with a moderate amount of material and apply it uniformly, always in the same direction to guarantee a homogeneous distribution of the product.

It is more likely to divide the roof into small sectors and smooth the product in each sector before moving on to the next, this way it will be easier.

Smooth the product

Smooth the surface with a trowel or spatula. Do not allow more than 15 minutes to elapse between application and smoothing. Remember to smooth with the trowel at an angle of approximately 40 degrees. Finally, eliminate imperfections.

Apply a second coat, usually is that after applying the first coat still notice some parts of the popcorn ceiling, so you should apply a second coat. Only if the popcorn ceiling is really fine will it be possible to cover with only one coat.

When the roof is completely dry, sand the surface to leave it completely smooth and you can paint over it with the desired tone.

How to Remove Popcorn From the Roof Without Scraping ?

  • One of the methods used to remove the popcorn ceiling without having to scrape is to put cork panels, wood or plasterboard and fix the wallpaper on them.
  • It’s too much to apply to an entire house, but for a room that you want to redecorate at all costs, it’s a very good alternative, but keep in mind that there will be a small “reduction” in the space of the room where you apply this method.
  • Friezes: are the easiest way to make sure the popcorn ceiling is eradicated with 100% security.
  • Cork panels: this alternative has the advantage of being very economical when you do not have a good budget.
  • Filling the roof: this technique is probably the most practical. It is a question of refastening the roof with special paste covers popcorn ceiling or simply with fine plaster.

There are economic alternatives that give us the option of putting wallpaper on popcorn roof.

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