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BEST UNIVERSITIES IN COLOMBIA: Courses, Diplomas, Bachelor’s Degrees, Master’s Degrees and Doctorates

In Colombia, as in many other countries, the options for free studies are very varied. You can find a large number of free online courses and diplomas in which you can train. We will try to help you find opportunities for these free studies in Colombia that will allow you to join the job market.

The free studies in Colombia also allow the citizen to develop professionally and place him or her in a suitable labor market. Free studies in Colombia help to discover students’ strengths. They also allow students to experience work that connects with the purpose of life of those who develop it.

The prestigious British organization QS (Quacquarelli Symonds) published the ranking of the 400 best universities in Latin America, which included several Colombian institutions. The Universidad de Los Andes ranked eighth, being the best in the country according to QS, with free online courses and diplomas.

The National University, highlighted in previous versions of the same ranking, no longer ranks among the top 10 in the region.

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On the other hand, institutions such as Universidad del Rosario rose, but universities such as Universidad del Norte (Barranquilla) and Universidad del Valle (Cali) fell significantly.

Others, such as the Universidad de la Salle, which appeared in 15th place last year, are not present in this classification.

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Best Colombian Universities

These are the best universities in Colombia according to QS. Next door you will find their position at Latin American level, with the possibility of some free online studies and diplomas.

  • Universidad de los Andes – Bogotá (8th place in Latin America).
  • National University of Colombia (11)
  • From Antioquia – Medellín(17)
  • Javeriana – Bogotá (20)
  • Universidad del Rosario – Bogotá (46)
  • University of Valle – Cali (63)
  • EAFIT – Medellín (71)
  • University of La Sabana – Chia (73)
  • Industrial de Santander – Bucaramanga (78)
  • Universidad del Norte – Barranquilla (89)
  • Externado University – Bogotá (93)
  • Pontificia Bolivariana – Medellín
  • University ICESI – Cali (118)
  • The Forest – Bogota (151-160)
  • Jorge Tadeo Lozano – Bogotá (161-170)
  • University of Córdoba – Montería (171-180)
  • From Medellin (181-190)
  • Antioquia School of Engineering – Envigado (201-250)
  • Antonio Nariño University – Bogotá (201-250)
  • CES University – Medellín (201-250)

University of the Andes in Colombia

The University seeks to facilitate the entry and stay of students outstanding for their academic qualities, regardless of their economic or social conditions, for it has implemented different mechanisms of Financial Support.

Fiducolombia Loans: Short, Medium and Long Term:

Aimed at all admitted students and active undergraduate students who have a good academic performance (minimum 15 credits approved and a cumulative average equal to or greater than 3.5),

that require up to 100% financing for tuition payment.

Condonable Loan for Special Careers

Aimed at: Students, who enter the first semester in the programs of: Art, History of Art, Literature,

Music, Biology, Physics, Geosciences, Mathematics, Microbiology, Chemistry, Anthropology, Philosophy, History, Languages and Sociocultural Studies and Psychology.

Covers: 20% to 30% maximum of tuition fee.

Periodicity: Loan for one semester, renewable according to conditions.

To find out more about discount programmes, online courses and diploma courses visit the following link:

Other options of Scholarships for Postgraduate Studies and Free Studies in Colombia

You’ll also find free online course options and diplomas.

University of Medellín:

Agreements and discounts on tuition

The University of Medellín has established agreements with several entities with the purpose of alleviating the financial burden of its undergraduate and graduate students.

Clarifications and restrictions:

  • To cash in the discount, you must go to the ticket offices of the admissions and registration section, block 18, first floor, with the certificate of the entity that proves that you are an affiliate, associate or beneficiary, according to the established agreement and with an updated date, before the pre-enrolment process if you are a former student.
  • If you are a new student, you must pay the discount before paying the tuition fee.
  • All discounts may be applied up to the last day of the first month of classes.
  • Some entities report the information in advance, therefore their affiliates, associates or beneficiaries, may observe the discount on the proof of payment of tuition, after completion of the pre-registration process.
  • In no case may the sum of the discounts exceed 20% of the registration fee, even with discounts of a statutory nature (discount for kinship: parents, children or spouses who carry out studies simultaneously in the same academic period and/or discount for undergraduate graduates who will carry out postgraduate studies).
  • For this, check if the discount is concurrent or not with other discounts.
  • The discounts do not apply to programs offered in agreement with other Higher Education Institutions.
  • For more information on the concurrence of discounts, validity and restrictions, you can go to the ticket offices of the admissions and registration section, located in block 18, first floor.
  • The application of the discounts is subject to the validity of the established agreements and to the clauses and/or withdrawals of these Agreements and discounts.

Education Levels in Colombia

Courses in Colombia

In Colombia you will find a wide range of Training Courses that allow you to enter the Labour Market very quickly. Click on the following link and evaluate all options:

Stock Exchange Courses in Colombia

One of the most requested courses are those referred to the study of how to make trading and investments in the stock exchange of Colombia. In this link of the Central Bank of Colombia you will see the options of studies to develop you in this fabulous 34

Courses in the National Army of Colombia

Although training is not properly dictated as courses, if you can get all the information to join the glorious army of Colombia. To do this you can visit the following em

Courses in the SENA of Colombia

The Government of Colombia through its Ministry of Labor, leaves you a valuable training offer which you can access through this link:

Free Virtual Diplomas in Colombia

At the Politécnico de Colombia you will find Free Virtual Diplomas.  You will only pay the value of the issuance of the certificate. In this link you will find all the information:

University Degrees or Bachelor’s Degrees in Colombia

Find in the following link the 20 university degrees with the highest demand and best paid in Colombia:

Master in Colombia

Master’s degrees in Colombia are followed by many graduate students to complement their third level studies and access better jobs with better and higher salaries. I leave you the link of one of the best institutions that offer72n

Master in Finance in Colombia

One of the most sought-after Masters in Colombia is in the area of finance. In this link you will find the best options offered from this year tooan

Master in Coaching in Colombia

At the Pontificia Javeriana University in Bogotá you will find one of the best Master’s programs in Coaching and Leadership that are taught throughout the Republic of Colombia. We leave you the link with all the necessary information for you to access the training program:

Master in NLP in Colombia

There are many Columbian colleges and universities that offer the master’s degree in NLP as a fourth-grade option. We present you one of them in the following link:

Online or Virtual Distance Masteries in Colombia

Find in the following link the option of the 32 best online postgraduates in all the Republic of Colombia:

Master in Nutrition in Colombia

Evaluate these Nine Masters Options in Colombia in the area of Nutrition. Surely you will find the option that best fits your requirements:

Master’s Degree in Renewable Energy in Colombia

In the link we leave you find 26 options for Masters in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in Colombia:

Doctorates in Colombia

Find in the following link a list of 129 doctoral programs in Colombia. You can evaluate and compare the programs offered by the different universities in Colombia:

The Benefits of Living in Colombia

Maybe you think you know a thing or two about Colombia, but I bet you don’t know everything.

  • For example, did you know that Medellín now has a new title, the Urban Land Institute’s innovative city of the year by 2013?
  • Or that UNESCO’s World Heritage List includes seven Colombian sites, and 19 more are currently under review for inclusion.
  • You may not know that Colombia has the third largest economy in Latin America or is the second most biodiverse country on the planet.
  • And, you may not have heard it in 2014, the WIN/Gallup Hope and Happiness Barometer survey ranked Colombia as the happiest country in the world … for the second year in a row.
  • If that didn’t catch your attention, maybe we should see why Colombians and expatriates living in Colombia are so happy.

On the one hand, dozens of Colombian cities and towns offer a low cost of living.

In Manizales, an elegant city in the middle of the Coffee Triangle, a couple can live comfortably on less than $1,000 a month.

You can rent an apartment for less than $400, take a taxi through the city for $5 and hire a housekeeper for less than $20 a day.

In smaller cities, like Libano, where I live, you can rent a two-bedroom house for about $150 a month and eat out for $4 or less.

Because Colombia is so close to the equator, temperatures are maintained year-round.

  • And, you can find a climate that suits your comfort level.
  • If you like the warm, humid climate, one of Colombia’s valleys, or perhaps the Caribbean coast, might fit.
  • If the cooler climate suits your fantasy, you’ll find all kinds of cities and towns throughout the Andes Mountains.
  • Between 2012 and 2013, medical tourism in Colombia increased by more than 60%.
  • Of course, people travel to Colombia to take advantage of substantially cheaper health care services,
    but they also go to the excellent hospitals in Colombia.
  • A recent study by América Economia magazine ranked 18 Colombian health care institutions among the 40 best in Latin America.
  • Since the Colombian constitution defines health care as a basic human right, more than 85% of the population has health care coverage.

And, if you retire to Colombia, you can easily get low-cost health insurance.

  • Premiums cost only 12% of your pension, which is a great offer because you can recoup the cost of services.
  • My health insurance costs only $100 per month … and covers two people.
  • I pay $5 for doctor visits, lab tests, dental appointments and most prescription drugs.
  • You will also find free study options in Colombia, free online courses and diplomas.
  • If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you’ll find a lot of activities to choose from.
  • Horseback riding in the Cocora Valley is a perfect way to spend a weekend and a week of diving in Tayrona Park for a perfect vacation.
  • You can walk to the dome of a volcano in Los Nevados National Park, enjoy rafting in San Gil, bike through the desert in Villa de Leyva, paraglide over the city of Bucaramanga and explore the coffee plantations in Salento.

So, you see, Colombia has something to offer everyone, including YOU.

Maternity, Driving and Paternity Licenses in Colombia

In Colombia, it is important, as in many other countries, to apply for licenses that allow you to develop your life with great success and peace of mind. Maternity, Driving and Paternity licenses are the most requested.

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