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💚 WHO IS ARES ? God of War, Son of Zeus and Hera

Greek god of war, son of Zeus and Hera, who was characterized by a great manifestation of violence.

Ares is considered the Olympic god of war, although his figure also implies the materialization of brute force and violence, that is, where there was tumult, battles and confusion, surely, Ares was present.

Ares was the product of the union of Zeus and Hera and he also had a half-sister with an important presence in the Olympic pantheon, Athena, who represented the diametrically opposite of his half-brother, since Athena meant meditation and wisdom in matters of war and battles.

According to legend, Zeus did not appreciate Ares very much because of his bloodlust and violent imprint. His mother, too, had not aroused love in her, so the story says that both parents rejected Ares because of his aggressive tendency.

As a consequence of the considerations we mention, Ares did not enjoy a positive fame in his time, but on the contrary, his figure, normally, aroused distrust and suspicion among the Greeks, especially because his hand was behind plagues and epidemics, among other scourges.

The willingness to war presented by the tribes of Thrace (a region located southeast of Europe in the Balkan Peninsula) made this area was taken as the home of Ares and also as the main center in which his worship and tribute was carried out. Scythia (Eurasian region) was also a place of worship and adoration in Ares, where it was even worshipped in the form of a sword through which animals and humans were sacrificed.

The symbols surrounding his figure are varied and numerous, including: a chariot pulled by four immortal stallions; bronze armor and spear; sacred birds: owls, vultures and woodpeckers; and his favorite animal was the dog. Meanwhile, in classical Greek art, Ares was depicted with an imposing crested helmet and a spear through which he would bend his enemies.

Although he had so many lovers, among the most prominent is Aphrodite, the goddess who in Greek mythology represents love, beauty, lust, reproduction and sexuality. Along with this he achieved an important offspring: Fobos (personified horror), Harmony (the goddess who represented harmony and harmony), Deimos (the materialization of terror), Eros (god of sexual attraction and love) and Anteros (unrequited love).

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