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AHAU KIN or Kinich Ahau Meaning: Mayan High Priest

In Mayan mythology there is no information about how this god came into existence, since it does not say that it was brought into the world by a woman and a man or if it was because of the magical forces of the gods, but according to his life we can mention that thanks to the powerful forces of the all-powerful god of the universe, this deity was created.

Kinich Ahau , This god is considered as one of the advocations of Itzamná, one of the most important gods of Mayan mythology and is also linked to the god Kinich Kakmó, god of the Mayan pantheon.

Those who were priests of the temples of this god received the title or the name of Ah Kin, in Spanish “Los del Sol y del Tiempo” and had the job of prophesying the future of the men who came to them.

Kinich Ahau was idolized normally with dances and sacrifices accompanied with blood before being able to initiate a battle, as they did not wish the defeat, they carried out these rituals to obtain the power and the protection of this god, besides having the blessing of him.

According to the studies, we can observe that this name has the meaning of three words that represent him as the god of the sun, according to the Mayan language, Kin means Sun, Ich means Face and Ahau means Priest or Lord, from there comes his title as deity.

This god also represented the monarchy and nobility. He was a reckless deity, as it was directly related to the drought and this could cause great losses in the harvest. That is why it was important not to make this god angry.

But this god was also the one coming from other creations, that is why these Mayas worshipped him more than normal because this god was the inventor of time, space and also was the controller of flora and climate.

This god had a different quality because each time he finished fulfilling his cycle when he left the underworld he became light, life and kindness, a benevolent deity, but when he returned from the underworld and when it was night, he became a jaguar. This god was linked to animals such as the jaguar, the eagle and the deer as it could represent the power and attitude of a warrior who deserved to be exalted.

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