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Learning to do drywall work can be accomplished through training obtained from a Free Drywall Course. This course trains you to prepare, install and inspect drywall on walls and ceilings yourself. 

It is a course designed for those who are interested in this trade or for those who are already working as an installer and want to refresh and acquire new knowledge, including contractors and architects.

Currently, several institutions, educational and job training centers offer these Drywall Courses, many of which are free of charge. So, if you are interested in training in drywall installation, it is a good time to get excited and start a Drywall Course.

What are the Drywall Courses?

A Drywall Course is a training program in the art or craft of installing, repairing, and applying finishes to drywall. The Drywall Course will teach you how to apply the first coat, taping and sanding including inspection, pre-filling, beading, coating and sanding of finishes. This course provides you with knowledge of common drywall materials. 

Through hands-on experience, students learn the use of drywall finishing tools. In this course students review and learn about the equipment and safety procedures for using power tools. The application and rigging of drywall on frames and ceilings, as well as methods of applying molding, are also taught. This topic is often one of the first to be taken in a drywall finishing program.

Students will practice applying tape, using recording tools, and implementing cleaning techniques to cover the seams between pieces of drywall. Instructors will review procedures used to produce smooth finished walls. They will also learn finishing techniques including priming, touch-up, patching, and ceiling textures.

Drywall Course Program, Subjects & Content

These are some of the topics that can be included in the program content of a Drywall Course:

  • Drywall Engraving and Finishing
  • Reading plans
  • Hanging plaster panels
  • Use of the tool
  • Finishing tools
  • Industry methods and materials
  • Procedures and tools for recording
  • Finishes and Textures
  • Basic applications
  • Mathematical review
  • Commercial frame and fire door systems, frames, hardware and windows
  • Welding (light meter)
  • ICRA and hospital code 
  • Exterior systems and mouldings Interior metal strip systems 
  • Axle and roof protection systems 
  • Arcing, flush and advanced systems
  • Advanced construction techniques

Countries and Cities Where You Could Study the Drywall Course for Free Getting a Scholarship

  • Canada
  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Australia
  • Mexico

Institutes, Centers and Universities Where the Drywall Course is Possibly Taught Free, through Scholarships

Gypsum Panel Installation and Finishing – CSTN 159

  • Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
  • Calgary, AB, Canada.

Drywall, Mud and Sanding Workshop

  • ITTC College
  • Mississauga, Canada.

Learning about Drywall

  • Northern California Carpenters’ Training Committee
  • Fairfield, CA, United States.

Plastering Training Course

  • Able Skill
  • Dartford, UK.

Drywall Training Courses

  • Knauf
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Plasterboard Training Course

  • The Association of Wall and Ceiling Industries (AWCI)
  • Balga, Australia.

Theoretical and practical course on plasterboard installation

  • The Home Depot Cuautitlan
  • Mexico City, Mexico.

Reference Drywall Course Prices

The prices of the Drywall Courses are varied. The prices of these courses range from $450 to $1,200. The price varies according to the country, the institution, the modality and the materials provided during the course, among other factors.

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