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Today it is essential to know and handle the skills for negotiation within the business world, in a professional and organized way. Negotiation is becoming more essential every day in order to achieve success in this complicated environment.

A Free Negotiation Course teaches you the process of negotiation and offers highly effective strategies and thinking that give delegates the practical negotiation skills they need to succeed in today’s challenging work environment.

Learn the art of negotiating within a wide range of business sectors with a Free Negotiation Course. This course helps students deepen their level of relationship and trust, even across cultures.

The bigger and more complex your offers are, the more complete and equipped you need to be with negotiation skills to succeed. So, go ahead and start a Free Negotiation Course.

What are the Negotiation Courses ?

A Negotiation Course is an advanced training program designed to equip negotiators facing complex, team-based, strategically important or international agreements.

The Negotiation Course teaches the student to know and understand their own negotiation strengths and weaknesses. You will learn how to master the tools and rational dimensions, while taking advantage of your interpersonal skills.

This course includes best practices in negotiation and a set of tools, processes, value maximization strategies, team roles, tactics, persuasion and influence skills.

With this course the student will be able to modify his approach after learning how to better profile his counterpart conversationally and enjoy more negotiation success in less time, while safeguarding his team against loss of earnings. 

Program, Subjects and Content of the Negotiation Course

These are some of the topics that the programmatic content of a Negotiation Course may include:

  • Introduction and objectives
  • What is negotiation?
  • Negotiation styles
  • Negotiation skills and influence
  • Factors that impact negotiation
  • Stages of negotiation
  • Competition vs. Collaboration
  • Whole-brain thinking profiles
  • Planning
  • Sensory Persuasion
  • Weather
  • Discussion
  • Defining objectives
  • Achieving success
  • Reaching an agreement
  • Implementing action
  • Using communication and effective communication
  • The meaning of listening
  • Being assertive
  • Tools and techniques for negotiation.
  • Building good relationships
  • Be safe and comfortable
  • Collaborating with others
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Professional handling of difficult situations and manipulation
  • Different levels of negotiation
  • Self-assessment of personal trading style
  • Complex team-based role-playing

Countries and Cities Where You Could Study the Negotiation Course for Free Getting a Scholarship

  • United States
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Canada
  • Singapore
  • Spain

Institutes, Centers and Universities Where the Free Negotiation Course is Possibly Taught, through Scholarships

Advanced Negotiation Training Course

  • Negotiation Experts
  • Los Angeles, CA, United States.

Strategic Negotiations Course

  • Harvard Business School
  • Boston, MA, United States.

Negotiation Skills Course

  • The Knowledge Academy
  • Berlin, Germany.

Winning Negotiation Strategies

  • UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business
  • Dublin, Ireland.

Advanced Negotiation Skills – Mastering negotiation skills

  • Oxford Management Centre
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Advanced Negotiations and Problem Solving

  • Telfer School of Management
  • Ottawa, ON, Canada.

Advanced Negotiations Course

  • SIM Professional Development
  • Singapore.

The Strategic Leader: Strategic Planning, Negotiation and Conflict Management

  • Oxford Management Centre
  • Barcelona, Spain.

Reference Prices for the Negotiation Course

The prices of the Negotiation Courses are varied. The prices of these courses are between 450$ and 1200$. In some cases it may cost more.

The cost of these courses will vary depending on the country where the course is given, the institution or university that teaches the course, the modality, the duration of the course and the materials provided during the course, among other factors.

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