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What is Environment ?

Environment is the fluid that surrounds a body, for example: ambient temperature and environment. It can also be said that the expression environment is the air or atmosphere that breathe or that are found living beings, for example: “Today the environment is fresh.

The word environment is of Latin origin ambiens meaning “surrounding”.

Environment indicates the conditions or circumstances of a place, so we can speak of a “good environment”, “conducive environment” or “bad environment”. A hostile environment refers to the case of a social, psychological or physical environment that violates the well-being of a living being, making it vulnerable.

The environment can be used to identify a social class or sector, such as a professional environment or a bourgeois environment.

In the field of literature, environment is a set of particularities of the environment in which a narrative unfolds that can be a romantic, dramatic or historical environment.

In Latin America, they use the expression environment to identify the different rooms that make up a house, such as, for example: “My cousin is looking for a 3 room apartment.

With respect to the above, environment can also refer to nightclubs that have different themes for coexistence as, for example: “This nightclub has an atmosphere of Latin music.

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