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The public administration is concerned with the implementation of government policies that serve the general population, translating political activity and decision making into action and developing public programs for the well-being of society and citizens.

Public administration makes use of several other disciplines, such as: organizational behavior and theory, finance, human resources, politics, law and even ethics and philosophy. The objectives of public administration are linked to democratic values such as equality, security and justice.

What Does a Graduate in Public Administration Do ?

Graduates in this program analyze the nature and causes of social problems, understand the interests and values of the population, design solutions to problems and implement possible solutions.

A degree in public administration prepares graduates to work in nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and other social and civil service institutions. Students who earn this degree generally have a desire to make an impact.

Graduates of a public administration degree can pursue the following careers:

Charity officer, civil service administrator, local government official, social researcher, education or health care administrator, public affairs/management consultant, city planner, budget analyst, labor relations specialist.

Subjects Covered by the Free Public Administration Program

Program work and curricula vary by school and program details.

The following standard courses are found in most bachelor’s degree programs in public administration

Introduction to Public Administration

This course provides a broad survey of the field of public administration. Possible topics include project management, ethics, common public administration problems, and the current job landscape.

Quantitative Methods for Public Administration

Policymakers and managers are increasingly using evidence-based decision-making to shape the future of cities, states and countries. This course provides an introduction to quantitative study methods for future public managers.

Resource Development in Nonprofit Organizations

This course prepares students to work on the development side of nonprofit organizations. Students learn about fundraising methods, including grant writing, annual campaigns, and online fundraising. Students can also learn about the theories behind why people donate and how to maximize charitable giving.

Introduction to Project Management

Public administration jobs often consist of a series of projects, so any future public administrator must learn to manage them.

Students in this course learn different frameworks for managing projects, theories behind team dynamics, and other relevant topics. In addition, the course usually includes a practical element, such as a final project, to hone practical management skills.


In many programs, students can work for credit at a government agency or nonprofit organization to gain real-world work experience. Students often complete these internships during their junior or senior years in the program.

Some Countries Where You Can Study for a Free Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration

  • Germany
  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • The Netherlands
  • Spain
  • Argentina
  • France

Some Universities that Offer a Free Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration

Degree in Public Administration and Management

  • Montfort University
  • Leicester, United Kingdom

At De Montfort University, you have the opportunity to combine the study of applied politics with the management of modern society.

Degree in Public Administration

  • University of Northern Arizona
  • Flagstaff, United States

This degree provides you with knowledge and skills specifically designed for careers in politics and government administration.

Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration

  • Nicosia University
  • Nicosia, Cyprus

Prepare future government officials to receive comprehensive training and to complement them in all aspects of public administration

Studies in Different Academic Levels

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