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God Hermes, who was considered the person in charge of commercial activities, was the herald in the court of Olympus, and therefore was the messenger of the gods.

The God Hermes was the son of the mighty God Zeus and the Mayan Pleiade. These were important mythological characters, as Zeus was the god of heaven and thunder, who ruled Olympus and the king of all gods, who had as a wife known to Hera, but also had loves with other deities as has been the case of Maya.

The Maya Pleiade, daughter of the giant Atlas, for its part was part of three mythologies at once, as it was present in both the Greek, Roman and Hindu. Being related to Zeus through the Homeric hymns about Hermes.

This is a god that has its equivalent in Mercury, a Roman god; considering that perhaps its name was born from the Greek word, which has as meaning a moton of stones. (You may also be interested to read the article on the Goddess Aphrodite)

It is said that within Greek mythology, the God Hermes is in charge of being a messenger between the gods, of guarding the borders and of watching over the safe passage of all men who cross these roads. It is considered as a deity that was endowed with much ingenuity and that controlled with much care the realization of trade.

But he was also considered a cunning god, who protected thieves and liars. This has been evidenced for history, through the Hymns left by the writer of the Homer era, where he considers Hermes as indicated in the following quote.

«Of multiform ingenuity, of cunning thoughts, thief, rustler of oxen, chief of dreams, night spy, guardian of the gates, who would very soon boast of glorious deeds before the immortal gods».

It is also a god who was involved in several important events, which are part of myths in terms of life, as is the case for example that refers to the life of Philemon and Baucis in relation to the god Hermes, which is quite interesting and we invite you to know below.

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