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What is the Definition of Software Engineering ?

Software Engineering is the branch of engineering that studies everything related to computer science or computer systems, with a methodical, orderly and quantifiable orientation to the increase, execution and conservation of software.

Software engineering is a specialty that consists of systems, tools and techniques that are used in the development of computer programs.

Software engineering also incorporates the previous analysis of the situation, the draft of the project, the development of the software, the necessary test to check its correct functioning and to put the system into operation.

It should be noted, that software development is linked to what is known in the software field as “software life cycle” which consists of four stages known as: conception, elaboration, construction and engineering

The conception determines the impact of the project and designs the business model; the elaboration specifies the planning of the project, specifying the characteristics and supports the architecture; the construction is the elaboration of the product; and the transition is the delivery of the finished product to the users.

At the end of this cycle, software maintenance begins. This is a stage in which the software offers solutions to errors that are reported by users, mainly, and updates are incorporated to address new requirements.

Nowadays software has a double role. It is the product, but at the same time, it acts as the driver that delivers the product. As the driver used to deliver the product, it acts as a control base, for example an operating system, or a network management system.

Why is Software Engineering Important ?

The software acts as a distributor and delivers to users the most important product of this century: information.

Software modifies personal information to make it more useful in a local environment, manages business information to improve competitiveness, facilitates access to global networks, and proposes ways to obtain information in any way.

Nowadays Software Engineering is considered a new engineering speciality and together with Computer Engineering, it is one of the most demanded professions, although there are places in the world, where it is not very well paid, as it happens in Spain.

The word engineering is closely linked to the prestige of what it derives from, which many branches of knowledge tend to call themselves.

Currently, there are many demands for engineers who are highly prepared, such as the requirements of large companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, among others, which also compete with each other, to obtain graduates from universities that present the best possibilities.

Current Software Engineering

This circumstance makes more than obvious the palpable reality of the change of system and the labor inclinations of the new cycle, very especially, in the North American market, for being the one that greater manifestation and origin of companies technological actors has, although they are data easily extrapolable to other zones with analogous level of development.

Software engineering deals with very varied fields of computing and computer science, which are also applied to a wide spectrum of fields, such as business, scientific research, medicine, production, logistics, banking, meteorology, law, networks, among many others.

Nevertheless, it is common that in the daily professional practice almost none of the most elementary suggestions of software engineering are introduced.

Appraisals of software production procedures carried out as a result of software process models confirm that software development is usually in a chaotic state. And this does not only happen in small companies in countries like Spain, but also in large projects in nations like the USA and Japan.

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